2024 Land Rover Defender Changes: What Are The Changes For the Defender 2024?

2024 Land Rover Defender Changes: What Are The Changes For the Defender 2024? Although there are no more wheelbase options this year (you will still have the 90, 110, and 130), JLR published a number of updated information on the options available for those searching for the latest Defender.

2024 Land Rover Defender Changes
2024 Land Rover Defender Changes

This is the first model that’s featured in the photos below: the Outbound. The model is based on the long wheelbase 130 but just seats five people instead of the standard seven. Because the third row is absent, this model is an option for those who require more storage space instead of a larger capacity for people-hauling. The 2024 Land Rover Defender 130 Outbound has only the 3.0-liter mild hybrid inline-six and the 20 or 22-inch wheels with Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tires. There’s also cool matte paint, floor protectors made of rubber, and rear side panels that match the color to add accessories (replacing the window in the rear) more storage cubbies for your vehicle, and cargo latches. Outbound is priced at $85,975 and up. Outbound comes in only four colors: Carpathian Grey, Eiger Grey, Fuji White, or Santorini Black.

Other major announcements include the increased availability of Land Rover’s turbocharged 5.0-liter V8. The lower-powered version is now that is available for the 130 and 110 and was already equipped with the 518 horsepower option. The version that is lower powered produces 493 hp and 450 lb-ft of torque. It is only available in black or grey paint colors that are compatible with the V8 engine It will result in an increase in price to the price of 130. The most affordable 130 that comes that has a V8 engine costs $118,075. Another option is that it’s a cheaper option than 110 (at $94,475). 2024 Land Rover Defender Changes

What Are The Changes For the Defender 2024?

If you’re in the market to get a truer-to-form Defender and want to get the County for $600, the Exterior Pack is available on the 110 model. It includes 20-inch glossy white wheels along with the option of white or blue graphics, a blue roof, and one with a blue tailgate to pay honor to the original Defender County.

Its 2024 Land Rover Defender 90, the version with two doors, won’t make any big changes in the new year model. But, JLR claims it has improved the second-row accessibility to seats “parachute grab handle”, the ability to fold and slide quickly forward passenger seat, as well as a 40/20/40 back arrangement (with an armrest at the center).

The entire 2024 Defender collection is on purchase right today. All across the assortment, the prices range from $58,875 to $1200,005 for the 110 P525 fully loaded featuring the strongest V8 engine.

We love the design of the two-door 90 model but the four-door 110 and 130 versions are better for the majority of purchasers. It is recommended to go with that you go with the 110 SE trim as it offers a variety of features that are desirable on the Defender’s specs list, such as 19-inch aluminum alloy wheels, automated high-beam headlamps that can be adjusted in 12 different ways, power-ad seats in the front, as well as an electronic gauge display. Land Rover offers several accessory packages, which each equips the Defender with features that are specifically designed for the model. You can also choose from a variety of customization options however we’ll leave the personalization for you to decide.

2024 Land Rover Defender Interior
2024 Land Rover Defender Interior


The modern-day Land Rover Defender took to the streets following its introduction in the 2020 model year. The Defender is quite different from its predecessors which were focused on crossing the line between luxurious and off-road performance. However, it is clear that this Defender was a major move into the luxury vehicle market. It made a strong determination to appeal to a higher-end customer as opposed to the earlier Land Rover.

Its 2023 Land Rover Defender made some innovative changes in order to modernize the SUV. It has a larger 11.4-inch touchscreen available as standard in all models of the range, and an exclusive 30th Anniversary Edition available too. In the model year 2024 it is the Land Rover Defender holds to its heritage of off-roading while featuring a posh interior. If you’re looking to get on the road in one of these iconic cars, here’s all you need to know concerning this 2024 Land Rover Defender and how many you will purchase the fully loaded luxury SUVs.

Although it’s true that the Land Rover brand is known as expensive, buyers are able to get behind the driving seat of the Land Rover for less than $60,000 on the lower side. As per Land Rover, the cheapest Defender available can be found in the Defender 90 2-door S version, priced at $56,400. The Defender is equipped with a twin-turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that is capable of creating 296 horsepower. The engine comes with an auto transmission that delivers power to all four wheels. This luxurious SUV is highly capable off-road thanks to a high and low-range transmission box. It also has hill-launch aid electronic assisted steering lower traction launch assistance and brake hold controls.

Inside, it is where the Defender 90 truly shines, equipped with heated steering and two-zone climate controls, cargo cover with cruise control that is adaptive, Lane Keep Assist and 360-degree parking assist, and wireless charging for devices and blind spot monitor, only to mention a handful of options. Its Land Rover Defender 90 S is a top premium option available currently, provided you’re comfortable with the 2-door version.

2024 Land Rover Defender Design
2024 Land Rover Defender Design

Engine and Performance

The 2024 Defender has four different engines and each is awe-inspiring on their own. The base engine is a turbocharged four-cylinder with 296 horsepower with enough performance for everyday driving and long highway trips. The next model is a 395-horsepower turbocharged six-cylinder. And high on the list is a pair of supercharged V8s delivering 518 and 493 horsepower.

These eight and six-cylinder engines offer noticeably faster speed and power to pass. A few V8 models are capable of speeds from 0-60 mph that are less than 5 seconds that’s impressive for this market. Additionally, the V8 engines provide an excellent-sounding exhaust. Each model comes with an efficient and fluid eight-speed automated transmission.

The EPA isn’t yet providing estimates for fuel economy for the 2024 Defender as of the time of writing. Similar to the 2023 model, the mechanically comparable Defender has poor fuel efficiency estimates for the mid-priced luxury SUV segment, which range between a maximum of 18/23 miles per gallon (city/highway) and a lowest of 14/19 miles per gallon.

The Defender is a great road vehicle It has a well-weighted steering system and a good road feel. Its ride is equally amazing, with just the heaviest bumps feeling like an interior. The Defender is among the few SUVs to be an off-road monster and a comfortable suburban road-tripper.

Land Rover is world-renowned for its off-roaders that are hard-core and the Defender may be its most efficient vehicle. The Defender comes standard with four-wheel drive, a 2-speed transfer case, and hill descent control. It also comes with wade sensing as well as the Terrain Response System. It lets you pick among a range of driving modes that enhance the Defender’s traction control when driving over snow, sand dirt, rock, and much more. The Terrain Response 2 system automatically detects the terrain you’re driving over and adjusts the suspension and drivetrain accordingly.

Choosing the air suspension gives you a maximum height of 11.5 inches, allowing the Defender to float through more than three inches of water. Other performance options off-road include an electronic locking differential off-road tires and a low-speed offroad cruise control.

With the proper equipment When properly equipped, When properly equipped, Defender is able to tow as much as 8,200 pounds. That’s ideal for a luxurious midsize SUV.