2025 Land Rover Discovery: What We Know So Far

2025 Land Rover Discovery: What We Know So FarThe current version of the three-row Land Rover SUV, has been in use since and everyone is asking about the future of this model. Are they planning to have it revamped? Should the business end the brand? Based on the most recent information, the latter is the most likely option. In 2025, the Land Rover Discovery is about to undergo a complete redesign and, based on what we’ve seen from the beginning, these changes are significant.

2025 Land Rover Discovery
2025 Land Rover Discovery

The company is looking to change the direction of Discovery and transform it into something unique and family-friendly. It’s not clear what this means. isn’t clear, but there are some things that are certain including an increased cabin size and better performance on the road. Furthermore, the new model is also riding on a brand-new platform that will permit the use of various types of engines and configurations, such as a fully electric setup.

The brand-new 2025 Land Rover Discovery is expected to launch sometime during the second quarter of the following year.


Land Rover’s lost child Discovery, which was once a forgotten child of the Discovery has been slated for an overhaul as part of Jaguar Land Rover’s Reimagine plan to stop the decline in sales which may be due to the advent of the Defender.

In an interview with Auto Express, CEO Thierry Bollore told Auto Express, “We are completely reinventing Discovery. We are convinced that there’s a place for it however, we must think outside the box. The defender has been so successful that it’s eaten a portion of Discovery’s territory. Discovery. Defender is an established brand. We are convinced that Discovery might be a brand, too. We’re considering the way we will present our next collection – this is something we’re thinking about.”

Discovery sales have been cut not just by the supply chain’s limitations but also due to the introduction of the brand new Defender family of vehicles – available in three body styles, and featuring seats for eight in 130-degree form as well as the brand new Range Rover that is now also available in seven-seater.

“The Range Rover with a third row could play that role, but it’s not the same spirit as Discovery,” Bollore explained. Bollore. “So when you think about the area that’s strong for Range Rover, strong for Defender – how can create a territory that is strong in addition to Discovery?

“We must create an actual family vehicle to appeal to the families with the highest expectations. Discovery must serve the role of a car that would disappear completely from the market, within the premium segment at the very minimum. The Discovery is that vehicle.”

An increase in price for Discovery is in line with JLR’s plan for models of “modern luxury” and could move it further from the Defender in terms of pricing. It would also have the latter having a more utilitarian and contemporary style. “The interest in having the Defender and Discovery brands is that you’re occupying very specific spaces,” Bollore said. Bollore.

The exclusive images below demonstrate how the modern, classier Discovery may look. The car will be refined to match the design of the current car using cutting-edge engineering techniques that create a sleeker appearance like JLR Chief Creative Officer Gerry McGovern and his team are able to do using the most recent Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. You can expect to see the addition of flush glazing as well as super-slim high-tech LED lights, as well as pop-out door handles.

It’s still too early to determine what the future of a Discovery could be stripped of its off-center rear plate however, insiders say McGovern will remain firm and continue to use it despite the fact that some of his customers have modified their cars to use aftermarket central plate setups.

Inside, there’s likely to be a significant increase in terms of the quality of service and technological advancement, thanks to new Pivi Pro infotainment and over-the-air updates to the software, and sustainable material choices will be a major factor.

The next Discovery will be built on a completely different platform from the car currently in production and electrification will also play an important part. With a high potential to sell across markets like those in the US, Middle East, and China the combination of electrification and internal combustion engines will play a major role.

This means that the best option is to place the new Discovery into the identical MLA platform that is used by the latest Range Rover as well as the Range Rover Sport which implies a variety of internal combustion engines which includes the possibility of two diesel and two petrol engines. There are also a handful of petrol-powered hybrids (with an electric range of over 70 miles) and the very first electric Discovery.

In the most recent annual financial report, JLR announced that the majority of JLR brand names would be made available with a fully electric version at the end of the decade. This will also be the new Generation of Discovery. “Our strategy to deliver the future of modern luxury to our clients continues at speed as we accelerate our plans for an electric-first, brand-led business,” Bollore said. Bollore.

The emphasis being placed on luxury and “discerning families” with the Discovery’s new Discovery model, as Bollore stated, could result in a rise above the current starting point at PS57,225. Land Rover targeting higher profit margins in the luxury segment.

The new model could threaten Discovery Sport. Discovery Sport, though. If asked about an opportunity for it to continue, Bollore responded, “We do not know for sure. However, a Discovery Yes.”

It could be that any extension in the Discovery family will take place upwards instead of downwards. There is also an extended wheelbase variant is a possibility.

Land Rover is at the beginning of the process of redesigning the Discovery family of vehicles, with the current version anticipated to continue for quite a while.

Jaguar Land Rover’s most recent figures revealed that PS2.6 billion of investment had been scheduled for the coming year. The majority of this money was spent on the relaunch of the Jaguar marque.

But, Land Rover will receive its part of the investment as well, including an electric Range Rover launching in 2024 and five brand new Range Rover, Defender, and Discovery models before 2026’s end.

2025 Land Rover Discovery Interior
2025 Land Rover Discovery Interior


As we’ve mentioned earlier, people were concerned about Discovery’s direction in the coming years. In simple terms, the release of the brand new Defender in the last few years drastically changed the Discovery brand’s line-up and its figures for sales fell significantly. This is why people believed there would have to be another generation. But, Land Rover is thinking differently. Its goal is to launch the brand fresh 2025 Land Rover Discovery, which is more child-friendly.

The initial step of this revamp will be to change the platform. According to speculation, the brand-new vehicle will shift to the brand-new MLA platform. Many sources indicate that some parts will be shared with the Range Rover Sport. There are many advantages to this, but this new platform is also going to enable the use of an electric powertrain.

The company had already launched the creation of a family-friendly model We believe that portion of that is due to a better ride. The model currently in production may be excellent off-road, however, its road behavior isn’t exactly encouraging. There’s a noticeable absence of steering feedback and the body roll is quite large within this category. The situation is likely to change dramatically with the brand-new suspension and platform configuration.

However, does this mean that off-road performance will soon be affected? We don’t believe it. We believe that the new car is also equipped with an array of off-road capabilities, such as an adjustable suspension, a rear locker as well as a variety of traction control settings.


In terms of exterior style New models is sure to have a new look. The details aren’t yet available, however, we are certain that the model of the future is more refined than it did before thanks to the introduction of the latest style terminology.

An easier-to-learn design for families indicates more room and larger outdoor dimensions. What size is bigger? That’s currently undetermined.

For the interior, The 2025 Land Rover Discovery will certainly receive a total overhaul featuring a luxurious and stylish design for the dashboard. We’re sure to count on standard Land Rover aesthetics, in addition to more expensive materials as well as the most recent tech gadgets.

Again, we’re reaching the promise of the company of more family-friendly designs. It also means greater passenger space, specifically on the third row is currently extremely cramped. It is the same about the cargo space.


For powertrain choices, The new platform provides an impressive range of options, including different electrified options for powertrains. However, basic models remain based solely on gasoline power, using the turbo-four engine and engines with six cylinders. In terms of electrification of the vehicle, an electric hybrid plug-in model could be available for the first launch, but in contrast, the electric version will not come out until the next couple of years.

2025 Land Rover Discovery Design
2025 Land Rover Discovery Design

Release Date

The new Discovery is likely to become the final of these new arrivals. This implies a release could be 3 years from now by 2025. Then it will go to market a year later, in 2026.