2025 Land Rover Discovery Sport: Review & Release Date

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2025 Land Rover Discovery Sport: Review & Release Date Land Rover is poised to completely reinvent the Discovery in its vast and fast-moving electrification plan in order to separate it from the wildly well-known Defender and to reestablish the brand as the mainstay of the range of vehicles.

2025 Land Rover Discovery Sport
2025 Land Rover Discovery Sport

The Land Rover Discovery has historically been an important model for the company. The car was introduced in 1989 to be a family-oriented and budget-friendly version of the well-known underpinnings of the Range Rover flagship and it eventually became one of the company’s most sought-after models across the globe as the millionth vehicle going out of production in the year 2012.

Since its introduction, however, it has been popular, the popularity of the Discovery has diminished and the current fifth-generation version has always been ranked as the least-seller of Land Rover’s lineup. Through the twelve months ending March, only 16,791 models were sold, as compared to just 61,717 sold of the comparably priced and spacious Land Rover Defender.

The 8-seater version of the Defender 130 is a further threat to the business viability of Discovery’s seven seats even though it commands an impressive premium over the most costly version available Discovery.

In a hint at the top priorities of the new Discovery, former Jaguar Land Rover CEO Thierry Bollore, who was forced to step off last month recently revealed to Autocar that the Discovery’s historic notions of practicality and durability will be brought to the forefront in an effort to create a distinct market.

“It has always been a very family-oriented model and we want to enhance that,” the CEO declared. “It needs to have many of the best characteristics of our luxury models, but with the emphasis on practicality and accessibility.”

There’s no indication that Bollore’s departure could significantly alter the model’s roadmap, and his comments point to the next model, called”Discovery 6,” being a key component of the planned product line-up over the next years. It will completely change the brand’s 4×4 offerings and emphasis on electrification, and establish Land Rover as a ‘modern luxurious’ company.


by 2026, there’ll have in 2026, there will be six Land Rover EVs on sale. Four years later and 60% of its sales will be electric. Every vehicle in the showrooms of the company will have the option of an electric vehicle. The new Chief Executive Officer Adrian Mardell, formerly JLR’s chief financial officer, will without doubt outline his plans for JLR in the next few months.

Land Rover has said not every one of its namesakes will continue to exist into the era of electricity It has not yet suggested future plans for an Velar electric vehicle, as an example However, Bollore expressed optimism about Discovery’s future. “We believe there is a great role for Discovery within Land Rover as a family of its own and we are working hard on that,” Bollore said to Autocar in a statement that implied a need to reinforce the Discovery branding as a company independently as a brand similar to Range Rover.

Interestingly to note, JLR’s recent statement the Formula E partner Wolfspeed will provide silicon carbide semiconductors to its EVs on the road, mentioned a “next-generation” powered Discovery specifically, along with Defender as well as Range Rover models.

Its Discovery Sport already serves as a smaller (and much more well-known) variant of its bigger model and has been tipped to be redesigned in 2024, at which point the Halewood facility that produces the car will be able to produce electric vehicles. The successor to that vehicle as well as the closely-related Range Rover Evoque will be based on Land Rover’s electrically-biased EMA platform. The best suitable choice for the seven-seat Discovery could be MLA, the architecture that is the foundation of the brand’s newly launched Range Rover and Range Rover Sport.

The versatile and aluminum-intensive construction that houses ICE as well as PHEV, and shortly, pure-electric powertrains as part of the Gaydon luxury duo is perfect to equip the Discovery 6 with the compelling mixture of spaciousness, refinement and off-road capabilities that have for a long time established it in the top tier of more complete SUVs available.

More aero-efficient, more stable, and offering better protection against crashes as compared to the D7u structure beneath the current Discovery, it has everything needed to create a modernized and efficient Discovery offering. It is also vitally providing enough space to accommodate seven seats.

Similar to Range Rovers, the Discovery’s successor is expected to launch with a selection of hybrid plug-ins and combustion engines. However, there will not be a diesel powertrain for only the second time throughout 4×4’s history, as Land Rover is committed to the elimination of diesel powertrains across the lineup by 2026.

An elite performance variant that comes with BMW’s 4.4-liter V8 isn’t likely considering the Discovery’s explicit marketing to the mass market over that of the Range Rover pair. But the well-known mild hybridized 3.0-liter Ingenium six-cylinder is compatible with the brand new platform, so will likely be carried into. Moreover, MLA-based plug-in hybrids currently available with an engine with a 38.2kWh battery, offer an EV range of 60 miles. That’s one of the longest PHEVs that is available and makes the Discovery P410e (as it is the same model under which Range Rover is badged) a viable alternative to the BMW X5 xDrive45e and Mercedes-Benz GLE 350de.

In the event of an all-electric EV, likely to arrive in 2025, following the release of the combustion vehicle, Land Rover will no doubt want to benchmark the latest developments in the huge electric SUV market prior to its launch such as that of Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV as well as the Volvo EX90, to ensure that the Discovery will be able to compete with the best performances in addition to the firm’s famous off-road performance and convenience.

Long-distance travel is the top priority of the most powerful models from Land Rover So an official area of about 300-300 miles is likely. Considering that even Land Rover’s brand-new electric vehicles can be charged at 50 kW, these pure EVs will be expected to have one of the fastest top-up times available.

