2023 Genesis GV90 Potential Specifications, Powers, and Known Release Details

The 2023 Genesis GV90 is rumored to arrive soon and grab the top position of the brand lineup. Find out more predictions about the large SUV below.

Rumors that talk about the arrival of a brand-new, larger, and completely battery-powered SUV model from Genesis have been floating around for a while by now. Supposedly, it goes by a name of the GV90, which also has the potential to be the brand’s flagship model, replacing the position that’s currently possessed by the GV80. Not many details are known about the vehicle at this point, but the 2023 Genesis GV90 (or whichever model year it is going to be released as) is likely to be a full-size, 3-row SUV. Explore more predictions and expectations about it below.

2023 Genesis GV90 Design
2023 Genesis GV90 Design

Predicted Powertrain and Performance of the 2023 Genesis GV90

The 2023 Genesis GV90 is most likely to ride the E-GMP electric platform, which is used by the brand’s first dedicated EV, the GV60, and also by the Hyundai Ioniq 7 and Kia EV9. It makes sense to use the shared platform from the manufacturer’s perspective, as it allows them to cut down on the required resources for research and development.

Meanwhile, for the enthusiasts, this allows for some hints regarding the new large SUV model. A trustworthy online source predicted that the new GV90 will offer an approximate driving range of 300 miles per full charging session at 350 KW, which means, its battery is potentially able to go from 10 to 80 percent in merely 20 minutes.

Considering the possible bulk and mass of the model, it most probably will feature dual motors setup in an all-wheel drive system. Again, nothing has been confirmed yet so note that these details are only predictions at this point.

2023 Genesis GV90 Interior
2023 Genesis GV90 Interior

Potential Size and Body Style

The Kia EV9 and Hyundai Ioniq 7 both sports massive size and elegant appearances, so there’s a potential that the GV90 would step on the same path. The E-GMP platform that both existing models use is the biggest variant with a huge wheelbase, boasting a whopping 126” or 3.2 m between the axles. The legroom spaciousness is almost guaranteed based on this information, even for the last seating row. As it is going to be an all-electric vehicle, the architecture potentially brings a fully flat-floor design.

The details are scarce up to this time, but of course, it doesn’t stop enthusiasts to dig more. An automobile-focused YouTube channel, Gotcha Cars, recently shares a new rendering as a result of turning up the brightness level of the GV90’s silhouette image to the maximum. It shows an (unsurprisingly) luxury car with a boxier body shape compared to the GV60 EV whose profile leans into a fastback body style with an angled roof, possibly to optimize the offered cabin and cargo spaces.

2023 Genesis GV90
2023 Genesis GV90

Possible Arrival Date and Price Estimation

Genesis is currently only at the beginning phase of its electrification plans, which involves eight EVs available by the end of the decades. It is said that the brand has trademarked seven monikers already, and it includes the GV90e. Time and patience are needed before the brand drops any further detail regarding the 2023 Genesis GV90.

Meanwhile, the completely battery-powered SUV market is certainly growing in the automobile industry. When the GV90 debuts, it’s going to face direct competition with Tesla Model Y, Rivian R1s, and its own sibling Kia EV9.

The 2023 Genesis GV90 release date is yet to be announced, but the company provided some clues about development talks, so if it doesn’t arrive by the 2023 model year, it probably will launch as a 2024 model year. No details about the price have been out either, but it is only fair to assume that it’s going to be pricier than the GV80 which currently starts at over $50,000 due to being the larger one between the two.