2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport Price: How Much is the new Land Rover Discovery Sport 2024?

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2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport Price: How Much is the new Land Rover Discovery Sport 2024?The third row of the Discovery Sport’s seating position at least is distinctive, though it’s designed for kids who shouldn’t be alone that far away from their parents’ front. In order to spice up the old SUV, in 2024 this Discovery Sport gets a big update, with the majority of it focused on the interior.

2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport
2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport


The Land Rover’s big SUVs which include they are the Land Rover Discovery, Range Rover as well and the Range Rover Sport brother all ride on a new, flexible Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA) platform that is able to function with gasoline and electric engines, or even as an electric vehicle. The first one will be the brand’s newly-designed Range Rover due next year.

The smaller models, those of the Land Rover Discovery Sport and Range Rover Evoque – switch to a brand new Electric Modular Architecture (EMA) and will be responsible for 50% of LR production by 2030.

The exterior design of the Discovery Sport isn’t significantly different since the beginning of its existence and the model of 2024 is a continuation of that style. The honeycomb grille design and sleek lines were present in the previous model. Land Rover rolled out a number of brand-new wheel designs for the SUV in 2024. Buyers can customize the Sport with a variety of outside cameras to make it easier off-roading.

The EMA platform was designed to power the wheels with electric motors. This can be done with either one that provides two-wheel drive for entry-level cars and city-centric automobiles, or two that provide all-wheel drive. However, here’s where things get intriguing since Autocar says that while some Evoque or Disco Sports will be pure BEVs drawing power from a huge underneath-floor battery, others will have an enlarger battery as well as gasoline engines that extend range.

The small “lean-burn” engine won’t drive the wheels directly and is used only to ensure that the battery is filled up. It’s a tactic BMW utilized on the hybrid versions of its i3 city car and Mazda uses it in the coming range extender versions from the MX-30.

Switching from the conventional ICE layout to one with a range extender, JLR will be able to dramatically reduce the amount of ICE engines it must create. Autocar reports JLR declaring to investors it can reduce “multiple internal combustion engines to one simplified electrified ICE, eliminating diesel and costly after-treatment systems”.

However, looking ahead JLR has announced that it’s working on zero-emission fuel cell technology “in preparation for future demand” and suggests that hydrogen may completely replace ICE range extenders once infrastructure and customers are prepared. This is a bit far from being a reality, but. In the UK as an example, it’s currently just eleven hydrogen stations across the whole country, as compared with more than 8,000 traditional stations for fuel. Also, it’s worth noting that some of the major automakers are now avoiding hydrogen completely.

Land Rover boasts that the Discovery Sport has 24 possible seat configurations. Second-row seats slide or recline, and come with an incline of 40:20:40. The crossover provides a capacity of 63.35 cubic feet of storage space, with the rear seats collapsed.

Land Rover adds Varesine Blue to its color palette for exteriors. The cost is $950, which joins Santorini Black, Firenze Red, Eiger Grey, Hakuba Silver as well and Ostuni Pearl White among additional premium paints at that cost. Automaker offers Carpathian Grey and Silicon Silver that cost $1,550 each. Fuji White is free. Fuji White also offers an all-new 21-inch gloss black alloy as well as 19-inch diamond-turned gloss black or gloss black wheels to choose from.

In 2024, the Discovery Sport will be available in two versions: S and Dynamic SE. The S comes with a brand new, contrasting matte black grille that features the hexagonal design, Indus Silver skid plates, and lower sills in body color. Its Dynamic SE stands out with the contrast of its gloss black roof and lower body sills. lower bumper and a script. Land Rover adds some sportiness by incorporating the front bumper’s intake accents that are reminiscent of claws.

2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport Redesign
2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport Redesign


The exterior style for this Land Rover Discovery Sport has been well-worn has a slick, modern look, and has just enough roughness into the mix to bring back its off-road capability. Land Rover has introduced a small number of minor changes like an all-new striking Gloss Black grille with a Discovery hexagonal design on the front. It also has Bright Atlas Discovery script on the hood as well as skid plates made of Indus Silver. The LED headlights and the front bumpers are seamlessly integrated into the body. The basic model has an alloy 18 inches. The larger 19-inch tires and wheels are available on the Dynamic trim. It also features contrast roofing and various exterior features made of Gloss Black. The customers can choose wheel styles that go between 21 and 22 inches and both versions have fixed roofs with panoramic views.

