2024 Lucid Gravity: Review, Release Date & Price

2024 Lucid Gravity: Review, Release Date & Price Following the launch of its stunning Air car in 2021’s model year electric-car startup Lucid Motors is developing an electric SUV that they’re calling the Gravity. It’s scheduled to be available for sale in 2024, the seven-seater Gravity will likely be able to share the majority of its exterior and mechanical parts with the Air however, we’re also expecting big power (over 1000 hp) as well as massive battery (up to 112 kWh) along with a luxurious car with all the modern conveniences. Many rivals, such for instance such as the Audi Q8 e-tron, the Cadillac Lyriq, the Jaguar I-Pace as well as the Tesla Model X –have already staked claim to the premium-EV SUV segment, which means that when the Gravity is available, it’ll need a bit of catching up accomplish.

2024 Lucid Gravity Design
2024 Lucid Gravity Design


In the event of the unveiling of the Air luxurious sedan, Lucid announced the forthcoming Gravity SUV and said it’s coming to market within the next two years. It is now expected to be a 2024 version, which means people who are looking for a stunningly constructed, long-range electric vehicle similar to the stunningly designed, lengthy-range Lucid Air car will have to wait longer. It is expected to arrive by the start of 2024.

Lucid isn’t making an announcement about Gravity’s price and trim level yet, nor has it revealed its price tag–and it’s likely that they won’t until a while. However, we’re guessing the Gravity will be priced slightly higher than Air. Air in the beginning and will offer an identical range of trimmings. This story will be updated with additional details when they are announced.

In addition to unveiling a brand-new EV featuring more than 1000 horsepower, and an anticipated EPA range of greater than 500 miles, the rogue brilliant minds from Lucid Motors are cooking up an entirely new vehicle, since obviously, they do as per the current market conditions. they will offer an option. The name is Lucid Gravity.

In the teaser images, Lucid made public, it’s possible to see that the front has almost the exact full-width light design as the Air. If you’re creating a brand new brand, all vehicles are required to be identical or, at the very least, designers think they will. It’s likely that Gravity’s intake openings on the front are bigger than the ones on the Air since the SUV will likely be heavier and definitely blockier than a sedan, which means the engines may require additional cooling in order to perform better. Also, it appears that the large piece of glass which is the basis of both the roof and windshield comes from the Air however we anticipate similar to the Air that a roof made of metal is also offered.

It’s also difficult to see what’s going on in the rear however the huge opening in the clamshell from the Air is now an iconic feature across the entire lineup and is being redesigned here to be being more like a lid for the trunk and an open hatch. As the Gravity draws heavily on the Air The world’s biggest taillight could also make the appearance. It’s easy to observe it in the pictures. However, Gravity will likely be larger than Air, and therefore, could it will be more massive. It will be interesting to be watching.

Let’s now look at what we look at: Look at those massive Fenders! The Air is fitted with 285-width tires. The fenders seem to be bigger–we’ll go with 325. The gravity’s steel has expanded. The appearance is quite tough, particularly with the (probably) metal fender that is clad in plastic. The result creates a Gravity that appears more powerful as opposed to the slim Air.

Although Lucid does not fully describe the Gravity’s interior yet and, at a minimum, beyond teaser images of the cabin’s airiness It is claiming to offer numerous seating arrangements “for five, six, or seven adults, in two- and three-row” configurations. Also, it appears that there is the possibility of a moonroof-like layout.

The powertrains are expected to be similar to Dual motors producing 170 horsepower initially With the tri-motor and single-motor versions being added later. All are driven by a 113 kWh battery pack. Additionally, Lucid claims that the electric Gravity will offer “more range than any other EV on the market–other than its stablemate, the Lucid Air.” You can’t step onto the Air’s 500-mile toes right today, now can we?

Yet, an SUV ought to appear more robust than a car. As with Air Gravity, the Gravity must have an air suspension. Like Range Rovers thus equipped, it ought to use that adjustable suspension to get off the pavement, which means more floor clearance with the click of a button. We are aware that Jenkins is currently the owner of a Range Rover, which works precisely the same way.

Another cool thing is that the A-pillars look like they drop into the hood’s flat appearance. It’s an interesting, practical design, which helps highlight another Lucid characteristic of the design which is the huge aluminum roof ornament. It’s also a great way to see how the C-pillar morphs into the body’s Gravity The C-pillar is perhaps the biggest flaw in Air’s style. It turns out that fastbacks equipped with hatches and trunks typically have weak, lopsided C-pillars (looking at you Cadillac CT5). It’s stylish and is well-integrated.

2024 Lucid Gravity Interior
2024 Lucid Gravity Interior


Lucid has only presented a few partially obscured photos of the exterior, and also the second row of reclined seats. If the Air’s luxurious cabin can be compared to the Air’s We can anticipate plenty of touch-screen controls as well as a roof made of glass and plenty of space for adults on both the back and front seats and premium materials like leather, wood, and metallic accents. Lucid states that the Gravity will come in a two-row version with the capacity for five people or an option for a third row, that can accommodate up to seven people, based on the configuration.

Similar to all of the other features in the interior of the Gravity it’s also equipped with an infotainment system. The options aren’t fully disclosed however Lucid states that the car will have the most current version of its Glass Cockpit digital instrumentation and a brand new version of its software interface. You can expect a huge digital gauge panel that will blend directly into a dashtop information touchscreen. It’s likely that voice recognition will be an option, but we’ve heard nothing concerning smartphone connectivity functions like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Further details on infotainment options for the Gravity will be released closer to the launch of the SUV.

Performance and Range

The 2024 Lucid Gravity SUV shares its mechanical basis with the Air sedan. We anticipate a dual electric motors model with standard all-wheel drive. Similar to the Air The Gravity is expected to come with a high-performance Grand Touring trim with around 1000 horsepower. A maximum-performance Sapphire model that can reach 1200 hp is an option. Similar to the Air model, the most expensive versions are likely to be the most robust, while the lower-end Gravity trims offer less horsepower.

While its model X sedan counterpart boasts an impressive range of five16 miles or more per full charge of its battery’s 112-kWh package, its more imposing and more rounded SUV design is likely to not be as aerodynamic and the range will be a little less because of it. However, its range is expected to be greater than the more powerful Model X SUV. Similar to the Air model, the Gravity will be able to recharge quickly with DC quick charging. It may be able to provide three years of charging through Electrify America charging stations.

The estimates of the EPA of the Lucid Gravity’s fuel economy aren’t available yet so we’ll have to have to wait for a few days before finding out since the vehicle remains an idea. We’re hoping for the chance to experience the Gravity in the 200 miles of our highway fuel economy testing route as it moves nearer to its debut.

2024 Lucid Gravity Concept
2024 Lucid Gravity Concept

Release Date and Price

It’s not clear yet. Lucid hasn’t yet disclosed the trim levels for Gravity or pricing for it yet. It is expected to start somewhere around a few dollars higher than the Air price, which is $187,400 in the basic Pure model and $107,400 in different variants. Lucid said it is the Gravity is still in development which includes testing prototypes on roads that are public. The company claims we’ll get the EV SUV in 2023. No date has been set but it is expected to be available in 2024.