2024 Lincoln Nautilus Engine: What Type of Engine Does The 2024 Lincoln Nautilus Have?

2024 Lincoln Nautilus Engine: What Type of Engine Does The 2024 Lincoln Nautilus Have? Its 2024 Lincoln Nautilus benefits from a completely new design with a bolder look with hybrid power available as well as standard all-wheel drive and screen displays throughout the dashboard. The new features available include an automatic highway driver that is hands-free a choice of interior moods and a diffuser for the cabin.

New 2024 Lincoln Nautilus
New 2024 Lincoln Nautilus

The Nautilus was initially an MKX crossover, but it was changed to its own Lincoln Nautilus in 2019. It is positioned between its siblings, the Navigator as well as the Aviator as part of Lincoln’s SUV models. It will be a brand new model of 2024. Lincoln is giving this 2-row mid-size crossover a major overhaul inside and out, which makes it an impressive leap from the prior Nautilus. Lincoln making an option for a hybrid engine is a major step toward the electrification of this American high-end brand.


The brand new exterior design for 2024’s Lincoln Nautilus is very easy to see and includes several innovative concepts like the absence of visible exhaust tips in the rear, a feature that was popular in the past, but which was inspired by battery electric vehicles. There are also the clever door handles that can be seen for the Lincoln Continental and the Aviator which have an electronic latch system that allows the handles to unlock the vehicle. The front and rear lights are dynamic with animated animations, as well as an illuminated Lincoln badge. Wheel sizes start at 19 inches, and can be upgraded until 22 inches.

The real game changer can be found in the interior. It’s modern and refined, it looks like it’s an idea car, but we’re talking about a production version here. The interior design is proof of how dedicated Lincoln is to regaining their place in the high-end car segment. If you look at the inside, you will find the wall of screens you to take in. The screens comprise two 23.8-inch displays, one of which is in front of the driver, and one facing the passenger.

Together, they create an impressive 48-inch screen as well as an 11.5-inch touchscreen in the middle console. Google Maps is built in and is an entirely new system of software, different from what you discover on new Lincolns and any vehicle on the market. This is a new generation of software and it’s commonplace equipment on all models. It’s an important step forward for Lincoln.

There are a variety of perfect-position seats that can be heated and ventilated. They also have an air massage feature, as well as a range of environmentally friendly, sustainable materials utilized for the interior. It doesn’t mean you have to choose not to use premium leather or suede Alcantara to add a luxurious and elegant touch along with some lovely American walnut wood for the doors.

Alongside The Chalet theme, models from Black-label will also feature a brand new Redwood theme, which resembles the redwood forest, with a tree-inspired design. To finish off Lincoln’s wings appear in the dash and extend into the door panels. This is in keeping with Lincon’s “Quiet Flight” design concept. However, to truly refresh your senses the Nautilus features electronic scents. You can select from three distinct scents.

The back of the brand-new Nautilus is extremely spacious and comfortable. It’s a mid-sized luxury SUV, but it does not come with the third row of seats. Therefore, the level of luxury that has become the norm for people who buy this type of vehicle ought to be incorporated into the three rear seats, too.

It’s easy to see the way Lincoln made use of the longer wheelbase of the brand-new Nautilus and the headroom and legroom in the rear are extremely spacious. The floor is almost flat, and you have air vents for passengers in the rear. Lincoln did not conserve any money with materials for the rear as well, and they’re equally good and nicely completed as those used by the passengers and driver such as ambient lighting and heated seats in the back.

2024 Lincoln Nautilus Interior
2024 Lincoln Nautilus Interior


The Lincoln Nautilus has a very contemporary and stylish interior. Its “floating” center console offers storage beneath, appealing toggle-style switches that remind you of an aircraft cockpit, and subtle air vents that frame the huge touchscreen. It’s among the biggest screens of its kind as well and the application is easy to use and functions like a tablet PC. Apple CarPlay along with Android Auto are standard, and so is a wireless internet hotspot, which greatly expands the possibilities of multimedia.

