Is Chevy Making a New Chevelle? Find Out What’s the Truth Here!

Is Chevy making a new Chevelle? If you are curious about this, make sure to read about it in the article below.

You may come here after questioning the search engine about ‘is Chevy making a new Chevelle?’. Well, you are not the only one that wants to trust it as great news for auto enthusiasts. These rumors have been circulating widely these days although there is still no official information on when the carmaker plans on making Chevelle to be reborn. Find out the related information in this article below.

is Chevy making a new Chevelle
is Chevy making a new Chevelle

Is Chevy Making a New Chevelle?

If you are a car enthusiast, then it’s a sure thing that you want Chevelle to come and be reborn again. So, we cannot blame you for questioning ‘is Chevy making a new Chevelle?’. The aggressive posture of the car had successfully become a hit when it came out in the sixties.

Now, it has been more than 60 years since its debut, will Chevy make a reborn Chevelle after the car was discontinued circa 1978? The answer is: maybe.

Some rumors told us that the carmaker has been brainstorming to get the new Chevelle. However, until it is made clear by the carmaker itself making the official announcement, we cannot really take it as a piece of official news.

New Chevelle
New Chevelle

Why the Rumor Comes Out

You may begin to wonder why this rumor starts to unroll and keep you asking ‘is Chevy making a new Chevelle?’. Well, there has been a social media post that renders this one of the hottest cars from Chevy.

The social media user, notably known as @wb.artist20, rendered the ol’ Chevelle into a new, bright, and sporty car with orange as its main color.

GM as the manufacturer of Chevies has also covered the artist’s work this time. Previously, there have been several other works by @wb.artist20 which are also covered by GM. Several works being covered will include Chevy Monte Carlo, Aztec Pontiac, and a Chevy Blazer.

All of those made people all over the world wonder whether General Motors want to remake the notable Chevy once again and make it into the sales hot list in this third millennium.

While it’s interesting to know if the manufacturer is reproducing the good ol’ Chevelle, there has been no information about this manufacturer’s plan to make Chevelle come back to life. Well, at least, now there isn’t any.

New Chevelle
New Chevelle

Understanding the Social Media’s Design of Chevelle

As mentioned, people on social media have been mesmerized by the appearance of the Chevy Chevelle that is designed by @wb.artist20.

If the Chevelle is soon to be released with this design, many believe that the car would be in great sales. Besides it offers a ride to the eccentric car that’s so ‘happening’ in the past, you can also get a cool car to drive which may even beat the look of nowadays’ sedan.

The car’s design, which is posted by @wb.artist20, has orange as its main color. The front façade looks a bit vintage with quad glasses-like lights (U-shaped) placed on each side. Despite this, you can see the overall design as stylish and quite modern.

Aside from the lamp, the notable design still highlights Chevelle’s façade, focusing on the headlights and the beveled corners. The corners will help to lower the air intake and make it look like a hood on its front façade.

What About the Engine?

While the question ‘is Chevy making a new Chevelle?’ itself cannot be satisfactorily answered (since there isn’t any official information from the carmaker), it’s still fun to get to know what the car will use if the car will surely be introduced to the public as a new addition to Chevy’s reborn lineup.

Sources mentioned that the first Chevelle was equipped with a powerful engine. That said, it’d be no surprise if the carmaker is making the Chevelle to be powerful as its precedents. Even it’s said to be able to produce 400+ horsepower.

There are also rumors that 2022 Chevelle will be made as an electric vehicle. Surely, it’s still a prediction. However, if it comes to reality, then everything you want from a car can be provided by this Chevelle: design, engine, power. All complete!

Regarding its transmission, there are predictions that mentioned about it is offering a manual transmission, and others also say that it’d be on an automatic transmission.

To sum it up, the question of ‘is Chevy making a new Chevelle?’ cannot be answered still. However, if what rumors said is true, then the 2022 Chevelle will be a great car to have—just like the old Chevelle.