2023 Ford F350 Release Date and New Upgrade Details

The 2023 Ford F350 release date is going to come soon. Here’s a set of updates it’s going to bring according to multiple spied photos.

It seems like only a matter of time before the Ford Super Duty series upgrades are released, considering that the new F-150 and the Lightning EV were out already. Here are some rumors about the series’ upgrades from credible sources of spy shots along with the possible 2023 Ford F350 release date information.

2023 Ford F350 Release Date
2023 Ford F350 Release Date

A Brief Insight into The Ford F-350

The Ford F-350 is now already on its fourth generation, which was revealed by the manufacturer as a 2017 model at the State Fair of Texas in midst-2015. It comes with five trim grades, from the entry-level XL to the fully-loaded Platinum. It is also worth to be noted that the release represents the first time ever that the lineup of Ford Super Duty is given an all-new upgrade treatment following its debut in 1998.

As you’re possibly most curious about the 2023 Ford F350 release date compared to other models in the series such as F-250 and F-450, let’s talk about it in more detail. The F-350 made its debut in 1999 and it’s known to offer not only reliable performance but also a visually pleasing appearance with rugged advantages. Various factors such as its dependability, versatility, and cost make the F-350 one of the most popular choices across the Super Duty Series.

2023 Ford F350 Release Date
2023 Ford F350 Release Date

Potential Upgrades and Adjustments

Prior to discussing the 2023 Ford F350 release date, it’d be interesting to talk about the possible redesigns that this model will offer. As you may have known, new shots seem to be collected from Detroit by spy photographers every now and then. Apparently, some of them are noticed to be a camouflaged Super Duty trucks that carried a few unfamiliar trim details. One of the photos of its prototype appeared to be the Platinum trim that received new chrome accents under the window and on the caps of its door mirror.

The most compelling part of the shots—partially due to it being one of the only noticeable changes until now—is the upgraded headlamps. There’s a sort of illumination from the bottom part of the stacked lamps. It maybe serves as low beams on the tested trucks or daytime running lights feature. Ford is known to be obsessed with redesigning the eyes of the Super Duty, an exhibit case would be the 2020 model year where the series received smoothened LED light to get rid of the strange pattern of dot-pattern that made themselves appeared during the release of this current generation.

Another striking adjustment is the amber lights located on the upper part of the grille that resembles the Raptors. Unfortunately, again, it’s difficult to confirm due to the white wrap. Still, it’d make an extremely fitting addition to the Ford Tremor package.

Speaking of the Tremor package, the spotted test truck seems to be sporting a strange combination between the black wheels that are typically reserved for the said package and accessories of the highest specifications Platinum. Obviously, it could be just a simple matter of switching tire packages merely for the testing, but nonetheless, the mix would make an interesting idea.

Moving to the back part of the test trucks, many parts resemble the current F-350 appearance—no visible adjustment on the backup sensors and location of the trailer wiring harness. That being said, the tail lamps look as if they have more vertically-arranged LED lights in comparison with the existing ones, potentially pointing to a fresh lighting shape for particular trims. In the end, adjusting the lighting without totally changing its dimensions and shape will be a cheaper way to make a fresh appearance for the next model year that’s going to be out at 2023 Ford F350 release date.

In other news, it had been announced that the Tremor package faced discontinuation specifically for the XLT trim, while remains to be available for the Platinum and King Ranch variants. With this sight of a tested truck, it might safe to say that the package offers will be kept for the upcoming 2023 Ford F350 release.

2023 Ford F350 Release Date
2023 Ford F350 Release Date

Unannounced 2023 Ford F350 Release Date

Except for the visible wheels and chrome accents, practically all parts of the Super Duty F-350 prototype were covered in hefty camouflage. However, the prediction that says this series is going to take plenty of inspiration from the F-150, especially in the styling department.

The 2023 Ford F350 release date hasn’t been announced yet. You may expect more news and road test sightings to drop until the official report is out.