2023 Ford Edge ST Upgrade Predictions to Anticipate for the Next Year

The Ford Edge has a reputation for being a well-versed series. Read below to discover how the top-rate 2023 Ford Edge ST is predicted to arrive.

The segment of 2-row SUV, where the Ford Edge is categorized, makes an excellent alternative for those looking for a mid-sized SUV but does not precisely require a 3-row seating configuration. You are already known for its grand appearance and decent power; you can even level up the performance by choosing the ST trim with a twin-turbocharged V6 engine that offers 335 horsepower. So, how will the performance-oriented 2023 Ford Edge ST trim arrives in the approaching time? See the predictions about it below.

New 2023 Ford Edge ST Concept

The Ford Edge Discontinuation Rumor

The world of automobile enthusiasts was hyped back in 2020 by announcing the new Ford Bronco’s arrival. However, it also came with rumored information of the Ford Edge discontinuation. A couple of years later, the rumor is practically confirmed as nothing has been said about the arrival of the 2023 Ford Edge ST and other trim levels from this series, which is supposed to be the next generation.

The Ford Edge and its upscale twin brother, the Lincoln Nautilus, are going through the second generation, which was released in 2015, along with upgrades from a mid-cycle refresher in 2019. Looking at the data, the sales number of Edge in the US market is not wrong, but apparently, it is not good enough that the manufacturer is planning to ax the series out of its lineups. The decision may also be supported even more by the imminent releases of the Ford Bronco Ranger and Bronco Escape.

So, what is the reason behind the cancellation of the third generation of Ford Edge? It is highly possible that the reason being Ford’s Oakville Assembly Complex located in Canada, where the Edge and Lincoln Nautilus are built, is going to be converted as a factory that constructs EV only. A trustworthy source also says that the production of Nautilus is going to be moved to China.

A Retained Feature-Rich and Well-Rounded Model

Regardless of the cancelation rumor that’s practically confirmed by now, the 2023 Ford Edge ST will arrive, even as the last model year of the series. The ST trim level release is announced in 2019 as a replacement of top-rated Sport trim grade, simultaneously with the facelift that occurred. Compared to the Sport, it brings an enhanced engine with a 335 hp 2.7 liter EcoBoost twin-turbocharged V6 powertrain. This trim also boasts distinguishing styling with the distinctive interior; auto LED headlights,aluminum-alloy wheels, dark-colored honeycomb front grille, and body-color fascia on the front and rear par unique to the model.

As the upscale trim of the range, the provided engine spec may sound appealing, but it comes with a price. As a comparison, the last model year carries the ST for more than $45,000 – nearly $10,000 more than the price of the base trim level. It does offer a comfortable driving experience and corner-turning stability, along with nice steering weight and performance strength, even on uneven roads. However, it is not as energetic and light as the rivals in its segment, such as the Mazda CX-9.

The Ford Edge boasts an appealing design, advanced technology, and more than sufficient performance to support daily drive. Sitting on the higher range of the whole available trim level, the ST offers quite a complete set of equipment. Receiving minor upgrades in 2022, it is predicted that no significant improvement will be made for the 2023 Ford Edge ST trim levels.

Most parts of the interior design of the upcoming Ford Edge ST are predicted to be retained, including the heated front passenger seats, leather seat covers, leather-wrapped steering wheels, and non-slip aluminum pedal pads cover. The information set system offers a double 4.2″ display for the driver and Sync 4-equipped 12″ touchscreen display with built-in Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and a twelve-speaker B&O sound system. The driver assistance feature set includes Ford trademarked Co-Pilot 360 suite that carries blind-spot monitoring, automatic braking, lane-keeping assist, and forward-collision warning.

New 2023 Ford Edge ST Concept

The Near Future of the Ford Edge

Regardless of the heavy discontinuation rumor, the upcoming 2023 Ford Edge ST and the rest of the trim levels are expected to continue being an all-out SUV. It is still unclear yet what successor will follow the steps of this series. As Ford is currently focusing on the production progress of its EV advancement, it is also likely that any replacement will not substitute the 2-row mid-size SUV.