2024 Genesis GV80 Images, Price & Specs

2024 Genesis GV80 Design

2024 Genesis GV80 Images, Price & Specs – In the past it was the Korean premium car manufacturer wowed everyone with their new GV80 SUV offering plenty of luxury and refinement for a cheaper price than the established brands within the market. In 2024, the Genesis GV80 will represent the fourth year of production for the … Read more

2024 Genesis GV70: What Are Changes to 2024 Genesis GV70?

2024 Genesis GV70 Design

2024 Genesis GV70: What Are Changes to 2024 Genesis GV70? – Hyundai’s luxurious brand has been in existence for a while, but the majority of us remain impressed by the level of luxury it provides for its cost. The GV70 is an excellent illustration and we believe it is among the most small luxury crossovers available … Read more

2023 Genesis GV80 Power, Design, Features, and Price

2023 Genesis GV80

Albeit being a newcomer in the market of luxury SUVs, the GV80 proves to be a strong competitor. Read about the newest release 2023 Genesis GV80 here. The GV80 is the first ever SUV model churned out by Genesis and is currently also the largest one. Sharing the same underpinnings as the G80, it brings … Read more

2023 Genesis GV70 EV Release with Expected Specs and Features Details

2023 Genesis GV70 EV Design

The Electrified GV70 will be the third EV churned by Genesis overall. Discover details and predictions about the 2023 Genesis GV70 below. The Genesis GV70 is a freshly released model that only arrived as an all-new SUV for the 2022 model year. For the upcoming release, the ICE-powered model is predicted to come as a … Read more

2023 Genesis GV60 Specs, Designs, Features, and Release Information

New 2023 Genesis GV60

The GV60 is a small electric SUV that recently joins the Genesis family. The 2023 Genesis GV60 deliveries are set to start in 2022, with details as laid below. South Korea’s aspiring luxury brand, Genesis, is making the first step towards a battery-powered vehicle area by offering the innovative and delightful crossover GV60. Integrating design … Read more

2023 Genesis G90 Price and Release Date Details for New Generation Model

New 2023 Genesis G90

The G90 comes as a new-generation model this year. Check out the 2023 Genesis G90 price and release date below. The 2023 G90, which serves as the flagship sedan of the Korean-based luxury automobile brand Genesis, arrives as a new generation with a complete overhaul—and it is big considering that the current G90 is already … Read more

2023 Genesis G80 Sport Engine, Design, Features, and Estimated Price

2023 Genesis G80 Sport Design

The regular G80 sedan already brings an impressive package, but the Sport version elevates it more. Explore details about the 2023 Genesis G80 Sport here. Even when it was still referred to as the Hyundai Genesis, the G80 has been consistently recognized as a competent sedan. Over time, it receives multiple refinements that make it … Read more

2023 Genesis G80 Electrified Variant Release: Specs, Features, and Release Details

2023 Genesis G80

The 2023 Genesis G80 arrives with an all-new electrified variant. Discover more details about the electric vehicle in the following. The 2023 Genesis G80 officially becomes one of the pioneers of the luxury automaker Genesis when it comes to offering an electric variant. While the name is given—the Electrified G80—is rather uneventful, the vehicle itself … Read more

2023 Genesis G70 Specs, Design, Feature, and Release Details

2023 Genesis G70 Design

The G70 raked a lot of compliments and admiration for its luxury offerings. Find out below how the upcoming 2023 Genesis G70 will unfurl next. South Korea-originated luxury automobile brand, Genesis, is preparing to enter 2023 by continue bringing its entry-level sport sedan, the Genesis G70. So far, the smallest sedan in its family lineup … Read more

2024 Genesis GV90: What is Known So Far About the Upcoming Full-Size Luxury SUV

2024 Genesis GV90

The 2024 Genesis GV90 is expected to arrive with significant dimensions and premium luxury. Discover more details about it in the following. According to a South Korean-based news source, an all-new electric full-size SUV dubbed the GV90 will be launched next year. The vehicle will compete against the upcoming electrified Range Rover and Mercedes-Benz EQS. … Read more