2023 Ford Explorer ST Engine, Design, Release Date, and Estimated Price Information

The Ford Explorer has claimed the title of best-selling SUV in the US market. Here are some predictions of how the 2023 Ford Explorer ST will come next.

The 2023 Ford Explorer is one of the models in the entire extensive lineup of Ford lineups that provide the best suitability for family uses. Offering a 3-seating row configuration and spacious cargo room, it matches those with kids or people who require to bring significant-sized gear. As the current production has existed for three years, it is expected that the new 2023 Ford Explorer ST and other trims will roll out soon. If the mid-cycle refresh happens next year, it is expected to bring a few styling adjustments and several new features, although the engine is more likely to stay the same.

New 2023 Ford Explorer ST

The Explorer ST Popularity and Powertrain Details

According to CNBC data in 2020, the Ford Explorer lineup successfully breaks the record of America’s best-selling SUV. The model was produced in 1991 under the Ford Motor Company for the first time. Even though it initially carried a truck-based SUV platform design, it is constantly refreshed and upgraded to become the family-oriented SUV car that it is today. Rising competition and prior flaws related to Firestone tire faulty used to make its sales plummet, but the sale numbers of the latest version show how this model bounced back.

The immense popularity of SUVs in the United States market today is contributed by the over thirty years of existence of the Ford Explorer. As of now, the model hits its 6th generation in line, which was launched in 2019 at the year’s North American International Auto Show. This marked the adjustment of the model from the front-wheel-drive transverse powertrain system to the RWD platform. The Explorer ST trim level was also released during this launch, being introduced as a high-performance vehicle that fills the slot between the Ford Expedition and Ford Edge.

The 2023 Ford Explorer ST will undoubtedly continue its predecessor legacy to the sportiest trim grade in the lineup, coming with the RWD system as standard. The 3L V6 twin-turbocharged engine can yield up to 400 horsepower and ten-speed auto transmission as a built-in. The maximum towing capability of the Explorer ST is 5,600 lbs when being appropriately equipped. Thus, even though the Explorer is slightly infamous for providing less than entertaining rides, the ST trim is capable of offering more power and serving actual SUV performance.

Along with other upscale trims of the Explorer such as XLT and Limited Hybrid, the 2023 Ford Explorer ST is expected to continue giving satisfying driving and riding experience by combining performance, capability, and efficiency.

New 2023 Ford Explorer ST

Upgraded Interior Design Anticipation

It has been known that the Explorer provides a somewhat uninspired-looking cabin, albeit it is comfortable and functional enough. Compared with its same-class rivals such as Toyota Highlander, the cabin size is quite similar, meaning that it offers a tight 3rd-row segment. Adults and older kids may feel like the seat position is relatively close to the floor, resulting in a comfortable place, especially for a long ride.

Fortunately, the case doesn’t apply for the two rows ahead. It is also a relief that the design allows accessible entrance for the 3rd-row passenger who moves from the 2nd row of seating by using only a button.

Considering that it falls into the pricier side of the cost, the interior design for the model before 2023 is such a letdown. The quality of its build and material falls pale in comparison by being compared to its competitors and the predecessor. It also won’t be hard to find models that offer better design, technology, and fuel efficiency in its segment. Hopefully, the upcoming 2023 Ford Explorer ST will resolve these issues.

Moving on to the infotainment and entertainment side, it is expected that the 2023 model will provide minor enhancement. Currently, the Explorer is equipped with an 8” touchscreen infotainment display, wireless hotspot, and intelligent devices connection options such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Besides ST, all trims also come with a rear passenger seat entertainment system, twelve B&O audio system speakers, and a voice-activated navigation feature.

Unrevealed Release Date and Pricing Information

The manufacturer discloses the same price range as the 2023 Ford Explorer ST, but you may expect some jump from the current price, which is around $53,000. If the release date follows the prior tradition, it should hit the dealerships in the summer season of 2022.