2023 VW Passat USA Wagon

The newest 2023 VW Passat is certain to enter the market world. So far, only external and mechanical details can be estimated.

Not long ago the latest generation Volkswagen Passat, the model to be marketed in the European region, was caught on camera testing the vehicle for the first time on public roads. This is the second recording after the previous 2023 VW Passat was also caught on camera doing a mule test using the latest platform with the current model sheet metal.

2023 VW Passat USA Wagon

The New Generation Passat won’t be coming to North America?

The Passat, code-named B9, will surprisingly be offered as a wagon in Europe exclusively. Unfortunately for fans in North America, the VW Passat will not enter the market there. This is understandable and makes sense as the automaker has cut the current Passat sedan out of its lineup and is planning to replace it by then with the production ID. Vizzion electric vehicle which is still under development.

The all-new VW Passat which is testing on snowy roads is reported to be revealed to the public in 2023. It seems that the saloon model will be discarded and replaced with a hatchback or estate model because current market demand tends to prefer SUVs over other models.

This step that will be taken by Volkswagen is not too startling because the automaker itself has released the VW Arteon, with a saloon model and approximately the same dimensions, whose performance is slightly above the Passat. The VW Golf Estate is also a consideration for the saloon model for the Passat because practicality and versatility are currently Volkswagen’s priorities in developing the latest generation of its vehicles.

2023 VW Passat USA Wagon New

The Outside of 2023 Passat

From the spy shot photos, it can be seen that the 2023 VW Passat is an innovative design upgrade from the current Passat generation. The use of sole brake light clutches instead of the backlight bar, Headlights mounted on the grille, and the same strake door handles feature on the new ID.4 or ID.5. The presence of ducts on the side of the lower grille also distinguishes the 2023 Passat from the current generation. These ducts are useful for providing an increase in aerodynamic efficiency.

Bratislava, Slovakia will be manufacturing Passat with Modular Transverse Matrix (MQB) underpinnings implemented in conjunction with the latest generation Skoda Superb. Just so you know, Volkswagen has moved the development of family car types from its home base in Emden, Germany to other places just to open up space for the production of ID. Vizzion and ID. Space Vizzion as well as ID.4 development.

Due to the length of the Skoda Superb which reaches 2.85 meters, the wheelbase of the latest Passat will likely be widened to suit it. This provides a distinct advantage in the form of looser legroom for passengers sitting in the rear seats. Boot space will also increase due to this extra length and it will make the 2023 VW Passat the most practical non-SUV vehicle.

2023 VW Passat USA Wagon New

Hybrid will be offered as an Option

This latest generation Passat does not seem to accommodate electric power as a power source because Volkswagen already has plans to develop its all-electric vehicle on ID. Space Vision. That way fans will still be able to enjoy the traditional power source on this Passat.

2023 VW Passat will continue to use TDI diesel in this segment even though the popularity of diesel in recent years has decreased significantly. 2.0 TDI turbocharger is the latest version that will be slotted under the hood. This machine is capable of producing 148 to 197 brakes horsepower (BHP). Volkswagen will provide 4MOTION AWD as an option and it doesn’t rule out the chance to be embedded in the revived Alltrack model.

Offers on the plug-in hybrid type can still be anticipated with the entry-level model, eHybrid, which produces approximately 200 BHP. A more powerful model, the GTE, is also likely to be produced to provide greater battery power than the current Passat which is only 13kWh. The use of greater battery power is estimated to be able to provide a range of up to 60 miles on a single charge. The AC charging technology also requires upgrading from 3.6kW to 11kW to match the amount of battery power.

Passat will be the last Volkswagen Non-All-Electric Car

Rumors about banning the use of gasoline or diesel fuel in internal combustion engines by 2030 tomorrow, possibly making the 2023 VW Passat the last non-all-electric vehicle from Volkswagen.