When Can I Order a 2023 Ford Super Duty? Here’s the Answer You’re Looking For

If you’ve been asking about “when can I order a 2023 Ford Super Duty”, you may find the answer below. Read also about the model’s possible upgraded features.

The current generation of Ford Super Duty has been in existence since 2017. Historically, a new generation of this truck series is introduced every five or six years. So accordingly, there’s a big chance that a redesign will take place in 2023. This may cause a lot of enthusiasts to wonder: when can I order a 2023 Ford Super Duty? If you’re one of those who have this question, you may find out the answer below.

2023 Ford Super Duty
2023 Ford Super Duty

The Ford Super Duty Series Overview

The Super Duty is a series of heavy-duty trucks from Ford that’s extremely impressive and popular, especially the F-250 and F-350 models that offers an extra mile of durability. Staying true to its name, the trucks from this lineup are designed for off-road driving, plowing, towing, and hauling, with their rugged body frame compared to other trucks.

If you are wondering when can I order a 2023 Ford Super Duty, it’s important to understand first that there’s a probability that the upcoming release is going to be a new generation. The latest generation of Ford Super Duty, which currently is in its 4th generation, was revealed in 2015 as the 2017 model year. This generation marks the first all-new line of Super Duty since it was introduced in 1998.

There is plenty of anticipation regarding the 2023 model year release of Super Duty, but so far, there’s not much known about the redesign and release date, including the supposed order date.

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2023 Ford Super Duty
2023 Ford Super Duty

The Possible Redesigns for the Super Duty F-250 and F-350

So, before discussing the answer of when can I order a 2023 Ford Super Duty, let’s talk about the possible redesigns this upcoming release will carry. According to spy shots acquired in late 2021, the 2023 Ford F350 was spotted to come with an upgraded grille and front fascia, along with a fresh taillight and rear bumper. Mind that these test trucks were covered in camouflage, so there is nothing confirmed about the appearance updated of the new Super Duty Trucks.

Based on a report from one trustworthy source that detected the test tracks in the wild, it’s likely that the upcoming XL trim of the F-350 carries the old radian headlight bulbs, but it doesn’t close the possibility of a new LED upgrade.

In terms of the bed sheet and door designs, there has been no sight of dramatic adjustments made until now. That being said, again, it could be because the test trucks are camouflaged on all their sides.

Another reputable source that’s successfully gotten their hand on spied photos of redesigned 2023 Super Duty redesigned cabin says that the pickup truck is going to get an updated gauge cluster, steering wheel, and a larger touchscreen.

What’s more interesting is that apparently, the new Super Duty’s interior will resemble the current generation of Ford F-150, which includes the design of its new steering wheel and other interior parts.

Of all information gathered by spied photos, perhaps the most awaited information piece that drives plenty of people too eager to ask more about when can I order a 2023 Ford Super Duty, is whether the new Super Duty is going to bring autonomous driving feature, as it was spotted in mid-2021 that two trucks of Super Duty were tested with autonomous vehicle hardware items, such as sensors and cameras on their ends and an additional array on the trucks’ roof.

Evidence that supports this theory of new hands-free technology for F-250 and F-350 is how the BlueCruise hands-free driving feature was given on a few trims of the 2022 F-150. The technology is yet to be confirmed whether it’s going to be equipped on the 2023 Super Duty, but it is known that the manufacturer has tested it on both F-250 and F-350 for months already.

2023 Ford Super Duty New
2023 Ford Super Duty New

When Can I Order a 2023 Ford Super Duty New Release?

The burning question of when can I order a 2023 Ford Super Duty that you may have now cannot be answered for sure. However, if the 2023 model year follows the tradition of summer releases as the previous ones, then it’s likely to be on sale in September 2022, which means the order date will come sooner than you may expect.