2024 Nissan Z Nismo Coupe: Review, Price, Performance

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2024 Nissan Z Nismo Coupe: Review, Price, Performance In the model year 2023, Nissan answered the call from its loyal customers, by introducing the latest version of its iconic Z vehicle. This new version incorporated design inspiration from the past 50 years of making this popular sports car. Performance was superior to previous models. The model year 2024 will be the first time, Nissan turns up the intensity of the Nissan Z with the introduction of the brand-new and highly desired Nismo Z.

2024 Nissan Z Nismo Coupe
2024 Nissan Z Nismo Coupe

As the remainder part of the Nissan Z lineup carries over until the year 2024 mostly unchanged, the latest Nismo Z is a big improvement over the previous model.

Nissan provides the 2024 Z with three trim ranges: Performance, Sport, and the Nismo. Nismo. The Sport prices start at $42,000. Performance costs around $52,000 and the latest Nismo Z comes in at approximately $65,000. The prices do not include a one-time destination cost of $1,095.

The Sport and Performance come standard equipped with a 400-hp V6 that comes with a manual 6-speed gearbox (a 9-speed automated transmission is also available for free of cost). The 2024 Nissan Z Nismo Coupe has the same engine, but with more horsepower and the 9-speed auto is available as a standard.

Performance and torque are both up 20 horsepower and 34 pounds-feet compared to the previous Z and are now 420 hp and 384 lbs-feet respectively. Nissan claims it was able to achieve the gains through wastegate modifications that let the turbos run faster and produce a greater boost, in addition to better cooling and timing for sparks. An NISMO oil cooler helps keep the temperature of the lubricant within a range that is safe to ensure that owners are not pushing their vehicles on track.

Z people may be dissatisfied to find out that Z owners will be disappointed to learn that the NISMO will only be available with an automatic transmission that has nine speeds. In addition, Nissan states that the special NISMO Sport+ drive mode “is designed to be so responsive for performance driving that a driver does not need to use the shift paddles on track.” It’s thanks to the updated clutch packs and engine software that Nissan promises to cut downshift times by nearly half.

In order to help the Z accelerate through the turns The NISMO includes additional underbody bracing between the front and back, stronger bushings and springs as well as unique anti-roll bars as well as retuned shock absorbers. The steering rack benefits from a more robust mount that helps improve the fidelity of steering. The NISMO is mounted on the black 19-inch wheels which have, even though they’re one-half inch larger than those of the Z Performance trim, slightly heavier. The wheels use Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT600 rubber which is wider in the rear than those of the Z Performance. The NISMO has distinctive brake pads. They also have bigger brake rotors of 15 inches on the front as well as 13.8-inch brake rotors that are of the Performance model at the rear.

Nissan claims that the Z NISMO’s distinct design produces positive downforce. The most prominent features are the higher broad spoiler as well as an updated nose which increases the length of the Z overall by 0.8 millimeters. Canards at the front corners and the re-shaped sills on the rear bumper’s corners are believed to be contributing factors to improved aerodynamic efficiency.

With some subtle red pinstripes on the tail and on the nose, the NISMO has a darker gray variant of the roofline blade used on the other Zs. Nissan offers the NISMO in a limited five-color scheme of four grayscale colors and red.

The interior changes The interior is not much changed. Its Recaro seats are made of the form of leather, as well as simulated suede. There are the red central sections as well as NISMO logos on the headrests. The driver’s grip is a fresh steering wheel, with the red stripe of centering at 12 o’clock. The start button for the engine and the drive modes buttons have been anodized in red to give them a more racy appearance.


The basic Z sports car doesn’t make any claims to be track-worthy. It’s more of a grand tour vehicle, Nissan says. We’re with them; our few minutes of laps around Las Vegas Speedway in the Z Performance last year revealed visible body movement as well as a slight heaviness on the brake pedal as well and an auto transmission that seemed to be too eager to lower its gears. It’s a fun car in the streets However, we were hoping that the new Z NISMO model, which was announced in 2024 — would feed the excitement and increase the performance.

