2024 Lincoln Nautilus Trim Levels: What Are the Trim Levels For the 2024 Nautilus?

2024 Lincoln Nautilus Trim Levels: What Are the Trim Levels For the 2024 Nautilus?Lincoln has announced pricing for the new 2024 Nautilus and it’s an impressive jump over 2023. The base trim previously called Standard will be rebranded Premiere and jumps between $46,220 and $51,810 (with the option of a destination) as well as the Reserve Black Label and Reserve Black Label trims see similar increases.

2024 Lincoln Nautilus Changes
2024 Lincoln Nautilus Changes

The new Nautilus offers a compelling argument for a higher price. All-wheel drive is all-wheel drive is now standard across the range as well and the V-6 option was eliminated leaving just two turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinders. The turbo standard 2.0-liter engine produces 250 horsepower and is connected to an 8-speed auto transmission. The engine can be combined with an electric motor and the total system is 300 horsepower spinning a variable automatic to maximize efficiency.

It rides on a revised design of the same platform which is also the basis for Lincoln Ford, the parent company of Ford’s Escape, Bronco Sport, and Maverick, The 2024 Nautilus is 3 inches bigger than its predecessor and has more legroom for all passengers. It also sports a stunning new design that, with its blacked-out pillars, and an optional black roof evokes an image of a Land Rover whose designers have more tools in their toolboxes than simply an X-shape. With the standard 48-inch screen that takes all of the dash that can be customized with a center 11.1-inch touchscreen infotainment display the Lincoln comes with a technology package that can compete with the best on the market.


The base Nautilus Premiere comes fairly equipped with 19-inch wheels as well as leather seating that is ventilated and heated in the front. The vehicle also includes Lincoln’s Copilot360 Vision 2.2 safety suite that offers forward collision detection that comes with automatic emergency brakes, blind spot monitoring adaptive cruise control with a 360-degree camera with rear cross-traffic alerts, and much more. The Premiere II Package costs $6,455. Premiere II Package adds heated second-row seats, a hands-free liftgate, a panoramic sunroof a 14-speaker Revel audio system, a fragrance diffuser, as well as Lincoln’s BlueCruise semi-autonomous driver system which allows free lane changes.

One step further A step higher, The Nautilus Reserve adds 21-inch wheels as well as upgraded leather and another interior color choice. Chrome grilles provide subtle exterior cues. This Reserve II Package adds the same equipment as the Premier II Package at the same cost, and the Reserve III, priced at $10,235 Reserve III adds Lincoln’s fantastically adjustable seats with an upscale 28-speaker Revel stereo, and a Lincoln Rejuvenate system that integrates ambient lighting, heating of the seats and a fragrance diffuser, all with animated graphics on the dashboard to help make those hours spent in a parking space prior to tackling the next task a bit more tranquil.

The top model in the range The Black Label comes with 22-inch wheels with decorative grilles made of copper. It’s loaded with features, with only available interior and exterior color schemes, and wheel designs and it comes with the Jet Appearance Package. It is available on lower trims this bundle costs $3,000 and includes distinct wheels, as well as various exterior pieces in black and body color.

In 2024 Lincoln is updating the Nautilus exterior, with a brand new headlight design and a revised taillight along with a new animation feature. Pixel headlights will be available in the very first version and the front of the vehicle has an updated grille that has handcrafted accents. The automaker incorporates the door handles with the vehicle’s beltline, making it a neat appearance. The Nautilus model’s name badge is left on the mirror on either side.

Wheel sizes vary between 19 and 22 inches. The highest two trim levels are offered that have a roof painted black. The optional Lincoln Embrace feature features auto-folding side mirrors that fold down, the ability to detect approaching vehicles, and welcome/farewell lighting which activates when a driver is near using the key. Lincoln also has a Jet Appearance package with dark exterior trim and distinctive wheel designs.

Lincoln concentrated on the Nautilus interior to make it more appealing to make it more modern with a modern in-cabin digital system that has adjustable lighting and display. Lincoln says it has designed the vehicle to appeal to an upcoming generation that includes a brand new interior lighting system for ambient illumination with crystal-inspired elements that “capture the essence of seeing sun reflected on the water.”

