2024 Nissan Z Nismo Price: How Much is the 2024 Nissan Z Nismo?

2024 Nissan Z Nismo Price: How Much is the 2024 Nissan Z Nismo?Delivery of the much-hyped Nissan Z Nismo will begin in the second quarter of this year and will include the initial supply for Australia which is limited to 100 vehicles. The Z Nismo comes at $94,000, including on-road expenses. That’s nearly $20,000 higher than a regular Z.

2024 Nissan Z Nismo Changes
2024 Nissan Z Nismo Changes

Nissan manages demands by initially calling customers who are in the process of waiting to receive Z or Proto models, before reaching out to customers who are waiting for delivery of Z and Z Proto and giving them an opportunity to change their purchase to Z Nismo.

Nissan insists that paying the fee does not guarantee that you will purchase a vehicle and it is refundable before signing any contract.

Although the reservation system states “first in, most stylish’ Nissan restricts reservations to one per person and says Third-party resellers aren’t eligible.

Alongside the brand-new top-of-the-line Nismo, Nissan has also added a few tweaks to the basic Z.

The price of the car has increased by 2500 dollars to $75,800 after road costs. A new interior in blue joins already existing black and black/red colorways as well and New Site Orange will be joining the exterior color palette to replace Passion Red.

There’s nothing mechanically different for the existing Z model, which comes with two turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 engines, with 298kW of horsepower and 475Nm torque.


Nissan made a fantastic task of incorporating the design features from earlier Z models into this new model of the renowned sports vehicle. The sleek LED headlights have distinctive half-circles that are designed after the Japanese-made 240ZG of the 1970s and the taillights appear exactly like 90s-era 300ZX. In 2024, the Nismo Z keeps these identifiable designs, while adding features that are stylish as well as practical.

In front, the face of the Z expands even further across the larger, reshaped grille, which has a fine honeycomb mesh that Nissan claims reduces drag while improving the flow of air to the engine. According to the automaker it’s not just giving the Nismo the appearance of a larger stance however, it improves the overall aerodynamics. In addition, the canards placed ahead of the front wheels cause negative pressure inside the wheel wells. They create an upward force on the wheels.

In the rear there is a brand new three-piece spoiler that is able to wrap across the corner, enhancing downforce, while also decreasing drag. According to Nissan, it is said that the spoiler increases downforce as low as 50 miles per hour. This latest design provides the Z an elongated look on the rear, distinguishing it from other models of the range. Nissan has also updated its rear fascia, which helps redirect airflow away from the rear bumper to reduce drag.

The Nismo Z gets a red trimming line that covers the entire base of the car. This adds a sporty look.

Let’s begin with the positives. The first thing to note is that it’s clear that the Nismo Z looks cooler than the normal Z. It has a sharper 240ZG-inspired “G-Nose” front end with an enlarged, more than polarizing grille that features what Nissan declares to be the thinnest honeycomb mesh ever seen in the company’s past history. Show it off at the next Nissan owners’ meeting and see the Altima brothers roil in envy. The canards that line the four corners as well as a robust lip spoiler appear to add the real punch, and a red lip wraps the lower part of the body so that people can see the Z isn’t a regular one.

Inside, the engine’s start/stop button, the drive mode toggle, as well as the digital tach now appear in all red. Alcantara is used to cover the steering wheel as well as the sportier Recaro bucket seat.

The engine under the hood is the exact 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 engine that powers the basic Z and is producing 420 horsepower and 384 pounds of torque. with an increase of 20 hp and 34 lb-ft due to the increased pressure of boost. As per Nissan its website, the turbos are identical to those in the standard Z however the software was modified to allow them to accelerate faster. In addition, independent ignition-timing control technology derived from the GT-R was employed to improve the combustion per cylinder.

Like the standard Z the power is routed only via the rear wheel by an electronic limited slip differential however, unlike the other models in the previous paragraph, Nismo Z is Nismo Z is automatic only. There is no manual for six speeds here. 9-speed auto or bust.

As you climb in and set off, the brand new Nismo Z immediately steers like it is a more powerful, and sharper vehicle than the standard Z. The new 19-inch Rays aluminum forged wheels are covered in the identical Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT600 rubber that is used on the GT-R which results in crisper driving, more precise steering, and obviously, more grip.

It’s quick and active and has a jolly excitement that’s surprisingly analog. The manner in which it shifts its direction doesn’t seem to be rapid or fast however it’s smooth and fast. In the meantime, several tiny chassis enhancements have created a feeling of more focus.

