2024 Lincoln Nautilus Price: How Much is the Lincoln Nautilus 2024?

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2024 Lincoln Nautilus Price: How Much is the Lincoln Nautilus 2024?The weather is kind to Lincoln’s mid-size luxury crossover However, it hasn’t stopped Lincoln from making radical adjustments to it when it’s entering the second generation. This is a major upgrade, with the option of a hybrid engine with 310 horsepower as well as a standard all-wheel drive and a cabin with huge quantities of screen space. The base engine remains an engine that’s turbocharged to 250 horsepower 2.0-liter inline-four that comes with an eight-speed manual, but the new chassis it is mounted into offers more room than before for the five passengers. A massive display of digital information spans the dashboard and is modified to suit your needs. It’s 48.0 inches of space to use for navigation and a timer, as well as the stereo setting, as well as an overview of the forecast for the coming weather. Although the upgrades are important as they are, they’re not sufficient to challenge the other top-of-the-line models such as the Genesis GV80, Porsche Cayenne, and BMW X5. This isn’t all bad news when you look at the Nautilus’s remarkably low start price and its array of standard features for the same SUVs.

2024 Lincoln Nautilus
2024 Lincoln Nautilus


In 2024, the Lincoln Nautilus, a completely updated version of the popular luxurious SUVs, has now been launched, with a hybrid powertrain, an updated exterior, and a high-tech interior that is equipped with the most recent connected features and driver assistance technologies. With a fluid horizontal display that covers nearly the entire length of the interior, the Nautilus provides owners with new levels of personalization and connectivity in addition to its extensive list of technological features.

Nautilus also has numerous advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) options. It is, in fact, one of the very first cars in its class to come with a hands-free highway driving feature that Lincoln calls BlueCruise which allows you to accelerate as well as steer down the car with no driver intervention. Lane change assistance allows the Nautilus to carry out the lane change without hands by pressing the turning signal lever and even suggests which lanes to switch when traveling in slow-moving traffic. The hands-free experience feels more natural since the Nautilus is able to shift its position from cars in the lane next to it.

The entire tech is packaged in a vibrant new exterior that features the latest LED headlamps, which are available as “H2 Pixel” headlamps along with the brand-new LED taillamps featuring animation. The all-new Nautilus has a lit-up Lincoln star as well as a signature lighting bar in the front. It’s an imposing new design for a new and bold SUV and one that we’re eager to test in the near future.

2024 Lincoln Nautilus Cabin
2024 Lincoln Nautilus Cabin


These features are prominent in the new cabin. When you enter, Nautilus “wakes up” by playing a brand-new Lincoln animation that starts at the heart of the screen, and flows across the rear and front door panels. A steering wheel with a flat top allows drivers to look beyond, not via the steering wheel giving the impression of being open and more space. Modern ambient lighting styles include inside, as well as crystal-like interior details like the piano-key shifter, the instrument panel toggle switches, and the audio knob.

Digital customization options let Nautilus drivers design their own unique environment starting with the touchscreen in the middle and stretching out and into the display’s main screen. Drivers can arrange the information they need and how they would like it on the screen to keep their attention focused on their journey. While you are parked in a “Lincoln Rejuvenate,” stationary experience controls the screen, the lighting as well and the massagers on the seats to assist the passengers and the driver recharge. There are even specially curated “digital scents” for the cabin that are located inside the central armrest.

While on the move, Nautilus’s new interface is designed to make infotainment and navigation functions much easier. Wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are included, as is Alexa built-in allows users to manage the Nautilus features, and even smart home devices using voice commands. While at a standstill, users can increase productivity by using calendars and route scheduling.

Specs and Engine

Drivers can choose between two engines in the Nautilus to match their preferences. This is the base motor, a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that has 250 horsepower and 275 pounds of torque. With an eight-speed auto transmission, it has an all-wheel drive standard. The most interesting feature is the brand-new hybrid drivetrain that includes the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine. When paired with a powerful electric motor and a super-smooth continuous variably-shifting transmission it delivers a total output of 315 horsepower. Lincoln says that both choices are able to benefit from “light-weighting benefits” which results in better fuel efficiency in comparison to the previous model year. There are no plug-in hybrids or fully electric Nautilus models are yet available.

To provide a comfortable, smooth ride Both Nautilus models come with adaptive suspensions and an array of sensors that are able to monitor body movements, steering, acceleration, and braking. There are five basic driving modes: normal and conserve (for increased fuel efficiency) excite (for sporting driving) and excite (for driving with a sporty feel), as well as the slippery and deep modes. As with Nautilu’s other features of the technology the drive modes are created to attract younger buyers who appreciate the ease of use and user-friendly digital functions. 2024 Lincoln Nautilus Price

New 2024 Lincoln Nautilus
New 2024 Lincoln Nautilus


The Lincoln Nautilus is all-new for 2024, extending its mid-size crossover status both literally and metaphorically. Overall, it’s bigger and the cabin is filled with technology as part of a significant digital overhaul. Likely, with changes comes a price increase along the 2020 Nautilus configurator is now available for purchase. You’ll pay $51,810 to purchase the entry-level model. This includes the mandatory destination fee of $1,395.

At that cost, you’ll be getting a Nautilus Premiere, which is nonetheless awe-inspiringly stylish with 19-inch wheels and a 10-speaker stereo. It also comes with heated and ventilated front seats, as well as Lincoln’s Co-Pilot360 Vision 2.2 driver-assist suite. The Premiere model also comes with two digital display screens that span the dash available across the entire lineup with a width of 48 inches from one side of the vehicle to another. The screen in the center is 11.1 inches.

Reserve is the third in a trio of trims available when it goes on sale. Beginning at $56,145, it comes with leather-trimmed seats, 21-inch wheels, as well as an upgraded grille that has chrome jewel accents. It’s also the way to higher-end options in the Reserve equipment options, which include things like the power seat with a 24-way angle the Revel 28-speaker sound system Lincoln Rejuvenate, and much more.

As you’d expect, Black Label is the Nautilus’s flagship Nautilus priced at just $75,860. You’ll find almost everything that’s included in the standard kit including items such as LED multi-projector headlights as well as specific Black Label trim. 22-inch wheels are located on the corners, but there are additional options to enhance this Black Label even more. Chroma Caviar Dark Gray Metallic paint is an additional $2,000 and you can also get the Jet Appearance Package with lots of body-color trim and black is priced at $3,000. The hybrid powertrain will cost you an additional $1500. By the time you have plugged in small accessories, you’ll be at the highest price of $83,580.