A brand new Lincoln Rejuvenate system is now available that features unique sound effects as well as lighting options and seat modifications. Lincoln’s symphonic sound system in the interior carries through here, and the package includes an aroma system that has three scents. Mystic Forest smells like an earthy scent. Ozonic Azure is a bright scent while Violet Cashmere is a floral scent. Drivers can pick their preferred scent from the menu on the information system.

There are three interior colors now available in the brand new Nautilus which include gray and black as well as a neutral two-tone palette, and black/blue which is an exclusive color for Reserve trim. Reserve trim. Additionally, the Black Label upgrades are also available. Customers can choose from two luxurious interior themes that include Chalet which comes with Venetian leather and a cashmere headliner as well as wood accents. The Redwood theme comes with herringbone walnut trim as well as a suede headliner and leather upholstery incorporating suede inserts. 2024 Lincoln Nautilus Trim Levels

2024 Lincoln Nautilus Rumors
2024 Lincoln Nautilus Rumors

Trim Levels

The Lincoln Nautilus stands out from other SUVs of this class due to its slouchy manner and luxurious ride. Its driving dynamics aren’t exciting however the Nautilus excels in long-distance driving thanks to its all-wheel drive standard with impressive interior storage and an available highway driving assistant. The Nautilus is able to handle even the most tough weather conditions and offers the capacity of seating that no luxury car can rival.

The 2024 model has been redesigned to reflect the new year. Lincoln Nautilus gets a fresh exterior style, an interior theme that is curated, and wrap-around infotainment screens. Lincoln BlueCruise 1.2 is now available and offers free highway driving assistance.

It is the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus is available in three trim levels: Premiere, Reserve, and Black Label.

The entry-level Premiere features an all-wheel drive system, a 250 horsepower engine with 19-inch wheels, blind spot monitoring, automated emergency braking active lane-keeping assistance with rear and front parking sensors, automatic off-off rain-sensing headlights, LED headlights, and power-folding mirrors. It also has an automatic liftgate, a power liftgate parking assistance with premium synthetic upholstery, the front seats are powered, as is the memory for the driver’s seat heated and ventilated front seats, the adaptive cruise control heated steering wheel with leather, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto navigation, Wi-Fi hotspot.

The Premiere has a leather-look interior that is heated and ventilated. front seats and a 10-way driver seat, an eight-way power passenger seat, memory settings, and a heating steering wheel. A 48-inch wide screen extends across the dashboard. Other features include phone-as-a-key technology and full LED lighting on the exterior a liftgate with power, and 19-inch wheeled machined wheels.

Its $6,455 Premiere II Package adds a panoramic sunroof heated rear seats a power liftgate that is hands-free a cabin scent system, and a home-style power outlet. It also includes BlueCruise as well as fourteen speakers in the Revel system. For $3000 the Jet Appearance Package offers black trim all over as well as a 20-inch wheel.

The 2024 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve Reserve features adaptive suspension as well as 21 21-inch wheels as well and leather-upholstered seats. The Reserve features an interior with leather, jeweled grilles, and accents, as well as 21-inch wheels. The Reserve II Package is similar to its Premiere II Package, and Jet Appearance is in stock. The $11,235 Reserve III Package combines the Reserve II contents with the 28-speaker Revel system, a front with 24 seats, and Lincoln Rejuvenate -an interior sensor that alters the lighting display, seats, and other elements to suit the mood of the vehicle is stationary.

The Black Label adds 22-inch wheels as well as a panoramic moonroof. an automatic liftgate that is hands-free, massage front seats as well as heated rear seats. high-end leather seats, wooden trim, and a top-quality audio system. The luxurious Black Label carries all of the Reserve III upgrades, plus exclusive LED headlights, unique exterior accents, distinctive floor mats, 22-inch wheels, and a selection of interior themes. Black Label owners are entitled to concierge service from Lincoln dealers.


