2025 Nissan Kicks: What We Know So Far

2025 Nissan Kicks: What We Know So FarIt appears that Nissan is poised to launch its small North American crossover into touch. The model currently manufactured in Mexico Kicks was released in the summer of 2018, and it’s therefore not surprising to find that spy cameras have filmed its testing for a replacement in advance of the 2024 unveil.

2025 Nissan Kicks Concept
2025 Nissan Kicks Concept

The photographers speculated that it could be the successor to the Juke which is similar to the one that the Kicks was replaced with within the U.S., but which remains in existence and running in Europe which the Kicks aren’t sold. However, this model’s more refined design and the fact that the Juke did not go into production until late in 2019 and only was given a (very small) revision last year suggest it’s not hiding behind the camo in these photos.

Despite the fact that it’s all that camouflage, we’re in no doubt that second-gen Kicks is a more grown-up vehicle than the first. Although the present Kicks style isn’t as extravagant as the Juke’s, with, for example, an affixed door handle that’s located on the skin of the door instead of in the C-pillar. However, the new design of the car’s creators seems to have stepped up the sensibleness one notch.

The front of the car is chiseled to give the impression of strength and makes the Kicks appear like a larger car. It even has what appears to be an edgy VW-style horizontal grille, rather than the ugly U-shaped shambles on the current model There’s a noticeable turn in the waistline that’s visible over that arch at the rear, it’s not a more striking one than what we’re used to with.


The benefit of the new design is that prototypes are currently being test-driven. The date for the release is nearing and 2025 Nissan Kicks might debut early in 2024. From the spy shots, you will notice the front fascia has been redesigned. The crossover appears bigger however, it’s the smallest model in the line-up. The Rogue Sport is slightly larger than the Rogue Sport and the most popular crossover is the smaller Rogue. If you’re looking for the largest, most spacious SUV Nissan provides a 3rd row Pathfinder as well as the large Armada. In the near future, these cars will be revamped. This is another reason to be concerned about the Kick’s spy photos.

Of course, these images show a heavily disguised car, but a few items are already noteworthy. The front fascia has not been bent as it was before. It now appears similar to the front of big SUVs and is square. In comparison to its predecessor, it’s wider as well. There are a lot of similarities to an electronic Ariya concept. It could be the basis for this concept. Kicks in the near future, when it’s about to be converted to an electric vehicle. The rear end has also been rethought. The next vehicle will certainly be more spacious for cargo, though the tail is positioned a little higher than it was before.

The prototypes don’t reveal the design of the 2025 Nissan Kicks. The current model is running on an old platform, whereas smaller vehicles were moved to new platforms. For instance, the vehicle Kicks has been replaced by America with the US, Juke, or smaller city automobile Nissan Note. It is among the possibilities and seems to be the most sensible. However, the Japanese automaker might try other options. The crossover wasn’t as well-known due to the absence of choices in the engine area. With the new ePower concept, the 2025 Kicks may be equipped with a hybrid drivetrain.

New spy images show Nissan is working on the next-generation Kicks crossover. The camouflage cover hides specifics of the design however, the vehicle will undergo a major overhaul and a host of style changes easily noticeable.

The brand-new Nissan Kicks looks slightly bigger and isn’t clear whether it’s built on a brand-new platform. The front is more straight and square in comparison to the nose that slopes the crossover of today, with the headlights placed further forward, and atop the face that has been completely revamped.

On the other side, The Kicks has a more sleek greenhouse design, which results in an elegant rear end. Nissan also changed the position of the mirrors on the sides to match the body. There’s still a little sportiness in the rear end design, with the roof spoiler that is prominent as well as the massive liftgate which Nissan booksends by introducing new rear lights.

There aren’t any interior photos however we are expecting Nissan to update it in line with the exterior. A digital instrument cluster as well as the most recent infotainment software will be among the possible improvements for the revamped Kicks as well as a fresh design for the center console and dash. The car should be equipped with safety features plus, features such as Apple CarPlay.

We’re not sure what type of engine Nissan will be offering in the new model. What powers this model Kicks on America the US will be Nissan’s 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine. It puts out an impressive 122 horsepower and 114 pound-feet of torque on the small crossover coupled with Nissan’s continuously variable transmission called Xtronic. It’s only available with front-wheel drive.

Nissan offers its current version with an electric hybrid powertrain, however, it’s not available within the US. The new version will permit Nissan to bring it to the US market in the very first instance. Nissan could also include all-wheel drive in the range of options. This could make it an ideal replacement for the old Rogue Sport with its slightly larger size.

2025 Nissan Kicks Design
2025 Nissan Kicks Design

Specs and Performance

Small crossovers aren’t designed to offer too much power. The main focus is on gas mileage, more than any other aspect. The Kicks is not terrible with 33 miles per gallon. However, 122 horsepower from a 1.6-liter engine isn’t remarkable. The company doesn’t even have an all-wheel drive alternative, but it won’t improve the overall driving experience.

The engine’s changes are to be expected. AWD is expected to be added. AWD will be made available soon as other competitors are offering similar systems. Small displacements are enough to be adequate for the smaller market. If it is tuned it is possible to make it more powerful or efficient. Additionally, engineers can implement the hybrid system. In order to do this, the 2025 Nissan Kicks needs a new e-Power platform. It replaced Juke in the year 2016, and, since then, there have been no major modifications. This evolution is necessary so that the vehicle will remain competitive. Many other companies aren’t abandoning the latest small crossovers, but they are not there yet.

There were not a lot of options when it came to the construction of the Kicks. We’ve already discussed the lack of options within the engine area. The crossover was available in the basic S trim range with SV as well as SR being the upgrades. The top-of-the-line version is just $2500 more costly, which means it’s not likely to be a dazzling piece of equipment with the SR grade.

The 2025 Nissan Kicks will introduce a new line-up. The details will be made available when the vehicle is available to buy. We are only able to speculate on potential top-of-the-line models. Without second thought it could be the 2025 Nissan Kicks Nismo. The original Juke was available in this sporty version and its replacement eliminated the option and was never offered it in the future.

2025 Nissan Kicks
2025 Nissan Kicks

Release Date and Price

The refreshed design, the new technology, and the larger area could raise the cost of entry and could threaten its spot among our picks of best-priced cars of this year. The starting price for the 2023 Nissan Kicks starts at $21,925 (prices include the $1,335 handling and shipping cost) The 2023 Rogue has ample space for costs to climb upwards, starting at $33,745.

Nissan hasn’t announced a launch time for its new Kicks. However, we think it’s likely to be revealed before the close of the year. While we wait, we would like to see the test vehicles in the future lose certain camouflage, so we can begin to understand the new look. We’d also like to see pictures of the interior.