Land Rover Defender 2024 Release Date

Land Rover Defender 2024 Release DateIn 2024, the Land Rover Defender range – scheduled to be available in Australia by 2023 is being upgraded by adding a variety of brand-new vehicles. In the wake of the announcement of the new eight-seat Defender 130, Land Rover’s version that is the most off-road-oriented has gained the ability to plug in hybrid power, as well as specific trim levels.

Land Rover Defender 2024
Land Rover Defender 2024

The price has increased by $250 for carry-over versions however the removal of the basic Defender class, as well as the replacement SE SE using the new X-Dynamic SE will mean that the cost for entry is now 8450 dollars.

Defender 110 gets a new look. Defender 110 gets a heritage-inspired County look pack available in P300 and P400 versions, and its Defender 130 gets an adventure-focused model with five seats. Outbound version, as well as an option for an engine variant with a V8.

Land Rover has also introduced the business-grade Defender 110 Hard Top D250 S model with a stripped-back two-seater with an enormous truck-like loading space at the rear, with a larger capacity for payload.

The base Defender trim level was removed for 2024 with the new range opening in the S. That means that the beginning price is now $8450. However, the model that is now the base version is more equipped than the predecessor.

The middle-trim SE is now replaced by a version called the X-Dynamic SE model, which costs between $4050 and $4550 more costly for 90 130, 110, and 90 designs. But, it does gain several additional features in the course of the increase in price.

The more expensive Defender X specification – is now only available in the five-door 110 models, since the 3-door version of 90 X is no longer available it is currently priced at $1050 less than in 2023, and it comes with the 15-speaker Meridian surround audio system.

There are currently 20 variations within 2024’s Land Rover Defender range, that are available across the 90 130, 110, and 90 body types. The full feature listing is available at the bottom of this report.

The models are offered in a variety of turbocharged ‘Ingenium’ four- and six-cylinder gasoline as well as diesel engines, and three V8 models that are powered by the company’s durable 5.0-litre turbocharged V8.

Beginning models of the ‘P300’ range still use the 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged petrol motor that produces 221kW/400Nm.

The most affordable ‘D250’ diesel models come with the 6-cylinder 3.0-litre turbo engine, which produces the equivalent of 183kW as well as 557Nm.

It is available only in the Defender 90 S and 110 Hard Top S models, featuring more powerful mild hybrid six-cylinder diesel and petrol engines that cover all of the trim grades.

Its P400 6-cylinder petrol turbocharged engine produces 294kW/550Nm. The D300 diesel six-cylinder engine produces 221kW/650Nm.

The Defender P400e plug-in hybrid with 297kW and 640Nm combined output – joins the Australian line for the very first time.

On the highest of the list which is only available to the highest-priced models are the 5.0-litre supercharged gasoline V8, which produces 386kW/625Nm on The 90 and the 110 models, and 368kW/610Nm for the larger Defender 130.

The least expensive Land Rover Defender variant is currently equipped with a 360-degree video camera with a 12-inch digital instrument cluster, tire pressure monitoring and wireless charging for phones, fog-sensing headlights, and rain-sensing wipers. Land Rover Defender 2024 Release Date

Land Rover Defender 2024 Price
Land Rover Defender 2024 Price

Release Date and Price

JLR has revealed pricing and details for its 2024 Land Rover Defender range, prior to deliveries beginning in the month of November 2023. Its 2024 Land Rover Defender starts at $56,400 for a 2-door Defender 90 S with a turbo-four engine that produces 296 horsepower.

The standard S trim is loaded with a variety of features that are standard, such as partially leather-upholstered upholstery and heated front seats. It also comes with Navigation and a panoramic roof.

The 130 and 110 models, with four doors, and extra cargo room, will cost you a few thousand dollars plus. As an example, the basic Defender 110 S costs $60,000. Upper and middle-trim Defenders are equipped with engines that are more powerful.

The middle-priced Defender 110 SE X-Dynamic comes equipped with a turbocharged 395 horsepower V6 and features such as the front seats that are ventilated and priced at $72,000.

The most luxurious version, the Defender V8, is equipped with a supercharged 518 horsepower V8 It starts at $108,200 for the 90 body model to $116,600 for the three-door 130 model. Defender V8 models come with off-road performance options and upgraded upholstery. They also have a center console fridge and a head-up LCD.