2025 Land Rover Defender: What We Know So Far

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2025 Land Rover Defender: What We Know So Far Land Rover is rumored to have plans to launch an all-electric Defender by 2025. The 2025 Land Rover Defender is currently based upon the D7 platform that also served as the basis for the fourth-generation Range Rover, second-generation Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Velar as well as the Discovery 5. The Defender was the final vehicle that was built with that platform. there was speculation that prior to its launch, it would be built using the latest Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA) platform that was introduced in 2023’s Range Rover. It ended up being built on the original D7 platform, which was an all-aluminum structure, which was strengthened and modified to support the Defender.

2025 Land Rover Defender Design
2025 Land Rover Defender Design

With a brand new Discovery also being developed and a new Discovery in the works, it appears that the time is coming for the D7 model since Land Rover works so heavily in bringing mechanical cross-over between its models. The 2025 Land Rover Defender is the only model available on the platform that’s still relatively young in its development cycle (though it’s currently in its fourth model year) The style has been a little like a contemporary icon. Since the Defender is an instant hit and the formula that has proven to work so well, the transition from the D7 model to the MLA model won’t cause any major changes in the appearance of the car. The most appropriate comparison for the probable outcome of the new Defender is that of the Discovery Series II, which was a redesign from the Discovery 1 without making major modifications to its design of interior or exterior.

The MLA platform will offer an entire array of options for powertrains that this platform permits. Within the larger Range Rover, there are choices that range from a V8 engine to the electric plug-in that is all-electric. So, the switch towards the MLA platform could mean that an electric Defender is a possible option in the near future, as the market shifts towards battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) it is a sensible move to stay in the race.

While there’s not any information on a car that isn’t officially revealed a switch to a Range Rover platform would probably be the creation of a Defender that comes with an All-electric Range Rover’s specs. According to reports, the new Range Rover have it with at the very least an electric motor for each axle, with a range of 300 miles as well as 600-plus horsepower. While the power might be lower in the Defender in order to maintain the Range Rover in its highest-performance position, the long-range is essential to the Defender’s segment of the market.


JLR claims that it is planning to launch the Range Rover EV will be an SUV of medium size. It’s built on the newly developed EMA platform which is entirely electric. It’s not the only JLR EV — Jaguar recently launched the I-Pace in the past — but it’s one of the very first JLR EVs built in-house.

The EMA is different in its design from the MLA platform which is the basis for the newly launched Range Rover (shown here) as well as Range Rover Sport. The MLA platform is equipped to offer battery-electric powertrains in addition to combustion engines and hybrid. It’s possible that we’ll have EV versions of these certain vehicles later on.

JLR hasn’t provided numbers for range or target performance as of yet.

JLR has announced that it is confirming that the Range Rover EV will arrive in 2025. The company will start accepting deposits to purchase it later this year. This suggests we may see it at least in a conceptual shape before that date.

JLR has announced a brand innovative “House of Brands” strategy. In other words, instead of being Land Rover and Jaguar, it’ll become Range Rover, Defender, Discovery, and Jaguar. However, Range Rover, Defender, and Discovery will all still bear a Land Rover “trust mark.”

There’s no guarantee what the outcome will be. The result seems to be that people will continue to visit the Land Rover dealer. The Range Rover Defender and Discovery cars will carry Land Rover badging. You won’t be required to label the Range Rover a “Land Rover Range Rover,” something that nobody has ever done.

It’s not clear yet. Our best guess is that the price will be high. The Range Rover’s current model is its Range Rover Sport, which starts at $83,000. A PHEV version of the Range Rover Sport starts at 104,000. It is expected that the EV variant to be more costly.

2025 Land Rover Defender Interior
2025 Land Rover Defender Interior


Land Rover will reportedly reveal an electric Defender by 2025. It is expected to be available for purchase in the next year. It’s despite the new generation’s debut in 2020. The company claims that fully electric versions that will be available for the Defender 90 110, 130, and 90 are just a few years away, as part of the midlife overhaul for the SUV. A Defender hybrid version is also in the works as one of its plans for electrification plan.

The report is fascinating The EV change will require the creation of a brand different platform. The Defender is currently running with Jaguar Land Rover’s D7 Premium Lightweight Architecture, which is not able to support complete electrification. So, it is expected that the Defender EV will switch to JLR’s latest MLA Flex platform that will accommodate electric as well as internal combustion engine-powered powertrains.

MLA Flex is already the foundation for the most recent Range Rover and Range Rover Sport and both can also be fully electric models by 2024. The thing that is making the Defender’s midlife update unique for the market is the switch to a platform. This is not a common thing. It’s referred to as an overhaul. However, things are more complicated in this case. According to the report, the exterior style and dimensions aren’t likely to change too much.

Discovery Sport Discovery Sport previously made a change of platform into the company’s Premium Transverse Architecture, which was introduced in 2019, to get its own redesign, but without major design changes. The 2026 Defender is expected to have a variety of improvements inside including a bigger touchscreen for infotainment.

2025 Land Rover Defender
2025 Land Rover Defender

Land Rover is working on the development of a Defender equipped with an electric engine in accordance with a recent article by the UK publication Auto Express.

The battery-powered Defender is scheduled to be released in 2025. It comes with an estimated range of 300 miles. It is anticipated to be launched alongside a refreshed version of the current ICE version.

In the report, Auto Express says not only that the 110 standard Defender uses the electric motor, as well as the 90 2-door as well as the long wheelbase 130.

The fully electric Defender is built upon Land Rover’s latest MLA platform, which is able to be combined with the benefits of an ICE as well as a completely electric motor.

The MLA platform is also utilized for Range Rover and the new Range Rover Sport with an electric version set to go on sale at the end of 2024. The electric Defender is expected to use an energy-efficient battery that is 100 kWh as per a Land Rover insider as source.

Utilizing the MLA Platform The electric Defender is identical in comparison to the ICE version which was sold in 2020. There will however be improvement in the information component and also the usage of eco-friendly interior materials.