2024 BMW i5 Sedan Redesign & Interior

2024 BMW i5 Sedan

2024 BMW i5 Sedan Redesign & Interior – Following the release of all-electric variants of the 3 Series and 7 Series in 2022, BMW is now putting the final touches on an emission-free variant of the 5 Series. The Mercedes EQE rival is back with an expanded picture gallery after having its name, which will … Read more

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2024 BMW 5 Series Redesign, Release Date & Price

2024 BMW 5 Series Redesign

2024 BMW 5 Series Redesign, Release Date & Price – The BMW 5 Series has long held the position as a standard-bearer in the market for midsize luxury sedans. The BMW 5 Series is the only car in its class that can gracefully blend sportiness and comfort over long distances in a single package the … Read more

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2023 BMW M3 Colors Metallic and Non-Metallic

2023 BMW M3 Design

The details about the 2023 BMW M3 colors here can ease you in choosing the best M3 with the most amazing color you desire. Here are the details. Among the other cars, the M3 is the most iconic driver’s car from BMW. There are three models of BMW M3, the M3 sedan, the M3 competition … Read more

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2023 BMW X3 Colors, Features, and Estimated Price

2023 BMW X3

Rumor has it that the 2023 BMW X3 colors are fresh and attractive. There are eleven exterior colors and six interior colors in total. Recently, BMW announced its plan to launch the latest X3, i.e., the 2023 BMW X3. BMW will make several updates to the new X3 design and features to win the sport … Read more

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2023 BMW X7 Colors, Design, Features, and Price

2023 BMW X7 Design

The 2023 BMW X7 colors are available in many choices. One of the upcoming X7 trims will have 8 standard exterior colors and 4 optional exterior colors. For those who want to have a new luxury SUV with excellent performance, the 2023 BMW X7 can be an excellent choice because this SUV boasts a smooth … Read more

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2023 BMW X5 Colors and Trims for Interior and Exterior

2023 BMW X5

If you are planning to get this SUV, you need to know the various 2023 BMW X5 colors available. Here are the exterior and interior details of the new X5. BMW has a mid-sized SUV with a luxurious design called the X5. The first X5 was introduced in 1999 but was known as the E53. … Read more

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2023 Buick LeSabre: Will It Exist?

2023 Buick LeSabre Design

Being discontinued in 2005, some people think that the 2023 Buick LeSabre is coming to the town. Check out the details below. You may have heard some news introducing the 2023 Buick LeSabre. Is this car coming back to the town after its discontinuation in 2005? Well, there are so many rumors regarding this car. … Read more

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2023 BMW Z4 M40i Specifications

2023 BMW Z4 M40i Concept

If you think to purchase the 2023 BMW Z4 M40i, check this article first before purchasing it. You may find a deep insight into the car. Talking about the BMW Z4 means we’ll never go far from its convertible feature. Unfortunately, despite being a cool car to drive with, you may not be able to … Read more

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2023 BMW Z4: Will It Be Available This Year?

2023 BMW Z4 Design

The news mentioned that the Z4 will be discontinued soon–what about the 2023 BMW Z4? You will find the facts in the following article. Planning to purchase a convertible cruiser car? The BMW Z4 can be the best choice for you. Unfortunately, despite the breathtaking look, this car hasn’t shown any progress in the making … Read more

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2023 BMW X8M Specification: What We Know about the Detail?

2023 BMW X8M Concept

People are curious about what the 2023 BMW X8M will bring to them. Find the answer in this explanation below. When it comes to the talk of BMW SUVs, we cannot go too far from talking about its X series. The carmaker is also making its terminology of SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle), which may make … Read more

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2023 BMW X8 Powertrain, Possible Design Features, and Release Details

2023 BMW X8 Concept

The originally expected 2023 BMW X8 turns out to arrive as the BMW XM. Read about the specifications and features of this high-performing vehicle below. The rumors about an all-new luxury crossover SUV from BMW have been circulating for years already. As it is slated to be launched this calendar year as the next model … Read more

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