2024 Subaru Pickup to be Included as New Lineup in Two Years

2024 Subaru pickup, the Baja, will be the last piece of Subaru’s lineup to ever leak to the public. A long history has been and will be traversed by Subaru.

Subaru is preparing new products until 2024. This plan was also leaked to the public through uploads on social media, which showed an internal presentation. Even though the original post was deleted, some people managed to capture it. It shows the design of production time of several models, not the moment of introducing the product to market. The plan started with a 2018 Subaru sedan and ended with a 2024 Subaru pickup.

2024 Subaru pickup

Early Lineup

The first is in the unnamed electrification segment. Previously, Subaru had patented the Evoltis designation in 2018, which was allegedly a plug-in hybrid unit. This first plug-in hybrid will also be used in the 2024 Subaru pickup. Looking at the production program, it is very likely that the name is an electric model. The manufacturer has long been known to be working with Toyota to prepare an all-wheel-drive electric crossover.

In the presentation, the unit goes into production in the second quarter of 2022. It is estimated the installed motor will put out 253 PS and the resources will allow the car to travel as far as 482 km (full energy to zero). Based on the concept photo that was first circulated, the dimensions will be larger than the Crosstrek. Besides, considering that recently autonomous technology has been widely applied, Evoltis may also be added.

The iconic Impreza car is also ready to get a new version in early 2023. It took a long time to rejuvenate because the last generation launched in 2016, using the Subaru Global Platform. Then there is WRX, which entered production earlier than the Impreza in the third quarter of 2021. Based on the information obtained, the WRX will carry a mechanical heart that shoots 304 HP, all-wheel drive, and has two transmission options.

Mid Lineup

After a year, a more powerful variant of WRX STI followed. The embedded kitchen runway is a refinement of a 2.4-liter turbo boxer, taken from the Outback and Ascent with peak power of 405 HP and torque of 489 Nm. As usual, all-wheel drive comes standard with a 6-speed manual gearshift. Previously, the manufacturer bearing the symbol of stars released a limited edition WRX STI, carrying a 2.5-liter flat four-cylinder engine with 345 HP for the market of United States.

BRZ is not left behind. The news of the new model which has a twin Toyota FT86 has been circulating for a long time. There is even a spy shot that shows it in camouflage being tested compared to a Ford Mustang, on the streets of Michigan, United States. Information on the specifications is still gray and a matter of debate. There are rumors that the power source of the 2.0-liter flat-four is reliable.

The opinions are more about which turbo will be added or not. Therefore, the use of the platform is to stick with the previous chassis with updates that borrow innovations from Subaru Global Platform or migrate to the structure made by Toyota.

2024 Subaru pickup

Late Lineup

Large car lines and SUVs are also included in the big plan. The Forester and Outback Wilderness editions will be built at Subaru’s facilities in the second quarter of 2021. The changes are focused on off-road capabilities, so they are more capable of bulldozing them. Both of them are rumored to get a place in the 2024 Subaru pickup lineup.

This includes the Crosstrek, which will receive a total transformation in early 2023. This is also used as a reference for the 2024 Subaru pickup. Hopefully, the 2.0-liter pacemaker used by the previous crossover will no longer be used. It is replaced by 2.5-liter gasoline drinkers and hybrids, as well as additional driver assistance and technology that enhances the all-wheel-drive system. The presentation also shows the Crosstrek Wilderness Edition is also being prepared, which will debut in the second quarter of 2023. The details of the specifications are not known, but the predictions are more qualified in the off-road function sector.

Finally, in early 2024, Baja will come alive. Baja will be the first to enter the 2024 Subaru pickup lineup. The recipe for the new Subaru Baja concept is quite simple for a designer. Take the current Subaru Outback and build a cargo bed, or rear luggage storage area. Then, add some bars from the C-pillar to the floor to add extra style and structural reinforcement. These renderings perfectly express everything a new Subaru Baja could be in a pickup truck model. The upward sweeping along the line of rear door windows is a very nice touch. Moreover, it matches the similar elements on the current Subaru Outback’s D-pillar.