2024 Genesis G90 Specification Prediction: What We Can Expect from the G90

Wondering what you can get from the 2024 Genesis G90? Find out the prediction in the following details below.

Have you heard the news about the release of the 2024 Genesis G90? Despite still being far from the production year, there are many people wondering what the car will look like. If you are one of those people wondering about this car, here is what we are saying about the car: there are no words from the carmaker still. So, it is pretty hard to say about the car’s details before its release. So, the details given now will be the prediction according to the already-released G90.

New 2024 Genesis G90
New 2024 Genesis G90

2024 Genesis G90 Overview

Everyone knows that the Genesis G90 is a full-size luxury car. For that, you can expect the nicest materials to be available in the upcoming release of Genesis G90.

Given until now there are no details officially released, it is important that you know that the information given here is just a prediction.

For the 2024 version of this car, it may not be electrified. This is what you will get given the carmaker itself claims that they are not planning to make the electric version of Genesis G90. According to one source, the electrification of a full-size sedan will not be an easy task.

Hence, they are preparing an electric version of a high-end sedan (or maybe another segment). But not in G90. So, if you are expecting this full-size sedan to come along with an electric version, better to exclude Genesis G90 from your list of ‘wanted’ cars.

2024 Genesis G90 Interior
2024 Genesis G90 Interior

Exterior and Interior

Compared to what you will get from the 2023 version of G90, the 2024 Genesis G90 is not predicted to be far different.

Hence, the car will look as luxurious as the 2023 version. According to the official website of this car, this car will have an MLA headlamp (Micro Lens Array). To pair the headlamp quality, the rear lamp will have a full-LED rear combination lamp.

The tires of Genesis G90 will be made by Pirelli, and you can also have this car’s own dual exhaust tips. More interestingly, you can have the surrounding glasses (all doors, front, back) be double-glazed and it is also soundproof. Therefore, no more disturbing outer sound when you are using this car. Amazing, isn’t it?

While for the interior, it won’t be much different as well. What we believe is that the size of the LCD cluster, all software, and techs developed by the carmaker will remain as it is—probably only some adjustments to make.

The previous version of G80 Electrified is having a problem with its headroom and legroom given the big battery size. But since the G90 is run only with fuel, it makes having a drive with G90 will be much more comfortable. But it remains for 4 passengers only.

2024 Genesis G90
2024 Genesis G90

What about The Powertrain?

Talking about cars won’t be complete if we are not talking about its engine, would it? Regarding this, we have no details still about the powertrain details used by the 2024 Genesis G90. However, if we take it as similar to what we can see on the current version, the details will be as the following details.

First, it is said that the car will have a 3.5-L displacement and the engine used will be a turbocharged V-6. With this engine, the car will be capable to produce a strong 375 HP (279 kW) at 5,800 rpm. While for the car’s torque, it is said that the car will be capable to produce 391 lb.-ft. when the car is running at 1,300-4,500 ft.

What about the driving system? The car will use either a 2WD system or AWD (on an upgrade request). Regarding the transmission, the car is predicted to keep its 8-speed automatic transmission.

Despite all details given, there is still room for improvement for the 2024 Genesis G90. Remember the information here is just a prediction.