2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport Urban Edition: What is Land Rover Urban Edition?

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2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport Urban Edition: What is Land Rover Urban Edition? There is no way to say that Land Rover of keeping things easy in their model selections. First of all, it is a brand with two names within the same brand. A Land Rover is a Land Rover however, it is a Range Rover is also technically a Land Rover. The sharing of technology and platforms makes it possible for models to have a similar appearance and feel. This works in many Land Rover models’ favor as they possess a great deal of the quality and appearance of the more costly Range Rover siblings.

2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport Urban Edition
2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport Urban Edition


Its Land Rover Discovery Sport (no connection to the more expensive “Land Rover Discovery”, to be honest) is an excellent case that is the case. For the most part, in all five senses of the brain, this basic version of Land Rover could pass for the higher-end Range Rover Evoque (remembering that the sense of status anxiety isn’t a factor), particularly after the redesign in 2019 that significantly improved its features for comfort and convenience as well as refinement.

The exclusive Urban Edition comes in. It provides a high-end feeling at the lowest possible purchase cost with the R-Dynamics S P200 model, with a selection of premium items of high-end kit like a Black contrast roof, distinctive 18-inch wheels Titanium Mesh trims Wireless charging for mobile phones, and innovative ClearSight rearview mirror in the interior which projects images from cameras to the rear of the vehicle instead of using the traditional reflection (when there are baggage or passengers blocking the vision, as in the case of). ClearSight appeared on the Evoque and Evoque Plus, which is a great example.

It’s pretty good-looking and appears to be a decent worth at $79,900. This doesn’t represent an increase in price on the R-Dynamic standard. It’s The only drawback that it’s not possible to choose the much more powerful P250 petrol engine or the more powerful D200 turbodiesel engine like it is in some other models.

The Sport P200 is no ball of flames. The Sport P200 is actually quite a grunty engine in terms of paper. an engine that produces 147kW/320Nm. However, the mid-sized Discovery Sport has to contend with the curb weight of 1869 kilograms.

The car is smooth and comfortable, there’s no doubt – in part because of an immediate response when you press the accelerator, even when you’re in comfort mode. The performance, however, is quite leisurely. The nine-speed gearbox is prone to getting agitated in the event of a big question as it’s designed for cruising rather than speed. The car does this really well and has a great ride (the wheels measure a sensible size of 18 inches) and a high level of refinement.

The lack of speed in the vehicle is not a sign of a deficiency of chassis intelligence. The handling and steering are among the top of all SUVs in the segment. This is an SUV that has been designed to provide off-road capability (Land Rover’s All Terrain Progress Control and Terrain Response 2 are included) The Sport remains a truly precise touch when it comes to corners.

The only thing missing is that is adaptive cruise control which is a standard feature for mainstream vehicles these days (every Toyota Yaris has it such as) However it is still a price of $1900, bundled along with a Rear Collision Monitor, on the Urban Edition.

However, there’s a strong impression of the Range Rover quality to the interior. Materials, design, and quality are stunning. Its Touch Pro media system also is stunning, though it’s a little slow; however, try the latest-generation Pivi Pro in the latest Jaguar F-Pace and you can’t return.

A key component that is part of Touch Pro is the partly virtual center console that has physical controls that alter functionality based on which main menu you’ve picked. As an example, the big knob located on the side of the driver can change anything from climate control and seat heating, as well as the Terrain Response system. It also has the graphic surrounding it changing with each. Clever.

Its Urban Edition could do with an extra push and some of the choices in equipment seem a bit odd, however, it’s still an excellent prestige/value perfect fit within the Discovery Sport lineup. Also, don’t forget that at a cost of $2300, you can convert the Discovery Sport to a “5+2” seater, making it a much more useful family-friendly SUV. This isn’t possible in the Evoque.

2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport Urban Edition Interior
2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport Urban Edition Interior


Land Rover has given the Discovery Sport a handful of improvements for 2024. These include the latest wheel designs, an improved air purification system, as well as an updated camera system for the exterior. Most notable is the introduction of the new 11.4-inch touchscreen infotainment. The curved glass panel was taken from the previous JLR products–including the bigger siblings Discovery as well as Defender. The steering wheel has been updated as well and it is now the Discovery Sport now comes standard with a wireless charging pad as well as USB-C charging ports and an electronic gauge display. The range has been reduced from four trim levels down to only two — Dynamic SE and S–and each will see an increase in price which gives the smaller Land Rover a starting price in excess of $50,000.

While it’s the starting stage for Discovery Sport, if you’re looking to get into Discovery Sport, we’d stick to the S version. It’s loaded with luxury and comfort features like the power front seats as well as a Meridian stereo system a gauge display that is digital and wireless charging for smartphones, as well as a glass-covered roof with a panoramic view. It’s worth the Comfort package to get ambient lighting in the interior and rear climate control and an air purification system.

The dashboard’s design is reminiscent of the design used in more flashy and more expensive Land Rovers, the Discovery Sport retains its upscale appearance. Its cabin is now made of eco-friendly materials as well as more seating designs to allow for more flexibility. The seats we tested in our vehicle were comfortable enough to take many long-haul trips that lasted four to five hours or more. Basic models come with amenities such as heated front seats a heated steering wheel a panoramic fixed-glass roof, dual-zone temperature control, faux leather upholstery, and 12-way power-adjustable front seats. Two pairs of third-row seats is available. Discovery Sport Discovery Sport holds 28 cubic feet of storage behind the second row. This is three cubic feet more than is available in the Audi Q5 can boast but isn’t as big as the 30 cubic-foot area in the rear of the Cadillac XT5.

