2024 Nissan Kicks AWD Specification and Prediction

2024 Nissan Kicks AWD Specification and PredictionIt’s the Nissan Kicks is a small compact crossover with a reasonable price tag that has taken the place of the flamboyant Juke and has proven to be among the cheapest cars since its launch. It is powered by the 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that is a bit smaller than the Kicks obviously favors efficiency over speed, however, it offers ample cargo capacity, and it is equipped with an extensive list of features that assist drivers. The segment for small SUVs is becoming crowded and attractive, which is why we believe that six years on from the Kicks debut in the year 2018 — which is about what it takes to complete a typical model year it’s the time perfect for a major overhaul.

2024 Nissan Kicks AWD Specs
2024 Nissan Kicks AWD Specs

The reports about the upcoming design suggest that Nissan will be discontinuing the production of the dreadful Rogue Sport leaving an enormous gap between the updated Rogue and the tinier Kicks.


The next generation of Nissan Kicks has been before for a while and the present has been in production for some time. But, the spy shots are the first time that we’ve seen Nissan’s compact crossover SUV. It has styling elements that are common throughout the Nissan lineup in addition to an extra dimension.

The front part of the Kicks has a grille identical to the Ariya EV as well as the Versa. The front fascia has a large shaggy smile that covers the grille as well as the headlights. The front of the car has an overall more rounded design compared to the present version.

The contour is similarly curvy in comparison to the larger and curvaceous Kicks that are popular today. It appears somewhat more upright to the rear and seems larger than today. It also has some very attractive alloy three-spoke wheels.

On the other side, the back spoiler appears to be more noticeable, while the hatch is characterized by a prominent deck area. The taillights match the rear of the hatch. It may continue to feature an open-ended appearance but is more integrated than the present vehicle.

We’ll certainly be interested in those mechanical parts we’re not able to observe at the moment. In contrast to other crossovers, the present Kicks can only be purchased with front-wheel drive. And it appears that having an all-wheel-drive version will likely be the case for an upcoming Kicks. It will be fascinating to find out if the new version is also built on the existing Kicks platform that can also be found in the Versa and the Juke, or changes to something more modern like the CMF-B platform from Renault Nissan which is also used on Juke and the Nissan Note and the Juke. The new platform may offer the possibility of the e-Power series hybrid engines, which may give the Kicks an advantage in this segment.

2024 Nissan Kicks AWD Interior
2024 Nissan Kicks AWD Interior


The interior design is not as fashionable as the exterior style however, does look stylish. Kicks is built well, appears mature, and offers an easy-to-use interior. A rear seat that is adult-sized means you can carry passengers and items without feeling the crams you might get from rivals like the C-HR. The splashes of color in the interior do an excellent job of breaking the monotony that would otherwise be a stark black interior. Although it has a small footprint, the 2024 Nissan Kicks AWD amazed us with its performance in the tests for cargo, getting close to the performance of larger competitors. We were able to pack 19 carry-on bags even with the rear seats folded. Small items are available in the cargo space as well as the rear seats, however, the front passengers will not notice the squeeze due to spacious door pockets as well as an enormous glovebox.

Nissan’s infotainment systems aren’t one of the prettiest interfaces that are available However, it’s a good interface and simple to master. It would be nice if some of the icons were larger and simpler to operate while driving. However, it’s overall a system that is clear and easy to navigate. The basic Kicks S comes with a 7.0-inch display, six-speaker audio system, as well as Bluetooth connectivity. While the middle-range SV and the most expensive SR come with an 8.0-inch screen, an additional USB-C connection, as well as the ability to connect to Nissan’s NissanConnect telephone system and concierge. Customers who purchase the SR are able to purchase the Premium package, which includes the Bose stereo system, as well as an internet hotspot.


In 2022, the Nissan Kicks is primarily the identical model from 2018. it is a compact crossover that offers those who normally purchase the smaller hatchback or sedan an extra-large vehicle at the same amount. It is available in three trim levels. Nissan Kicks comes in three different trim levels: it’s the Kicks S, which acts as a base model it is also available in the Kicks SV, and the Kicks SR, which acts as the highest-end version.

Each Nissan Kicks is powered by the exact 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine which generates 122 horsepower and comes with an automatic transmission. Even though the engine might be identical for all models, each Kicks includes a variety of exclusive features for each class of the vehicle.

The Kicks S comes standard with remote-controlled keyless entry, a 7-inch touch screen that supports Andriod Auto and Apple CarPlay as well as cruise control, a blind spot monitor as well lane departure warning, and an automatic emergency brake.

If you opt for the SV version the Kicks will come fitted with adjustable cruise control as well as heated outside mirrors, push-button starts, and roof rails. The SR trim comes with LED headlights, fog lights, turn signals that are mounted to mirrors, and a surround-view video camera. The premium trim option adds the heated seats in front, a heated steering wheel, as well as an internet hotspot.

Each Kicks model comes with the 122 HP four-cylinder engine which gives only a little acceleration. The continuously variable auto transmission (CVT) is responsible for shifting and also drives the front wheel however all-wheel drive isn’t available. If the slow 9.7-second run to 60mph can make the Kicks sound a bit unresponsive, it’s because of how slow it is. The test results that we recorded only tell one part of the picture. When you’re in town, the car feels very prickly, as long as you’re willing to press the throttle hard and allow the engine to accelerate.

The Kicks is agile and exciting to drive than larger SUVs however it’s not the most thrilling when you’re on a bumpy road. The suspension has been tuned to ease of use, as well as an excellent ride, even on the rough and degraded roads we have around our office in the southeast of Michigan. The steering is precise and precise, yet it’s not a lot of feedback coming out of the roadway into the driver’s fingers.

The Kicks is a top-rated vehicle with an EPA rating of fuel economy at 31 mpg for city driving and 36 mpg for highway. When we conducted our real-world 75-mph highway test of fuel economy, it consumed fuel much more like an economy car rather than an SUV. The 37-mpg rating was in line with that of its Toyota C-HR. Although it scored a stellar score during our tests, its small 10.8-gallon fuel tank reduces its range of cruising.

2024 Nissan Kicks AWD Design
2024 Nissan Kicks AWD Design

Price and Release Date

The report from the past suggests that we’ll see brand new Kicks released this year. This seems reasonable given the extent to which this concept exists. It is also possible to expect pricing like that of the currently available Kicks with a price of just over $25,000.