2024 Honda Accord: Will It Undergo a Major Makeover?

Well, what can we actually expect from the new 2024 Honda Accord? Now, let’s just find the answer in this article below.

Compared to many carmakers, Honda is said to be lacking when it comes to all-electric vehicle stocks. The big H carmaker from Japan has no options available for all-electrified vehicles, making hybrid the only option that has gone one step ahead when it comes to electrification. What about the 2024 Honda Accord? Will it be a totally electric vehicle? Turns out, it is not an EV but a hybrid. Wondering what kind of features and specifications this car has? See the details in this explanation below.

New 2024 Honda Accord

What the 2024 Honda Accord Has to Offer

This sedan may not come as the fastest in its class. However, given it is a sedan, it ensures maximum comfort not only for the drivers but also for the passengers. No wonder, there are many people wondering what to expect from the 2024 Honda Accord. According to sources, the Honda Accord is predicted to be a hybrid vehicle with a relatively similar design to what is seen in its current release.

Even so, that does not mean you cannot see anything new from the upcoming release. Many sources believe that the upcoming release of the Honda Accord will offer a more powerful performance–making the released car top the speed it ever has.

There is no information announced yet about this car’s specifications, nor has Honda ever spilled any important details about this car. Changes in its exterior are probably a must, although people may not be able to point the difference out when compared to the current release. Plus, there are sources that say this lineup from Honda is predicted to have the design language of the 2022 Honda Civic.

This said you will be able to see that futuristic look as reflected in its front horizontal shoulder line squaring off the front façade. Included are the slimmer headlights, although this may not be available for the rear lights. Several body color choices may be available for the upcoming version of the Honda Accord.

What About Its Inside?

Inside, it is said that the car will have you fallen in love from the very first sight. High-quality materials followed by a great design are the two aspects you can expect from the upcoming Accord.

It is predicted that the 2024 Honda Accord will provide you with a clean dashboard: meaning the design is made neat, without any excessive accessories that make it look like ‘trying too hard to impress.

You will be able to see its upright touchscreen panel (which is not sized too big), something that not many cars have in particular. To support your comfort while being in the sedan, the upcoming Honda Accord is expected to have features available to access from the panel mentioned.

Therefore, you may also expect it to be prepared with the newest update of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Other types of connectivity, such as USB and Bluetooth may also be available to use in this car.

New 2024 Honda Accord

The Powertrain

You may wonder what kind of engine drives Honda Accord in the future release? While Honda, the carmaker itself, has said nothing about the engine whatsoever, many predict that the Accord will not be a full-electric car as many expect it to be.

Instead, there are sources mentioning that the car will have a hybrid powertrain. This means you can have it fuel-powered, and as an alternative, you can get the battery pack to run the car.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many resources about what kind of battery pack it will offer. While for the fuel-powered engine, it is predicted that it will provide you a bigger power production: leaping far from 192 HP to around 205-210 HP. This is the maximum power production you can get with its base model, which is powered by a 1.5-L I4 Turbo engine with CVT transmission.

Some rumors also mentioned that the 2024 Honda Accord will be powered by an engine of bigger capacity, which is a 2.0-L inline-4 Turbo. With this in mind, combined with the 10-speed automatic transmission, the car can go with maximum power production of 260-275 HP.

To conclude, you may not be able to see a major change in its design. However, the 2024 Honda Accord will come with minor changes here and there which we can just predict. The only thing that has a high likeliness is its state of being a hybrid car, not a fully electrified one.