On Nissan’s request, we were able to meet at the Z NISMO on the winding roads of Sonoma, California, and took a couple of laps around Sonoma Speedway. As this isn’t an espionage novel, we’ll ruin the end by stating that in its quest for endurance and track speed, Nissan’s most recent NISMO model is better than the original Z with almost every feature that is possible. In contrast, it’s virtually insignificant for anyone who doesn’t have a decision to purchase the car.

Nissan has admitted it designed Z NISMO. Z NISMO for the model’s–and the brand’s most adherents to it. Its design is based on the classic form of the first Datsun model, but it is enhanced by incorporating genuine aerodynamic enhancements without overdoing it. Simple design elements like the extended “G-Nose” tribute to the 240ZG Group 4 homologation special in the 1970s, and the rhinoplasty that is similar to it–represent the fervent and dedicated base of followers.

In addition to the excellent value-for-money ratio and the excellent value-for-money, the Nissan Z’s major feature is its retro appearance. It’s still present with the NISMO however, it has notable improvements to aerodynamics. The aggressive design of the body kit is rumored to feature the latest grille design. While camouflage obscures a lot of it, two test mules clearly reveal an apron that is lower in front and an angled grille towards the top, with only a tiny portion of the top dividing by a dividing line.

The hood’s signature bulge, which has been around since 1969’s S30 Z, is still in place, but it’s been redesigned with two air vents. The profile on the side has beefier side skirts, and what appear to be lighter wheels that have an identical design as the standard Z. In the rear, we can see a more substantial rear spoiler with a ducktail design, which has been extended over the front fenders. The diffuser has also been redesigned and it appears that the exhaust tips remain identical to the standard Nissan Z.

The interior of the Nissan Z is not currently available However, expect to see the standard for models with performance, Alcantara inlays, sportier seats, and various shifting mechanisms, just to mention some. The lightest version of the normal Nissan Z tips the scales at 3,486 lbs (1,581 kilograms). We anticipate the NISMO to go through a weight reduction diet, but we don’t expect any significant changes. With the typical Z’s MSRP under 40k, we’re expecting to see at least $55,000 on the NISMO. We’re not going to contemplate the outrageous price increases we’ve seen from dealers in recent times, but, as far as price, it’s not set up to 2024. Nismo Z’s debut in the summer of 2023.

2024 Nissan Z Nismo Coupe Interior
2024 Nissan Z Nismo Coupe Interior

Specs and Performance

Similar to the previous Nismo models and 2024 editions, the 2024 Nismo Z is equipped with a performance increase over the regular Z. Its twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 engine is equipped with a number of upgrades to the Nismo which include a greater turbo’s performance, an improved intake air cooling and the ability to control ignition timing independently, which Nissan claims will improve combustion. This results in a performance of 420 horsepower and 384 pounds-feet of torque. This is an increase of 20 horsepower and 34 pounds-feet of torque in comparison to the other models in the range.

The moment Nissan unveiled the brand new Z model, it proved to be an excellent choice for car lovers who love sports cars with its manual gearbox that comes with a 6-speed standard. Therefore, it came as an unexpected delight to learn that the super-fast Nismo Z comes standard with an automated 9-speed gearbox with an option to use a manual. There aren’t any issues with the technology of equipping it with a manual transmission, being as quick as it is in the race is the goal of the Nismo Z. Automatic gearboxes help it reach this goal by shifting faster than what a person can do with manually. This Nismo Z gets an updated version of the automatic 9-speed featuring faster shift times, as well as an increased capacity for heat to cope with the demands of the day at the track.

The upgrades made to Nismo Z’s performance Nismo Z go beyond the increased power and speedier shifts. According to Nissan improvement to the chassis, it adds 12 percent rigidity in the lateral as well as 2.5 percent torsional rigidity. improving track and road handling.

Nismo Z also gets a new front spoiler. Nismo Z also gets an adjusted suspension, more rigid spring rates, more powerful front brakes, as well as improved downforce due to the newly designed rear spoiler. Additionally, the grip is improved by those Dunlop SP Sport MAXX GT600 tires that are fitted to fashionable RAYS 19-inch wheels that are lightweight and light that are finished in black gloss.

