Is Honda Bringing Back the Element? Here’s the Answer You’ve Been Looking For

The rugged and quirky Element used to spark plenty of mixed opinions but it is now quite in demand. So, when is Honda bringing back the Element, exactly?

Currently, it is quite a trend in the automobile industry to revive old-school nameplates such as the Ford Bronco, the Chevrolet Blazer, the Jeep Wagoneer, and others. So, it is not entirely surprising that enthusiasts start asking, is Honda bringing back the Element? The model did miss a mark with its young target demographic back then, but nowadays, it gains warm popularity in the pre-owned market.

Is Honda Bringing Back the Element
Is Honda Bringing Back the Element

A Short Insight into The Honda Element

Before you’re getting into the answer to the question “is Honda bringing back the Element?” it may be worth looking at this particular vehicle first. The Element was first introduced as a compact SUV crossover by Honda during the New York Auto Show in 2002. It aimed for the North American market with production years that span for one generation only between 2003 and 2011. The Element has a signature boxy frame look with the flexible interior arrangement and bi-parting side doors.

It was equipped with a 2.4L 4-cylinder i-VTEC engine that’s capable of generating 156 horsepower and 160 pounds-feet of torque. Later in 2007, the powertrain was upgraded into a 166 horsepower and 162 pounds-feet generating engine. The Honda Element offers 1500 pounds (approximately 680 kg) of towing capacity and weighs roughly 4,450 pounds (around 2,018 kg).

The vehicle features a set of standard safety equipment such as anti-lock brakes, power stability control, power brake force distribution, tire pressure monitoring system, brake assist, and many more. The fuel economy is rated at 20/25 mpg city/highway for the FWD version and 19/24 mpg city/highway for the AWD variant.

Another significant feature that makes the Element different from other crossover SUVs in its class is showing it’s not designed as an urban drifter, but instead somewhat an alternative vehicle that takes energetic and busy people, along with their gears to woods and camping grounds. This is proven by the stain- and water-resistant carpets and fabrics, folding seats, and multiple storages that come as standard.

Honda bringing back the Element
Honda bringing back the Element

The Gone and Missed Element

The Honda Element was produced by the Japanese-originated automaker to be a versatile, practical, and quirky compact SUV car. Beyond its easy handling and flexible utility, the uncommon outer visual it sports sets the model apart from other more conventionally looking competitors such as the Ford Edge, Nissan Rogue, and Jeep Compass.

Unfortunately, it lasted only for one generation. Entered the assembly plant in 2002 as the 2003 model year, it was officially out of production in 2010, with the 2011 model year as the last batch manufactured. During that window period, it has received adjustments in various aspects, including trim levels. However, despite all of that, only around 325,000 of the Element were sold.

The production of this eccentric-looking car had stopped years ago, but it continues to be favored by a certain group of enthusiasts passionately. It sounds like an irony that the Element has somewhat turned into a sort of cult classic. Perhaps, it was launched too fast for its own good.

There are several reasons why this car is able to generate such a devoted following that doesn’t stop to wonder is Honda bringing back the Element. For once, it provides an excellent handle given its box-shaped appearance. The relatively slim frame also allows the driver to leave not much footprint for parking. Actually, the strange shape of the cargo makes the owner has an easier time loading large-sized items.

These fans have taken their Elements on various fun outdoor trips like surfing, biking, or camping—which was the original intention of Honda. The spacious and versatile rear area offers space for any type of activities and sports equipment, including for artists, musicians, service people, families with kids, and pet parents.

Honda Element
Honda Element

Is Honda bringing Back the Element Soon?

So, the question of is Honda bringing back the Element remains in the mind of the fans. Obviously, plenty of people hope so. However, there have been zero words spoken officially by Honda until this day.

If ever the automobile company confirms a ‘yes’ answer after a long time of public asking is Honda bringing back the Element, it hopefully retains the simplistic and rugged-charm design. There’s also a big possibility that the Honda Element 2023 will take sharper inspiration from the likes of the Honda CRV or even the Toyota FT-4X concept.