2024 Subaru Truck Presents Outback Wilderness as New Entry

2024 Subaru truck, Outback Wilderness, will make its production planning stage in late 2022. This truck is expected to boast better off-road features than previous models.

Subaru will issue the latest generation for its truck lineup in 2024. One of the 2024 Subaru truck hypes will be the Wilderness model. 2024 Wilderness is introduced as the fourth generation with a fresh front fascia design (grille, bumpers, and headlamps), as well as an increase in interior quality with unique layouts, fabrics, and colors. The automaker also seems to make the Outback a 2024 Subaru truck that really counts by making a complete overhaul.

New 2024 Subaru truck

Rumored Wilderness 2024 Production

Subaru will first carry out upgrades and marketing in the United States before venturing into the global market. However, the company has issued an announcement regarding the specifications of Outback with the most up-to-date security technologies for the Japanese market. To keep up with its competitors, one of the next-gen security technologies developed by Subaru, EyeSight, will also be included in the Outback.

The model of the United States 2024 Subaru truck Outback is expected to be similar to the specifications of the Japanese Outback, which uses a camera system with nearly double the visibility of the previous model. This camera system helps the driver to avoid accidents.

Subaru doesn’t deny the fact that they will continue to make improvements to the available space. The automaker will also be really serious about working on Wilderness’ off-road features in the future. It was also mentioned above the Wilderness model is the most capable version of Outback compared to other versions. We can see it clearly in the off-road features that we won’t find on other models.

In the previous Outback model, there were those who complained about the suspension being less sturdy. Subaru will then accommodate the opinion and then correct it, although they have not explained the details. We also hope the X-Mode Wilderness feature will also include Dirt/Snow and Mud/Deep Snow modes like the Onyx XT model. That way, we will be even surer that the Wilderness will really go crazy in the off-road that it boasts of.

EyeSight technology is equipped with the latest software and several powerful security features. They are lane departure warning, leading adaptive cruise control, automatic speed limiter warning, pre-collision warning system, and emergency lane aid. Besides the 5 features above, EyeSight also provides support for automatic brakes, back vehicle detection, multi-display monitors, and back seat reminder.

2024 Subaru pickup

Exterior to be Executed

As we may already know, the exterior is also not spared from a touch of the redesign. The two front and rear bumpers will be replaced to increase the clearance slightly. The front slip plates have also been replaced, and all wheels will be decked out with Yokohama Geolandar all-terrain tires with 17-inch rims. For the special Wilderness edition, there is a Wilderness badge on the outside and inside. This 2024 Subaru truck will get an exclusive Geyser Blue color taken from the Subaru rally for inspiration.

Interior to be Changed

The interior of the 2024 Subaru truck Wilderness is quite interesting by presenting a Star-Tex theme for the passenger seat. With a dominant black bandage and a very contrasting color of copper stitching, the chair looks very unique. No less interesting are the seats, door panels, gear shifters, and steering wheels using anodized copper accent colors. Unfortunately, the infotainment screen is still the same as the base version of the previous model, which measures 11.6 inches. We can control everything of EyeSight technology from here.

Engine to be Planted

2024 Subaru truck Wilderness seems to be persistent in re-adopting the 2.4-liter turbocharged engine. This engine still produces the same performance. It comes with 260 HP or 194kW and 277 pound-ft. of torque or 376 Nm, which is controlled by the CVT.

Subaru admits that with the exact same engine, this truck won’t be any different from the previous model. Therefore, the automaker plans to review it by revising the CVT driving ratio from 4.11:1 to 4.44:1. With this revision, the torque on the wheels will be slightly reduced compared to the old Outback model.

The Subaru Outback is known for its toughness on the road, especially the Wilderness model. The ground clearance of this truck is very sturdy. With the support of a turbocharged engine and a smart off-road feature, called X-Mode, Wilderness will make you feel like the king of all road terrains.

Price to be Tagged

Since the development of the 2024 Subaru truck Wilderness is still long, Subaru has not been able to provide an official statement regarding the price. We can only make an estimation. If we take the price reference of Onyx Edition XT which is sold at $35,145, then the price of basic Wilderness could reach $40,000.