2024 Toyota Tacoma Electric: Will Toyota Make an Electric Tacoma?

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2024 Toyota Tacoma Electric: Will Toyota Make an Electric Tacoma? -It is virtually clear that the 2024 Toyota Tacoma will be the first completely new Tacoma pickup in over 20 years. The 2024 Toyota Tacoma will not only have a style that is influenced by the 2022 Toyota Tundra, but it will also have a new chassis, new powertrains, and a bigger overall package. We anticipate that Toyota will offer a greater selection of Tacomas than it ever has before, including the possibility of a Tacoma with a hybridized V-6 engine, a turbocharged I-4, and perhaps an electric motor.

2024 Toyota Tacoma Electric
2024 Toyota Tacoma Electric


The attractive Tacoma is now the category sales leader in the competitive midsize pickup market, despite the fact that it is rather old, has a confined interior, and powertrains that have been roundly criticized. Redesigning the Tacoma is essential in order to keep this cash cow giving milk in the face of impending competition from the next-generation Ford Ranger and Chevrolet Colorado.

The TNGA-F platform, which is Toyota’s latest modular global body-on-frame design, is the engine that propels the development of the new Tacoma. The new platform, which is shared not only with the 2022 Tundra but also with the new Lexus LX, the global Land Cruiser, the Hilux, and the next generation of the 4Runner, enables a bewildering variety of powerplant choices, body styles, and suspension options.

When it comes to the 2024 Toyota Tacoma, we believe that Toyota will offer a version of the 2.4-liter turbocharged inline-four engine found in the Lexus NX350 as the base engine, and possibly a detuned version of the hybridized 3.4-liter twin-turbo V-6 found in the Toyota Tundra, which produces 389 horsepower. Both rear- and all-wheel drive will be offered as drivetrain configurations, and the transmission choices will most likely comprise a six-speed manual and a 10-speed automatic.

In addition to this, we anticipate the release of an electric Tacoma, which was hinted at by the Toyota Electric Truck concept. While we do not have a lot of information on the Tacoma EV, we anticipate that it will come standard with a dual-motor all-wheel drive system. Despite the large diversity of powertrains available, all Tacomas should go from having leaf springs in the rear suspension to having coil springs since they are more treatable. It’s possible that the conventionally powered Tacomas will come in extended-cab, crew-cab, short-bed, and long-bed configurations, but it’s more probable that the electric version will only be available in the more popular crew-cab and short-bed design.

2024 Toyota Tacoma Electric Design
2024 Toyota Tacoma Electric Design


Toyota has not disclosed the technical details and available configurations of the 2024 Tacoma EV. When the date of the product’s release, which has not yet been announced, draws nearer, more information about it should become public. And precisely because of this, the anticipation that builds up as one waits for new and updated automobiles is a delightful part of the process. Potential purchasers may anticipate an electric pickup that expands on Tacoma’s illustrious history of dependable performance while providing upgrades that bring it into the 21st century. 2024 Toyota Tacoma Electric

We do know that the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) F-body on frame platform is shared by the Tacoma EV with its stablemates, the 4Runner, Tundra, and Sequoia, which contributes to the Tacoma EV’s tough performance and smooth ride quality. It is comforting to see that Toyota will continue to use the time-honored body-on-frame design even as an increasing number of SUVs and even some compact trucks go to unibody platforms. Fans of pickup trucks have this reassurance that the vehicle they’re purchasing is one that can go almost any place. In addition, the fact that the rear suspension of the 2024 Toyota Tacoma has been updated to use coil springs means that it offers improved levels of comfort.

In keeping with the pattern established by current automobiles, the inside of the Tacoma EV should have the technology, comfort, and convenience that are superior to anything before being seen. The inside of the Toyota Tundra 2023 presents several clues about the possible appearance of the vehicle’s interior in the future. The new Tundra does not have a conventionally straightforward layout and brittle plastic surfaces; rather, the interior quality is comparable to that of a luxury grand tourer. To put it another way, it’s a lovely area to go for a drive.

Expect a high-tech electric powertrain from Toyota that has lots of horsepower and torque given the company’s experience in the engineering field. At this time, there are no data available; nevertheless, it appears likely that the specifications will either match or surpass those of the gas-powered Tacoma.

Regarding the different trim levels, Toyota has not disclosed any information about them. So be sure to come back, and we will keep you updated as soon as we get more information. Taking into consideration the existing trim levels, it is probable that Toyota will make Tacoma EV packages available for the SR5, the TRD Off-Road, and the TRD Pro models.


The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for a 2023 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road is $35,940. More funds are required to get upgraded versions like the TRD Pro, which comes equipped with Fox suspension components, cat-back exhaust, and a locking rear differential. Although they aren’t exactly modest amounts of money, with one of the greatest mid-size pickups available on the market, you definitely get what you pay for. It is reasonable to anticipate that the cost will go up as a result of the incorporation of a cutting-edge electric powertrain; however, the exact amount by which the price will go up is not yet known.

Starting at $42,000, the all-electric Toyota bZ4X XLE has a price tag to match. It’s possible the number might be substantially higher after you take in the extra features available on pickup trucks, such as four-wheel drive, beefed-up suspension, and off-road tires. And if reports are to be believed, this may be the case with the 2024 Toyota Tacoma EV, which is said to have a Price of about $50,000.

Even in that case, consumers may have the assurance that they are purchasing a fully developed car that will last the test of time by knowing that they are making their purchase. This is what Toyota is renowned for, and given the advanced technology involved in electric cars, it is especially heartening to know that this is the case.