2023 BMW X8M Specification: What We Know about the Detail?

People are curious about what the 2023 BMW X8M will bring to them. Find the answer in this explanation below.

When it comes to the talk of BMW SUVs, we cannot go too far from talking about its X series. The carmaker is also making its terminology of SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle), which may make many people confused. Despite the name, the SAV is pretty much similar to an SUV, which can be used to tackle difficult terrains. One of the issued SUVs of BMW is the X8. In this article, we will discuss the specifications of the 2023 BMW X8M.

2023 BMW X8M Concept
2023 BMW X8M Concept

2023 BMW X8M Overview

Unfortunately, we cannot find the official resource for this car on the carmaker’s website. Luckily, these days there are many resources that we can refer to when talking about the specification of the 2023 BMW X8M.

First, you should know that the BMW X8 itself is a luxury SUV from the carmaker. Add the M behind the name, it makes your car to be equipped with specs making it to be a performance car.

The Exteriorand Interior

The outer look of this car would never go worse than the current release. Instead, it looks more modern and sportier and the color options to are so cool. The size is a bit smaller compared to the X7, given the car is not a three-row but a two-row.

Since it is a two-row with a size of three-row, you can expect a more spacious legroom inside the car. More headroom seems to be a bit of a hoax–given the roof, the height is lowered from the X7.

You may expect the grille to be looking different from several types of BMW cars. The grille is made smaller (without dismissing its kidney shape), and the grille is set to be horizontal. Headlights are made slightly slanted for the 2023 version of the BMW X8, and it is also a bit ‘thinner’ compared to many headlights of BMW cars. The slimmer size of the lights also happens to be the same for its rear lights.

The ground clearance height is yet to be disclosed, yet it is suitable for an SUV. Also, the wheels are sparking a lot about luxury cars, and we are pretty sure that the car may also offer a chance to customize the wheels through its official website.

2023 BMW X8M Interior
2023 BMW X8M Interior

You may be asked to splurge a lot of money to invest in this car. But hey, as you enter the cabin, you won’t be disappointed to see how luxurious your BMW X8 is. Just like another lineup, the X8 will also be the same as the 2023 BMW X8M when it comes to its external and interior looks. If we have to mention one difference, it typically is the packages offered by the carmaker.

Many sources mentioned that the BMW X8 is more gadgetry compared to other SUV lineups. We could never agree more with this statement. What we know so far is the addition of two infotainment screens for the rear passengers, one each. That alone sounds amazing already.

The infotainment system attached to its dashboard will be upgraded as well. We are sure the carmaker will equip the most updated infotainment system for this car. They sure won’t skip the integration of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. In addition, a great audio system, navigation system, as well as driver assistance features will surely be a part of the amazing SUV interior.

What about the upholstery? We could not help but expect much from this lineup. Given it is an X8–which may be parallelized with the 8 Series sedan, we predict that the car will provide leather upholstery not only for its seats but also in extended parts of the cabin.

2023 BMW X8M Release Date
2023 BMW X8M Release Date

What About the Engine?

The 2023 BMW X8M SUV may not be an all-electric SUV, but it doesn’t mean you can see it as a lacking lineup. Source mentioned that you can expect the car to have an eight-cylinder engine to power the X8M. Yes, the popular 4.4-L twin-turbo V8 engine, as well as the plug-in hybrid system, may also get featured in this car.

All these engine specs are expected to be capable of producing a generous maximum power of 750 HP. As for the X8 model, its power production capacity will be lower at around 600 HP. Lastly, the AWD drivetrain will be used to support the easy use of the 2023 BMW X8M.