2025 Land Rover Discovery 6: Review & Release Date

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2025 Land Rover Discovery 6: Review & Release DateThe Land Rover Discovery — also known as “the Disco” — is a well-loved designation within the Land Rover lineup since its debut in 1989. 2023’s version of the SUV with seven seats has been battling for its identity due to the Defender taking a lot of its luster and selling. However, Land Rover insists that a revamped Discovery is going to play an important part in the Reimagine Strategy.

2025 Land Rover Discovery 6
2025 Land Rover Discovery 6

We’ve got the details on the new-generation Land Rover Discovery so far.


Jaguar Land Rover is changing the way it operates. With the new chief executive Thierry Bollore instead of seeking out million-year-old volumes, the company is now focused on increasing profits by producing premium vehicles with big, hefty margins. These include 2024’s Land Rover Discovery Sport, which is set to undergo an entirely new look thanks to the brand-new EV platform.

Electric vehicles are a major part of JLR’s plans, just as they are for every carmaker. In the event that Jaguar will go EV-only by 2025. Even though it is true that the Land Rover division will still have ICE engines on larger vehicles such as that of the Range Rover for a while but they’ll soon be offered along with electric versions. JLR states that it will launch the Land Rover brand will welcome the introduction of six electric models over the next 5 years. It will provide an electric version of each model before at the close of the decade.

The large SUVs of Land Rover including The Land Rover Discovery, Range Rover as well as the Range Rover Sport little brother are built on a different, flexible Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA) platform, which can be set up to operate with gasoline engines as well as electric. The first one is the upcoming Range Rover due next year.

However, the less expensive models – that is the Land Rover Discovery Sport and Range Rover Evoque – switch to the new Electric Modular Architecture (EMA) and will be responsible for 50% of LR production by 2030.

There’s no reason to expect drastic styling differences between this model and the model that’s scheduled to debut in 2024. This will be just one year after the Evoque. The bigger Discovery’s controversial front design that is asymmetrical hasn’t proved to be an instant hit, therefore it’s likely that the Sport is going to take elements that are reminiscent of the Evoque. The flush door handles, the skinny LED headlights, and a more smooth and cleaner appearance to the front, possibly featuring a flush grille that will form the basis of the brand-new look.

2025 Land Rover Discovery 6 Interior
2025 Land Rover Discovery 6 Interior

Inside, there’ll be plenty of space thanks to the EMA platform’s flat floor and a bigger touchscreen. digital instruments, and the newest design of the steering wheel that was seen for the Defender.

In switching from the traditional ICE layouts to an extender, JLR will be able to dramatically reduce the amount of ICE engines it has to create. Autocar says JLR declared to investors it is able to simplify “multiple internal combustion engines to one simplified electrified ICE, eliminating diesel and costly after-treatment systems”.

Looking ahead, JLR has stated that it is creating zero-emissions fuel cells “in preparation for future demand” which suggests hydrogen could completely replace ICE range extenders when infrastructure and customers are in place. It’s a long way away, however. In the UK as an example, the current number of hydrogen stations is 11 hydrogen fuel stations throughout all of the country, in contrast to 8,000 traditional fuel stations. Also, it’s worth noting that some of the major automakers have shifted away from hydrogen completely.

The forthcoming Discovery Sport as well as the Evoque are expected to use the rapid charging 800v technology as used on vehicles like the Porsche Taycan and Hyundai Ioniq 5. Cars that are already equipped with 800v technology are able to increase 60 miles of distance in just 5 minutes. That’s an enormous appeal to those who are unwilling to leave the comfort of gasoline power.

But, it’s likely that the Evoque as well as the Discovery Sport could leapfrog other 800v-powered cars. Autocar says JLR boasts an efficiency score of 4-4.5 miles for every kWh. This is for the EMA platform vehicles. A majority of EVs offering that level of efficiency are not as big automobiles.

Apart from its EV-powered powertrains one of the major characteristics in the EMA platform is the implementation of a brand new electrical structure. If this sounds boring it’s not, however, since the brand technology allows the Evoque as well as Discovery Sport to offer over-air updates, as well as an in-car payment system. It also offers level 4 autonomy in driving.

Accepting that the majority of its vehicles don’t go off roads than parking with just two wheels along the pavement, Land Rover began offering front-wheel drive models of its automobiles about a decade ago. For the sake of the credibility of the brand and credibility, the next Disco Sport still needs to have the ability to give the choice of serious off-road capabilities. In addition, thanks to the electric motor’s ability to accurately distribute torque to the wheels far more precisely than the ICE transmission and powertrain ever would, the next Sport will be better able in rough terrain.

2025 Land Rover Discovery 6 Release Date
2025 Land Rover Discovery 6 Release Date

Release Date

Second-gen and first-gen Discovery SUVs set the license plate towards the left in order to make room for the spare tire that was mounted behind. Later Discoverys are now without the spare mounted to the rear but retained the asymmetrical appearance as a design feature. It is expected to debut in 2025. The 2025 Land Rover Discovery 6 is expected to launch in 2025 following an upgrade of its predecessor, the Discovery Sport in 2024. This could indicate that it will be identified as a model-year 2026 car in America.