2023 Ford F 350 Super Duty Predicted Updates and Estimated Price

F-Series Super Duty lineup has always been capable, stylish, and clever. Here is how the 2023 Ford F 350 Super Duty is possibly going to pass on the reputation.

In December 2021, it was reported that Ford would put its focus on the F-series Super Duty lineup after the F-150 Lightning was introduced. This builds anticipation amongst heavy-duty pickup truck enthusiasts. Below, you can read specifically about the future of one of the variants in this lineup, the F-350 model. Not much is known about the 2023 Ford F 350 Super Duty, but some details are already here to be dug.

New 2023 Ford F 350 Super Duty

The Ford F-350 Brief Profile

The current generation of F-350 Super Duty line was first revealed by Ford in September 2015 at the State Fair of Texas as a 2017 model year with five available trim levels: XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, and Platinum. This event represents the first time this lineup has received an all-new upgrade since 1998. It offers both chassis cab and regular pickup. Later in 2018, the Limited trim grade is made available for F-350 (along with F-250).

The Ford F-350 is part of the Super Duty family from this global automaker aside from F-250 and F-450, where the lineup debuted in 1999. The series is known to provide reliable and eye-pleasing trucks with modest yet sophisticated and vigorously rugged benefits. The F-350 is amongst the most popular options due to its versatility, dependability, and cost. These qualities manifest due to the model’s excellent powertrain, solid transmission, and towing abilities. With a whole ton of weight, it boasts top-rated torque and power in its class.

Expected Engine on The Upcoming F-350

The 2023 Ford F 350 Super Duty is expected to be equipped with the same powertrain given by the manufacturer for its current generation. It will still offer options of either petrol or diesel engine. According to the manufacturer, the base version carries a 7.3L V8 gasoline-powered engine that produces 430 HP & 475 pound-feet of torque, the most potent gasoline powertrain in the current market.

Offering extra suspension elements, the truck brings a heavy-duty chassis. This feature enhances towing capabilities and a higher payload for the Super Duty members. Similar chassis found in the Ford Super Duty series is also applied in the Ford Excursion.

Moving on to the turbo-diesel powertrain, the F-350 promises more excellent performance. The 6.7L diesel-powered motor can generate 475 HP and 1050 pound-feet of torque. If it’s appropriately equipped, the diesel-powered version of the F-350 will be able to pull up to roughly 37,000 lbs. Several sources say the diesel version of F-350 will offer higher torque, but nothing has been confirmed or denied so far by the automaker.

New 2023 Ford F 350 Super Duty

Exterior Updates According to the Latest Spy Shots

The spy photos of the 2023 Ford F 350 Super Duty had been taken around late 2021, where the model’s prototype underwent on-road testing. One spotted trim level is the Platinum, which carries chrome accents on its bottom window frame and side mirror. This somewhat supports the rumor that the 2023 model will receive a redesigned front fascia, probably providing textured grilles and LED lamps, depending on the specific trim level.

Another easy upgrade to spot is the appearance of black wheels on the F-350 prototype. There’s a possibility that what’s spotted in the prototype are merely placeholder wheels, a completely makes sense argument considering it is still on the initial testing phase. As per current, the sole method to acquire black wheels on the specifically tested trim level and model is to purchase the package of Tremor Off-Road.

Besides the noticeable wheels and bare chrome accents, the 2023 Ford F 350 Super Duty prototype is practically covered in tight camouflage not to spoil the design upgrades. That being said, you still can expect the upcoming launch not to stray far from the current styling of the F-350.

Predicted Price Range

The 2023 Ford F 350 Super Duty model year is predicted to debut in 2022, likely in the middle of this year. By this time, you can anticipate by following the development of road test glimpses in the coming months and weeks. It is estimated that the base trim level of the upcoming F-350 will be offered at around $36,500.