When Will 2023 Ford Super Duty Be Available? Here’s the Arrival Date Estimation

An updated batch of the Super Duty series is well-anticipated amongst the public. Discover when will 2023 Ford Super Duty be available in the following to be prepared for its arrival.

If the most recent reports about the Ford Super Duty is to be trusted, then a batch of the new model year will have arrived soon with a set of redesigns. For those of you who are curious about when will 2023 Ford Super Duty be available and other related information about it, find out more below.

When Will 2023 Ford Super Duty Be Available
When Will 2023 Ford Super Duty Be Available

A Short Insight into the Popular Truck Series

The Ford Super Duty, around its debut back in the late 90s, was so revolutionary that it changed the way people look at and shop for trucks. It was the first time Ford manufactured a separate assembly line for ¾ ton and larger pickup trucks, even reserved the production on a different assembly plant than the Ford F-150.

With a beefier and different body, roomier interior, more solid suspension, and more massive axles, the series climbed up quite fast to be a favorite amongst commercial-grade trucks.

Even until now, the legacy of the series continues, proven by how many people are excited about when will 2023 Ford Super Duty be available. Rumors say that the upcoming release is going to come with even more impressive torque and offer optimized efficiency. No dramatic difference is expected, but some changes here and there are certain to be carried by this new model year release.

When Will 2023 Ford Super Duty Be Available
When Will 2023 Ford Super Duty Be Available

Potential Features Upgrades of the Super Duty

Before jumping into the answer of when will 2023 Ford Super Duty be available, let’s talk about the possible novelties that the 2023 Ford F350 and other variants of this lineup will bring. Various predictions have been made including fresh exterior appearance, new interior design, additional technology features, and many more.

Starting from the new styling, there’s no doubt that the next model year of Super Duty is going to bring plenty of freshness. Multiple sightings of tested vehicles have been reported—albeit most of them resulted in only a handful of guesses of its exterior adjustments due to the heavy camouflage they wore. What’s almost certain in general is that the upcoming Super Duty will take an abundance of styling inspiration from the F-150.

The circulating spied shots of the newest Ford Super Duty were mostly taken during on-road testing of its prototype, around late 2021. Platinum was one of the recognized trim levels tested, which was noticed to bring new chrome accents located on its side mirror and underneath the window frame. Some rumors about this upgraded exterior came previously along with a prediction of an updated fascia, LED lamps, and textured grills on certain variants, so these buzzes are potentially true. Another spotted update from the prototype was a set of black wheels.

Moving on to the engine section, no big changes are expected for the time being. It is most likely that the entry-level trims will still continue to feature the 6.2L V8 engine that’s capable of generating 385 HP and 430 lb-ft of torque and the higher variants will be equipped with the 7.3L V8 engine that puts out 430 HP and 475 lb-ft of torque. The 6.7L turbodiesel V8 motor is also predicted to still continue, unlike other Ford lineups that had gotten rid of their diesel versions.

Moreover, several new technology features are expected to be carried by the 2023 Super Duty, which includes a more advanced infotainment system. On the other hand, reports about the series getting a hands-free driving technology feature also make a big rumor.

The question of when will 2023 Ford Super Duty be available often comes along with some suspicion about the arrival of an all-electric version, especially considering that all major automaker brands including Ford itself are moving heavily towards electrification. That being said, in a recent interview, a high official from the Blue Oval had stated about the absence of plans for manufacturing an EV Super Duty version.

When Will 2023 Ford Super Duty Be Available
When Will 2023 Ford Super Duty Be Available

When Will 2023 Ford Super Duty Be Available Exactly?

The last model year of the F-series Super Duty started at a price range that doesn’t stray much from its predecessor. However, it experienced a spike of increase months later. This very scenario is not impossible to happen as well in the 2023 model year. It probably arrives with a little increase from the previous production, but you shouldn’t be surprised by mid-year price increases.

Finally, when will 2023 Ford Super Duty be available to be exact? Unfortunately, no date has been announced up until now but it is safe to assume it’s going to hit the market in the last quarter of 2022. Until then, anticipate more news and glimpses of the new model year to make the news.