There’s a certain feature of the Nautilus interior that’s immediately attention-grabbing however we’ll get to it in a minute. The model 2024 introduces the brand new Lincoln cabin design style, beginning with a two-spoke steering wheel that has flat tops, which allow drivers to peek across the wheel to see the instrument panel that is digital. The engine start button has been cleverly moved from its place close to the piano key shift buttons (which will be back in 2024 with a new look of crystals) and moved to the console. The center console now has just those shift buttons as well as the volume knob, and a couple of toggles for safety systems, while the climate controls are accessible through touchscreen menus. Although we’ll hold our judgment until we’re able to use it in real life, other companies have taken the same approach and have found the results to be unsatisfactory.

Lincoln hasn’t revealed the full specs at this point, but they’ve said that they believe the Nautilus will be about a half-inch bigger and a bit longer than the previous. A two-row midsize car model, the current model provides ample legroom for taller adults of four feet The panoramic sunroof cuts into headroom to the max. I hope the new Nautilus offers a little more vertical space once fully equipped.

For interior color schemes, Lincoln will offer black and gray, blue and black along with Smoked Truffle, which Lincoln describes as “a two-tone neutral but warm theme.” The Jet Appearance package dresses up the exterior with darkened style elements and also highlights copper in the interior black. Its Black Label trim level sits in the upper tier of the Nautilus range and also adds the latest Redwood motif to the choices selection. All above is white, and everything below is a nice deep saddle brown with white stitching and piping. It is important to note that, despite the name the veneers used comprise American walnut, not redwood. In a nod to Mercedes Nautilus’s game, this Nautilus will also come with three cartridges that allow the diffusion of scented air throughout the system of climate.

The idea of a full-width screen on the top of an instrument panel was the central idea of the Byton M-Byte SUV concept, but the company’s idea soon went out of business. Luckily, the concept wasn’t ever lost as it saw Lincoln taking over to grasp the potential of a vast, dash-spanning screen. It’s 48 inches across the Nautilus and extends from pillar to. The curved enclosure continues to the doors, creating the illusion that it completely envelopes the passengers in front. The horizontally oriented 11.1-inch touchscreen isn’t as amazing, but we appreciate that it has the ability to connect wirelessly to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as over-the-air updates. The Nautilus features in the area of infotainment are completed with 28 speakers in the Revel sound system.

Nautilus will also be available with the Lincoln BlueCruise 1.2 hands- Nautilus will also be available equipped with the Lincoln BlueCruise 1.2 hands-free driving system (previously named Lincoln ActiveGlide). This collection of sophisticated safety features is available only on select vehicles in the Ford ecosystem. It lets drivers remove their hands from the wheel when driving on certain roads in certain situations. The 1.2 update includes the hands-free lane change feature and slows down for curves that are coming up and cheats to the other direction of the road in case an enormous truck is pulled close to you.

2024 Lincoln Nautilus Interior
2024 Lincoln Nautilus Interior


The turbocharged 2.0-liter engine and the eight-speed automated have been largely inherited from last year’s. The four-cylinder engine produces 250 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque. This is five lb-ft less than the current Nautilus. This, coupled together with the fact that this forthcoming Nautilus will be only available with all-wheel drive, leads us to believe that the new Nautilus is a bit slower than its front-wheel-drive 2023 version.

Customers looking for a faster Nautilus were able to select a twin-turbocharged V6 that could produce 335 horsepower. This is now the time of electrification and the new powertrain is the identical 2.0-liter coupled to electronic motor. It is available on every trim level, This new hybrid produces 300 horsepower and is connected to a continuously variable transmission. It might not be able to be able to win a drag race with an existing Nautilus that has the V6 but it will surely attract customers who prefer speed and efficiency.

Price and Release Date

Customers can place orders today, but they may need to wait a while until they get their Nautilus. We had previously reported that deliveries would start in 2024 but haven’t yet been able to give an update on the date. The full price (including the destination fee of $1,395) is listed below:

  • Premiere: $51,810
  • Reserve: $56,145
  • Black Label: $75,860