When you drive the Nismo Z back-to-back with the regular model, the increase in efficiency is evident. Although it’s difficult to see the distinction in horsepower that an additional 20 horses make the difference, particularly since this latest model is just over 100 pounds of curb weight, the improvement in braking, steering, and overall performance are apparent both through the track or the bumpy roads around Napa, California.

In addition to the fastest track times as one of the reasons behind the adjustments implemented on Nismo Z, comfort is not the only consideration. The suspension is stiffer, which results in rough and bouncy rides even when the surface of the road is not as smooth, and it’s much more rigid than Sport and Performance trims. However, the Nismo Z is still great to drive on streets it adds fun on any twisty road or ramp to the freeway.

The brand new Nismo Z is perfectly capable of being a sports car on the streets, however, the car also feels suitable for the track. I had the chance to try out this brand new top-level Z on the track at Sonoma Raceway and came away very impressed.

It’s important to note that the Nissan Z Performance is also excellent on the track however the Nismo is notably better. Its steering response is very quick, which, when combined with a better grip and suspension that is stiffer provides a Nismo Z the ability to rapidly change direction. The Nismo Z was comfortable and stable with a comfortable performance as I took on the S turns of the backstretch at Sonoma Raceway. My speed increased through the course and it was clear that the Nismo Z stuck to the track with the same glue.

With the increased downforce and fast-shifting gearbox I was able to finish turns at a faster pace to improve my overall track speed that is what I wanted to achieve with the help of this particular Z car. Because of the stronger brakes, I was able to wait longer before having to stop before turning and after several laps, my brakes never lost their effectiveness and continued to offer outstanding stopping force.

The Nismo Z gets a Sport+ drive mode. It sets the car for the best performance. Selecting Sport+ improves engine response as well as bolsters the steering and adjusts the transmission for faster shifts. Stability control stays active, but it allows greater oversteer, before making adjustments. The strong exhaust noise pipes through the cabin to provide a more thrilling ride.

Nissan provides its Nismo Z with launch control to give you the best acceleration designed for track use and not for public roads. I was fortunate enough to try the system out on the drag strip of Sonoma Raceway. It is easy to engage, and there is a need for special controls to be set up.

My left foot was on the brake pedal and removed both paddle shifters I then floored the accelerator and let the brake go. The Z went off like an explosion, the rear tires popping until they found traction, while the car was perfectly in control. It was an exhilarating experience that was a breeze at the moment that the car hooked up to the road, achieving three-digit speeds with no issues.

The Nissan Z is the quintessential sports car that comes with an impressive engine, rear-wheel control, superb handling as well and perfect dimensions. The addition of Nismo Z for 2024 sets the stage for this vehicle to be as effective on the race track as it is on the road.

The 2024 Nissan Z Nismo Coupe is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to go the fastest possible on the circuit. It features stylish and practical updates for 2024’s model year The Nismo Z can run hard at the track and offer a fun trip home.

There are some Z Car fans who will prefer the most powerful model regardless of price. However, as great as the Nismo is with its auto gearbox that is available it is the Z Performance may be the more suitable choice for you if your plans do not plan to take on many track days. It’s priced at around $13,000 lower than the Nismo and with a lower price tag, the Z Performance is an excellent alternative for the person looking for a simple sports car for everyday use.

2024 Nissan Z Nismo Coupe Release Date
2024 Nissan Z Nismo Coupe Release Date


The price for the 2024 Nissan Z Nismo Coupe will be revealed closer to the time of its debut in US dealers. However, the price is expected to be significantly over the base Nissan Z, which has an MSRP of $57,990 in the top Proto Spec guise. It’s expected to run upwards of $60,000 in the Nismo version, and that’s prior to dealer markups pushing that number even higher. When the car was revealed at the unveiling of the brand new vehicle it was revealed that the launch date of the Nissan Z Nismo is set to be in the fall of 2023.