The advancement of connectivity is also an essential feature of Land Rover models launched after 2025. JLR has joined forces with American software company Nvidia to develop a brand new (and custom) software platform that focuses on autonomous driving capabilities, such as park assist, augmented-reality assistance with driving and occupant tracking as well as introducing a fresh source of revenue in way of upgrades over the air as well as downloadable functions.

Due to its connection with the top Range Rover models and the EX90, the Discovery is likely to feature the most sophisticated version of the system. It will also be able to compete with other models such as the EX90 and EX90, expected to arrive in 2024 equipped with the lidar sensor that is the standard feature for future unsupervised autonomous driving.

2025 Land Rover Discovery Sport Interior
2025 Land Rover Discovery Sport Interior


The latest infotainment display runs the most recent version of the firm’s Pivi Pro software. If you’re not comfortable with the configuration the static bars are located on the opposite sides of the screen which let users instantly navigate to specific menus and functions. The big floating glass display comes with the standard Amazon Alexa voice compatibility along with wireless Apple CarPlay; Android Auto is included.

In 2024, the Land Rover Discovery Sport receives an updated center console as well as a central stack as well. The stubby shifter replaces a long, narrow lever which is surrounded by a smoother and more appealing surface. The lower part of it, the Pivi Pro screen is extra storage space, instead of an HVAC control panel that has actual knobs. The new standard includes a wireless charging pad as well as 2 USB-C ports. The vehicle comes with a brand new three-spoke steering wheel, with new control paddles and shifters each “24” Discovery Sport comes standard with gauges that are fully digital.

It is true that the Land Rover Discovery remains in showrooms, but sales are declining because of the huge success that is Land Rover Defender, Land Rover Defender the brand is working out what the Discovery model can fit in the line-up in the coming years. The latest Range Rover has long been among the top models in the Land Rover hierarchy and the new model is pushing higher up the ladder, allowing the Discovery to expand to.

The Discovery was a favorite among people looking to buy an automobile that was utilitarian in appearance and performance, however, it was also able to be equipped with luxury conveniences like heated leather seats as well as high-quality information technology. But, customers have shifted their attention to the latest Defender which has led to a decline of the seven-seat Discovery.

Repositioning the model towards families who seek the best in luxury rather than just utilitarianism is a way Land Rover believes it can get back to the success in sales that has been enjoyed by the Discovery brand. The idea could lead to a line of Discovery models. At present, only just the tinier Discovery Sport serves as the basic status of the company, but there’s no indication that the model can be a viable option as a brand beyond the current model.

In order to achieve this, Land Rover is planning to base the brand’s new Discovery model on the same foundation as it is the Range Rover as well as the Range Rover Sport. The Discovery will feature a wide variety of combustion engines within the line-up, however, Land Rover’s latest annual report on its finances states that it will make all models available in electric models by the end of this decade. In addition, the Range Rover is expected to show off as an electric vehicle in 2024, which means that the Discovery might be offered as an electric option right from the start.

The styling changes will make the Discovery get a sleek design with sleeker headlights and a less cluttered front bumper. The oversized tyres as well as wheel arches will stay to ensure that the Discovery is in a position to be able off-road. It seems Land Rover intends to stick to the offset rear number plate, which many found unnatural on the new model. There are some aftermarket companies offering a center-mounted alternative. This design cue was initially developed to be used as an extra wheel for previous generations.


Each Discovery Sport has a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces 246 hp. Naturally, the standard all-wheel drive, along with a variety of trail-rated accessories available, helps the Sport navigate through rough terrain, and withstand every storm. Disco Sport Disco Sport can even wade into 23.6 inches of water (for the brave) and tow as much as 4409 pounds. The model we tested was the 2020 version that had a 246 horsepower engine, and we found it rather unresponsive; throttle responses are unresponsive as well. The Disco Sport requires 7.5 seconds to hit 60 mph. The handling isn’t very crisp therefore don’t be expecting to be able to make a splash on curvy back roads. However, it’s a comfortable ride. The 2025 Land Rover Discovery Sport delivers a comfortable cruiser ride.

Its EPA estimates of fuel economy are 19 mpg for city driving and 23 mpg on the highway and 20 mpg when combined. In comparison to other premium compact SUVs, it is clear that this Land Rover is thirsty. It was especially greedy with fuel consumption during our 75 mph road test for fuel economy, in which it clocked a disappointing 21 miles per gallon. The BMW X3 with six cylinders M40i clocked 29 mpg during our tests, while the other competitors with all-wheel drive systems like Acura RDX, for instance. Acura RDX managed 25 mpg.

2025 Land Rover Discovery Sport Design
2025 Land Rover Discovery Sport Design


The plan to bring the Discovery to a higher-end model with a targeted market of “discerning families” could result in an increase from the starting price which is PS57,225. The owners of the current Discovery models will likely be faced with the option to pay a higher price or look for other alternatives in the event that they decide to stay loyal to the brand. The premium family SUV segment is already a highly contested market, with Mercedes GLE, BMW X5, and Audi Q7 already well established. Land Rover will need to stand out immediately by launching their 2025 model if they hope to persuade rival owners to come into Land Rover showrooms.