The reinforcements have been included in the front support core and the rear floor. The engine rides on top rigidity mountings. The steering has a much more sturdy rack insulator, while the Nismo-tuned suspension features greater spring rates as well as more sluggish forces throughout. It has more rigid bushings for compression and T/V up in front, and an additional rebound spring was fitted for the rear. Lateral rigidity increases by 12.2 percent while torsional rigidity rises by 2.5 percent. All of this results in an incredibly tighter and more robust-feeling car not only on the road but also in the way it moves through curves and elevation shifts.

It’s not uncomfortable, but it’s certainly comfortable. The standard Z was comfortable enough for a grand tourer and, while the Nismo’s improvements tend to push it towards the sports car end of things, it’s not in any way unacceptably for a day-to-day driver.

The brakes are a Nismo component sporting larger 15-inch front wheels, along with more powerful pads and calipers that have different materials. This upgrade is noticeable because the left-hand pedal of Nismo responds quickly and precisely as a professional athlete would have but without becoming too twitchy or grabbing. Great stoppers.

A sushi chef as talented as the Nismo Z might be, it is important to discuss the many big elephants that are in the room. We’ll start with the gearbox.

The nine-speed auto isn’t the sole transmission on the market however it’s been upgraded. A larger number of clutches offer better thermal resistance. Upshifts are 27% faster while downshifts are 50 percent quicker due to the more compact time between gears. It’s a result of a gearbox that is able to serve its purpose well and can swap cogs in a decent amount of time while in auto-mode. But, manual shifts operated by paddles are still a little too high a latency to my taste particularly at lower speeds.

This is the problem with this particular transmission. Even though Nissan has been shaming the choice to not use manuals as a clever choice that’s essentially justified with “Well, this is The Fast One and the automatic is Faster,” this particular model isn’t quick enough to rival the pleasure of changing your own gears. Certain automatics may be good enough to be able to perform this. Porsche’s PDK immediately springs to mind. So does ZF’s 8-speed for certain purposes. It’s a nine-speed Nissan Z, but? Oh, no, not a chance, just thump the clutch pedal.

Another factor that is likely to make people agitated is the noise that the Nismo Z makes–or perhaps, isn’t making. When I drove in the car for the first time I noticed immediately a louder sound than the standard Z at the wheel. The sound is more mellow sound and, in the exclusive Nismo Sport+ driving mode, downshifts sometimes come with lovely crackles. As if a hip dad was shaking his head at the music which just begun playing on the grocery audio system in the store, I thought “Hmm, this is nice, I wonder what exhaust is on this.”

2024 Nissan Z Nismo Interior
2024 Nissan Z Nismo Interior


Nissan maintains the high-performance design within Nismo Z. Nismo Z with new Recaro sports seats, trimmed with Alcantara and leather. They have manual adjusters and can be quite stiff however they offer excellent support which prevents the driver as well as passengers from sliding about in the midst of a hectic driving. Even though these seats don’t feel unpleasant and they look fantastic, however, I would prefer standard sport seats that are available in the basic Z for long periods behind the driving wheel.

Nismo Z is a standout model. Nismo Z also stands out thanks to its leather and Alcantara trim steering wheel that has the red center marking as well as stitching. Nissan has added a red-colored start button as well as a drive-mode switch, as well as the images on the driver’s digital display are exclusive to the Nismo.

Interior and interior of the Nissan Z Nismo has also been the subject of a few updates that will make it more appealing visually. The small details include anodized, red buttons that are used for engine stop/start as well as the drive mode options, as well as new red-accented images on the TFT’s digital display. The Nismo logo is now displayed in red on starting up.

Its Nissan Z Nismo seats two inside a cozy cabin, however by adding the Nismo suffix, the seats are mounted on Recaro buckets for sport that are unique to this model, with Nismo stitching on seat backs. The buckets are finished in the leather and Alcantara, with red accents. Customers also receive a new steering wheel, which is covered in Alcantara and leather with an accent of racing red at 12 o’clock. The doors are finished in suede.

What’s new in Nissan Z? What’s new inside Nissan Z is that Amazon Alexa built-in has become mandatory for Performance as well as Nismo models. The nine-inch touchscreen that’s on the Performance is used in this model, while it comes with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available as standard. Audio is pumped through eight speakers in the Bose audio system.