The majority of Discovery Sport models are equipped with the 11.4-inch touchscreen for infotainment that features Land Rover’s most recent Pivi Pro interface and a digital gauge display. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard features, as are other features for infotainment including mobile hotspots and head-up display can be added as an option. Each model comes with an upgraded Meridian Stereo system.

The brand new 2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport Urban Edition is built on the five-plus-2 seater R-Dynamic version that was enhanced with numerous distinct design elements that include a shadow aluminum finish as well as leather-free Luxtec Suedecloth seats as well and a contrast black roof. Color options offered for this Urban Edition include Carpathian Grey, Firenze Red, Santorini Black, Ostuni White, and Hakuba Silver but I suspect that the majority of buyers will choose dark hues since they provide the vehicle with an intimidating look.

If you manage to divert your eye away from Land Rover Discovery Sport Urban Edition’s appearance (which honestly is extremely difficult) there are a lot of options underneath the hood, Land Rover allows you to choose between three four-cylinder Ingenium engine options, The D200 turbo-diesel, which generates an impressive 147kW and 430Nm that can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 8.6 seconds. Then there’s the turbo petrol P250 with 183kW and 365Nm which allows 0 to 100 km/h within 7.8 seconds. These options can be connected to an eight-speed automated transmission.

The final powertrain choice can be a hybrid plug-in sporting the name P300e. The model is a combination of a 150kW 1.5-litre three-cylinder Ingenium petrol engine, with an electric motor of 80kW that is integrated into the rear axle, and driven by a 15kWh lithium-ion battery, which is situated beneath the seats in the rear. The performance of the hybrid model is phenomenal considering the extra capacity of the battery as well as an 0 to 100km/h speed of 6.6 seconds while enjoying amazing fuel efficiency, which when at its lowest, is 1.5L/100km.

As a contemporary Land Rover, the Discovery Sport Urban Edition isn’t without advanced technologies as well and can make use of no less than 85 ECUs. In the beginning, with the infotainment feature, Land Rover engineers have developed the Pivi or Pivi Pro infotainment systems which have been inspired by the most recent mobile phones. This system includes two embedded Qualcomm LTE modems, with one dedicated to Software-Over-The-Air (SOTA) technology and the other looking after music streaming and apps. One of the advantages of this technology is that it provides instant connectivity as well as an incredibly fast startup time. This means that there is no need to wait for your device to be loaded before taking activities like making a note of your navigation information. The streaming service Spotify has been included in the system and is supported via Bluetooth pairing on two devices simultaneously.

If you want to be more secure this Discovery Sport Urban Edition is outfitted with Land Rover’s 2nd-generation Activity Key which lets you unlock every lock, and door and even begin the car whenever you’re near, with no requirement for a traditional key fob. Additional safety features include an extensive array of Advanced Driver Assistance features, which include a rear Traffic Monitor with automatic braking. The vehicle is also equipped with an Rear Collision Monitor which uses radars that continuously monitor the vehicle’s rear. This means that it is Discovery Sport is primed to lessen the risk of collision. Optional 3D Surround Camera lets the driver observe what’s going on within the vehicle with speeds up to 19mph, which makes maneuvering or even traversing challenging terrain easier than ever and yes, it’s capable of doing some off-roading if needed. These systems operate in conjunction with ClearSight Ground View and ClearSight Interior Rear View Mirror technology that makes use of intelligent camera technology to connect images under the bonnet. The Mirror in the rear is an adjustable mirror as well as a video screen to provide greater visibility.

2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport Urban Edition Design
2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport Urban Edition Design


Each Discovery Sport has a turbocharged four-cylinder motor that generates 246 hp. Naturally, the standard all-wheel drive, along with a variety of other trail-rated options–helps the Sport to glide across uneven terrains and withstand every storm. Its Disco Sport can even wade into 23.6 inches of water (for the brave) and tow as much as 4409 pounds. We tried a model from 2020 equipped with a 246-hp engine. We found it rather unresponsive; the throttle response is slow as well. The Disco Sport requires 7.5 seconds to hit 60 mph. The handling isn’t very crisp therefore don’t be expecting to get a thrill from bumpy back roads. The good news is that this Discovery Sport delivers a comfortable vehicle for driving.

Its EPA estimate of fuel efficiency is 19 mpg in the city as well as 23 mpg for highway as well as 20 mpg in the combined. In comparison to other premium compact SUVs and other compact SUVs, this Land Rover is thirsty. It guzzled the most fuel consumption during our 75mph highway test of fuel efficiency, and it scored a disappointing 21 miles per gallon. The BMW X3 with six cylinders M40i clocked 29 mpg during our test, as did others with all-wheel drive like the Acura RDX, for instance. Acura RDX managed 25 MPG.


In 2024, the Land Rover Discovery Sport starts at $43,300. The fully loaded model could cross the $50,000 threshold. This Land Rover lineup contains many appealing SUVs. However, Discovery Sport is arguably the most price. It’s a small luxury vehicle that is a testament to the ethos that defines its brand, offering luxury, off-road performance, and style without any compromise.

Its Discovery Sport has standard all-wheel drive, and a fair amount of off-road options, but it also features a luxurious interior that is loaded with high-tech information system as well as premium material. It also has a premium interior. Discovery Sport also has available three-row seating something that’s not often seen in the class.

If you’re looking for a small luxury vehicle that’s comfortable in the city as well as able off-road, then this Discovery Sport is the one to choose. If you’re not looking to take offroad trips, it’s probably better to choose one of its competitors.