In addition to the console’s basement storage, Lincoln includes several other bins and cubbies to store small objects. The space for passengers is spacious with almost enough space for back-seat passengers as the front row. The passengers will appreciate the standard dual-zone climate control, as well as the comfortable leatherette seating. The Nautilus has not one, but two fantastic Revel audio systems. The driver also gets the 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster on LCD capable of sharing vital information. There’s an option to visualize the directions for navigation.

In addition to its spacious cabin Along with its spacious cabin, the Nautilus features one of the largest cargo spaces in its class, having more than twice the amount of space as the typical luxury car. 2024 Lincoln Nautilus Engine


The engine that powers every new Nautilus is a turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine that produces 250 horses and 275 pounds of torque. That’s not a lot of power for a luxury SUV that weighs at least 2 tons. The hybrid drivetrain option raises the horsepower to 310 and the electric motor will certainly give a little low-end power. For just $1,500 more We think that most buyers could probably afford the hybrid configuration.

The drivetrain that is gasoline-only has an eight-speed auto transmission. The hybrid’s automated transmission is a continuously variable type. AWD is the standard across the entire lineup.

  • 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine (gasoline)
  • 250 horsepower @ 5,500 rpm
  • 275 lb-ft of torque at 3000 RPM
  • EPA combined efficiency of fuel: TBA

In the underside of every Nautilus is an engine that is a Turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder inline engine. For non-hybrids that’s 250 horsepower, and 275 pounds-feet of torque tacked onto an automatic transmission with eight speeds. Hybrids’ turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four engine is aided by the electric motor, which is 100 kW, with a total output of 310 hp.

  • 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine and electric motor (hybrid)
  • 310 total horsepower
  • EPA combined fuel economy and TBA

The hybrid is powered by an electronically controlled transmission. Both engines are connected to all-wheel drive. The twin-turbo engine with 330 horsepower V-6 that was available on Nautilus was removed. It’s a sign of the times since both of the models’ powertrains will likely to provide more fuel efficiency over the V-6.

In terms of performance things, it’s still to be determined if the new Nautilus can compete with the 5.9-second jump to 60 mph that the previous generation was able to do using the twin-turbo V-6. We’ll find out when we’ve strapped our testing gear on the latest Nautilus in the coming months.

There is no official confirmation from either EPA or Lincoln has released fuel economy figures on the brand new Nautilus however, based on the similarity in performance between the old model and the new models, we expect the base model to stay with a figure of 22 mpg in the city and around 22mpg on the highway. For the hybrid model, we expect the fuel efficiency to be within the same range as those of the Ford Escape Hybrid. Since the Escape has a more powerful turbocharged four-cylinder engine, has less horsepower, and is just a few hundred pounds heavier, we’re anticipating the Nautilus hybrid’s EPA value to sit at approximately 37 mpg when in the city, and 33 miles per gallon on highways. We’ll update this page with official figures as soon as they are available.

The turbocharged 2.0-liter engine and the eight-speed automated have been largely inherited from the previous year. The four-cylinder engine produces 250 horsepower and 275 pounds of torque. That’s five lbs less than the current generation Nautilus. This, coupled together with the fact that this forthcoming Nautilus will be only available with all-wheel drive, leads us to believe that the new Nautilus will be a little slower than its front-wheel-drive 2023 model.

People looking to purchase a more powerful Nautilus were able to select a twin-turbocharged V6 capable of 335 horsepower. However, we are in the age of electrification which means that the powertrain upgraded is now the identical 2.0-liter coupled to electronic motor. It is available on every trim level, This new hybrid engine produces around 390 horsepower and is coupled to a variable transmission. It might not be able to beat out a drag race the current Nautilus equipped with the V6 however, it is certain to impress those who are looking for speed and efficiency.

New 2024 Lincoln Nautilus
New 2024 Lincoln Nautilus

Release Date and Price

Lincoln states that the new Nautilus is expected to arrive in 2024 year of the calendar. They are taking orders and the configurator online is available. The Nautilus starts at $50,415 but goes up to $74,465 with The Black Label trim. Its hybrid motor is offered at all trim levels with an option of $1,500.