2023 Ford Explorer Hybrid Expected Specifications and Features Upgrades

By most standards, Ford Explorer is regarded as an amicable SUV model. The 2023 Ford Explorer Hybrid carries the expectation of bringing the same qualities.

The 2023 Ford Explorer Hybrid, which is predicted to remain offered exclusively for Limited and Platinum trim levels, will arrive soon. While a plug-in Explorer is an option made available by Ford for Europe Market, a hybrid model is your best bet for a more eco-friendly vehicle from this particular series in the United States market. Check out the expected improvements of this model in the following article.

New 2023 Ford Explorer Hybrid

An Overview of the Ford Explorer Hybrid

The Ford Explorer may not be as well regarded as other lineups from the manufacturer, such as the Bronco or Mustang, but it does hold itself well as a series that offers versatile options. Nesting in a spot between the large, top of the rank SUV Ford Expedition and mid-sized 5-seat Edge, this mid-sized 3-row SUV offers an OK suit for family use. Boasting sufficiently powerful towing capabilities for its segment, it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to performance or fuel-efficiency.

There are five trim grades provided within the Explorer series, from the base trim Explorer, XLT, ST, Limited, and Platinum. If you’re looking for a more nature-conscience vehicle, you can opt for the hybrid version of the Ford Explorer, which is unfortunately only available for Limited and Platinum trims.

The Hybrid is an environmentally-friendly version of the Ford Explorer that’s specifically catered to the US market, carrying a 3.3L V6 engine capable of generating 318 horsepower. Its decidedly more powerful European counterpart comes with a 3L V6 gas engine and an electric motor that offers a cumulative output of 450 horsepower. The engine, at least for the US version, is expected to be carried by the 2023 Ford Explorer Hybrid.

The earned EPA estimation by this hybrid model of the RWD system is 28 miles per gallon on the highway and twenty-seven miles per gallon in the city. The 4WD system generates lower rates at 26 mpg on the road and 23 mpg in the city. Similar to other hybrid versions of gasoline-powered vehicles, it also benefits higher fuel efficiency.

Minor Updates for the Upcoming Year Model

The 2023 Ford Explorer Hybrid is predicted to retain a lot of specs and features from the 2022 model, including for the interior part. It offers 87.8 ft3 for the first seat row, 47.9 ft3 for the second, and 18.2 for the third. Compared with other 3-row SUV models, including electric and hybrid versions of them, these numbers come as adequately spacious.

The cost of the upcoming Ford Explorer Hybrid in Limited trim level is predicted to be close to the current MSRP, which sits at slightly over $50,000 price point. This trim is equipped with an 8” touchscreen display as a standard, wireless charging ports, smart device connections (Android Auto and Apple CarPlay), Wi-Fi hotspot, 12 B&O stereo system, satellite radio, and USB ports located in the first and second rows. Various safety equipment such as a parking sensor, 360-view camera system, integrated Co-Pilot360 unit is available. Moreover, the trim also provides heated leather-covered seats, 3-zone auto climate control, and many more.

Meanwhile, the Platinum Hybrid version exclusively with a 4WD system is offered at a higher price range at over $54,000. The feature set is pretty much similar to the Limited, with the addition of a more significant 10” infotainment touchscreen display, tri-diamond leather seats, and 14 B&O stereo systems.

New 2023 Ford Explorer Hybrid

Decent in General, But Struggling in Its Specific Class

In the previous years, significant upgrades are made by the American-based automaker for gas-powered Explorer versions. However, the hybrid features for two trim levels have remained the same for the last couple of years, so no significant update is expected from the upcoming 2023 Ford Explorer Hybrid. It is still a vehicle that holds a large cargo volume, effective engine, and comfortable ride – even if it encounters a challenging trail.

In comparison with the standard of other modern Hybrid and electric SUVs, the fuel economy of this particular vehicle is subpar. It is even more palpable when you add its relatively high price to the equation, which sits higher than the upscale Lexus RX Hybrid. Moreover, the price is disappointing when you consider the interior design. Hopefully, these issues will be targeted and resolved by the 2023 Ford Explorer Hybrid.