In terms of driver assist and safety functions, smart cruise control, emergency braking that detects pedestrians and a forward collision alert that is predictive blind-spot warning lane departure alert and rear cross-traffic warning are all standard throughout the entire range.

Practical things like 6.9 cubic feet in the trunk area, the two cupholders, and two bottle holders must be left as is.

Specs and Performance

The engine driving this Nissan Z Nismo will be the famous 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 (VR30DDTT) that is present in the regular versions, but it will have improved specifications. Its power output will be increased in line with expectations to 20 hp and 34 lb-ft to give a total of 420 hp as well as 384 lb-ft thanks to enhancements made to the cooling system, revised wastegate controls that increase the turbo boost, and different ignition spark timing system.

Nissan claims that peak torque kicks into gear from 2,000 rpm up to 5,200 rpm. having rear-wheel drive as well as the limited-slip differential included the car is set to make a splash on the track. For a longer time to do that and more, the Z Nismo gets an uprated engine oil cooler.

However, it was reported by the rumor mill that this Z Nismo is exclusively available equipped with a 9-speed auto transmission. The automaker is eliminating the manual with six speeds. The auto’box was improved to allow for faster shifts as per Nissan and is aimed at providing a more enjoyable performance on the track. This is why it includes revised clutch packs as well as engine management software that has been optimized which reduces downshift times to as low as fifty percent compared to Z Performance. Launch control is also modified to provide an aggressive acceleration from the start.

With more horsepower, the car with an auto mode is expected to be able to go from 0-60 speeds in just four seconds. However, the company hasn’t announced any promises as of yet. There are three modes of drive accessible, and there’s a newly added Sport+ option available in Normal and Sport that unlocks tune-tuned shifts which are expected to be swift enough to ensure that paddle shifters don’t need to be used.

It also comes with a steering rack that is Z Nismo also comes with special stabilizer bars, more rigid springs, as well as retuned dampers, all of which feed into the concept of accuracy, predictability, and corners that grip. The chassis has been redesigned by adding bracing to increase stiffness and torsional rigidity. It also has stronger suspension bushings as well as stiffer bushings for the steering wheel. The Japanese automaker hopes that drivers will be able to choose their direction through the curve and continue to follow the line by using “one-shot” steering that requires only a small amount of steering adjustments, which makes the track day accessible to novice drivers. In order to bring you to a safe stop the all-new Z Nismo features upgraded brakes that have 15-inch front rotors as well as 13.8-inch rear rotors.

Any person who buys the Nissan Z Nismo for its performance in terms of fuel efficiency is completely wrong. While official figures have not yet been announced, however, the estimated figures provided by the EPA for the basic Z can be used as a reference. With the bump in power and weight penalty, we expect slightly poorer ratings than the 19/28/22 mpg city/highway/combined from the automatic-equipped base car. It is one of the fuel-efficient sports cars available across the US. 2024 Nissan Z Nismo Price

2024 Nissan Z Nismo Release Date
2024 Nissan Z Nismo Release Date


The Nissan Z Nismo was expected to carry a substantial price tag. The actual numbers support those claims. 2024’s Nissan Z Nismo will start at $66,085 and will include the $1095 delivery charge. It’s not the only one to be announced by Nissan about its range of Z vehicles, as it seems like the entire line-up is going to see a price change for 2024.

The Nismo is the most recent generation Nissan Z due to its factory-performance highs. This Z’s turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 engine produces 420 horsepower and 384 lb-ft on both rear axles. Fans of manual transmissions should be aware that the engine’s power only flows via a nine-speed automated transmission.

It’s a Z Nismo. Z Nismo also sees a new suspension design, larger rear wheels, and several Nismo external features that show people that you have snagged the Nismo.

Naturally, if do not want to part at nearly $70,000 and desire a Nissan Z, there are plenty of options beneath the Nismo. The world, however, gets more costly, and it’s getting more expensive.

The entry-level Nissan Z Sport gets a 1220 price increase over 2023. The price increase applies to all manual and auto-equipped Nissan Z Sport models and makes the starting price $43,305. The $1,220 increase is available for Z Performance models, which include a differential with limited slip.

In the case of Nissan’s Nissan Z Nismo, its stickers are positioned in opposition to fierce competition like those of the Ford Mustang Dark Horse, Toyota GR Supra, and BMW M2, to name just a handful. However, it’s nice to witness Nissan continuing to keep the Nismo branding alive, as well as adding a new layer of the most recent Z on the road.