2024 Nissan Kicks Price: How Much is a 2024 Nissan Kick?

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2024 Nissan Kicks Price: How Much is a 2024 Nissan Kick? Affordability is a major factor in it. Nissan Kicks, which beats the initial price of many of its competitors that are subcompact like those of Mazda CX-30, Kia Niro as well as the Volkswagen Taos, by several thousands of dollars. It doesn’t stop with the price; during our live-land road test of fuel economy, The Kicks overcame its EPA estimation to the tune of 37 miles per gallon. But its low cost doesn’t come without sacrifices. Working hard to save you money is a meek 122-hp four-cylinder attached to a continuously variable automatic transmission. “Quick” isn’t in this powertrain’s vocabulary. Neither is it all-wheel drive since the Kicks is a front-wheel drive only. Inside, the Kicks offers an array of driver assistance technology that is standard and an interior that’s functional. However, for Kicks, the focus is on cost.

2024 Nissan Kicks Design
2024 Nissan Kicks Design


Nissan has been working quietly to develop the next-generation Kicks and now we have some recent spy shots of the tiny crossover. It is still a year away from release, but we’ll soon be able to see it in an instant. First, we’ll take a glance at the prototype.

It’s a concealed trial car, however, you can’t overlook the more refined overall style. Additionally, the front fascia appears to sport an entirely new grille for radiators that has horizontal slats separating the headlights instead of the grille that is U-shaped on the model currently in production. It’s hard to know which is the precise shape of the lights at the front, but at present, it appears that the clusters will be smaller and could have brand-new signature lighting.

Important to know that our spy photographers were not completely certain of the authenticity of this car. There is speculation that it could be a brand Juke that is being introduced as the new Juke to be used in Europe however, it entered its present generation fairly soon and is far too early to undergo a complete upgrade. Additionally, it is notable that the Juke features doors that have handles at the rear, which can be found hidden inside the C-pillar instead of those that you would find on the test car.

The Kicks first came out as a concept back in 2014. Two years later, the model was introduced in Brazil in the form of a production version. The crossover landed on North American soil in 2017 at the Los Angeles Auto Show. It is a direct replacement of Juke. Juke was sold in the United States and to date it is the entry-level, high-riding vehicle in the US market.

In other words, you’ll not find the occasional Juke begin the lineup of crossover SUVs in America. In its place, it’s taken by the less conventional Kicks small crossover SUV which has the B-class model available since. Naturally, following the way they maintained the brand name by introducing a new look in late 2020 and then a 2021 model the year before, Nissan will soon be preparing for the transition to the next generation.

2024 Nissan Kicks Changes
2024 Nissan Kicks Changes

Rumors have already been noticed about the very first images that show designs in development, and obviously, this will be a positive sign for the imaginative area of digital car content creators. As an example, there are those who mix both aspects: for instance, the Halo channel on YouTube offers up-to-date information about cars which is backed up by their digital designs. And now it is the time to unveil a fresh CGI design for the new Kicks compact crossover SUV.

The host claims that Nissan plans to make its subsequent Kicks a bit larger across every aspect to be able to hold passengers and cargo. In terms of the design, It’s anybody’s guess as to remove the camouflage. That’s precisely what the resident Pixel Master did. This unofficial rendering shows the new Kicks somewhat more sophisticated in comparison to the first version and is in tune with the latest Nissan style concept.

The channel’s host has only provided a brief three-quarters-of-the-front POV for the following Kicks but there’s no digital representation of the rear and it’s not clear if the changes to the cockpit at this point. Additionally, there’s not any information on what’s beneath the hood. Take everything with a pinch of salt since there is no official confirmation from Nissan.

It’s a fact that is for sure. The Tiny Kicks is one of the most popular models of Nissan’s line-up as a low-cost and light CUV has been a hit with everyone in everyone from young to old. It’s easy to see why the latest model starts (pun intended) at $20,590 for the United States with 122 hp available and impressive 31/36 (city/highway) mileage figures. The car is also easy to jazz up by adding a variety of customization options, and it’s also easy to drive thanks to the availability standard of the X-Tronic CVT in all models.

Oh, well, it remains to be seen what happens next after Nissan just presented its first-quarter (for the new fiscal year) financial results, and fans are eagerly awaiting good stuff from the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance partner. Particularly within America. The United States, where the Z Nismo is coming this season – however, it should not be put off as the car’s performance is an image vector, not an impressive sales-performer, like that of the Little Kicks.

2024 Nissan Kicks Interior
2024 Nissan Kicks Interior


Each Kicks model runs the 122 HP four-cylinder engine which gives only a little acceleration. The continuously variable auto transmission (CVT) manages shifting and powers the front wheels however all-wheel drive is not available. If the slow 9.7-second sprint to 60mph makes the Kicks sound a bit unresponsive, that’s the way it’s.

But the outcomes we recorded only tell part of the picture. When you’re in town, the Kicks feel very prickly, as it’s a matter of being eager to get your foot on the throttle while letting it accelerate. The Kicks is more nimble and enjoyable to play with than larger SUVs however, it’s not a thrill when you’re driving on the twisties. The suspension has been tuned to the best comfort and provided the best ride possible, even on the sluggish and deteriorating roads we have around our office in the southeast of Michigan. The steering is precise and precise, yet there’s not a lot of feedback that is transmitted out of the road into the driver’s fingers.

The Kicks is a top-rated vehicle with EPA efficiency ratings, which are 31 mpg for city driving and 36 mpg for highway. When we conducted our real-world 75-mph tests of highway fuel efficiency it consumed fuel much more like an economical car rather than an SUV. The 37-mpg figure was comparable to that of the Toyota C-HR. In spite of the impressive results during our tests, its small 10.8-gallon fuel tank reduces its range of cruising. 2024 Nissan Kicks Price

2024 Nissan Kicks Price
2024 Nissan Kicks Price

Price and Release Date

In the case of the second generation model, Nissan recently decided to hold off the start of production until next June due to issues with the stealing of crucial equipment from a manufacturing facility located in Mexico. It is believed that the Kicks for North America is made in the Aguascalientes facility. Nissan delivered 54,879 units of Kicks in 2022. That’s down from the 82,960 units sold to clients in the previous year.