Dimensions of the Land Rover Discovery Sport are normal for the small crossover segment. Its height is 67.99 inches and its length of 180.98 inches with a width that incorporates the mirrors that is 85.55 inches. The wheelbase is 107.91 inches.

A reasonably capable off-roader, customers can take advantage of 8.35 inches of ground clearance along with approach/departure/ramp angles of 24.8/30/20.3 degrees, respectively. This is complemented by a wading width that is 23.62 inches.

With five seats, Discovery Sport is a five-seater. Discovery Sport weighs 4,035 pounds which increases to 4,210 lbs when there is a third row designated.


An 11.4-inch screen with curved glass now sits on the dashboard. It houses all of the additional functions, including climate control and the audio system all in one spot while leaving a clear empty space for knobs and buttons are were previously scattered.

The sleek design is appealing. While we prefer that physical controls for the most common functions be less obtrusive The company claims that 90% of the system features are available within 2 clicks on the screen that is home. It’s not clear how other automakers’ software stacks up in this regard, but it sounds pretty good.

A new and stubby shifter draws extra visual weight off the console’s center. The steering wheel of the new model reduces its size, putting the airbag in a cleaner central section with floating cruise, audio, and infotainment buttons on the three spokes. Amazon Alexa, Android Auto as well and Bluetooth wireless Apple CarPlay are standard, which means that talking with the vehicle might prevent users from smudging fingerprints onto the touchscreen in any way. On the outside, the SUV has new grilles in black that feature the hexagonal pattern and the latest wheel designs.

Land Rover has done an amazing job at decluttering the Discovery Sport’s interior. the dashboard was getting several useful improvements for the model year. The touchscreen is now more available, as is the central console that is redesigned to fit a wireless charging pad as well as an additional storage room. The quality of the materials is generally high and the space is excellent on the second and third rows. In addition, the Disco Sport comes with dual-zone heating, heated front seats, and a heated steering wheel.

Five seats are common on five-seater Land Rover Discovery Sport, and with this configuration, it is not difficult to find any complaints concerning the space inside. In the first two rows, six-footers can have enough legroom and headroom for longer runs, which means that long excursions are not a problem. Third-row seats are unique in the class, however, the seats are best reserved for children of a certain age since they’re generally too cramped for adults. The seats at the front of the Land Rover Discovery Sport come equipped with power and heating as standard. The second-row seats are heated, too.

The Disco Sport is constructed and finished to a premium quality, and the materials used in Disco Sport are of high quality. The materials inside Disco Sport are pleasing to the eyes and feel. Ebony Duo leather seats are available as well as Gloss Black trim. People who want a more airy ambiance could also choose Suedecloth and Light Oyster Luxtec seats that feature Light Oyster stitching. LightOyster DuoLeather and Acorn DuoLeather seats are also offered as well and they also have a Gloss Black trim. Gloss Black trim can be substituted with Natural Shadow Oak veneer.

The Dynamic trim is slightly different by offering Ebony DuoLeather that has Grey stitching Luxtec, Light Oyster/Ebony, and suede cloth. You can also choose Ebony/Light Oyster Duo Leather featuring Light Oyster stitching. The trim choices are Shadow Aluminum or Titanium Mesh. The sportier version also has metal treadplates, as well as bright pedals made of metal.

The interior color options for Discovery Sport’s interior colors Discovery Sport are all classy and elegant but without any of the garish choices that you will find on a comparable German SUV.

When the third row is in place, the cargo area inside the Land Rover Discovery Sport measures just 6.86 cubic feet. It increases to a better 32.2 cubes in the third row. The third row can be folded into a 40:20/40 split. By folding it, you can free 59.98 cubes in the space behind the initial row. Land Rover quotes a separate estimate for 63.35 cubes behind rear seats, which is also likely this is applicable to the model that has five seats with its 2nd-row folding.

A new design for the central console The Discovery Sport now has space for a charger for wireless phones along with a wide space in the front. Cup holders in the rear and front make the car more practical as well as an ample glovebox as well as useful pockets inside each door.

In order to justify the high cost of entry, the basic Discovery Sport S is equipped with numerous basic options. The seat’s front is heated and is also adjustable, offering adjustable 12-way for the driver, and 10-way adjustments for passengers. They also come with the ability to store their settings. Additional standard features include dual-zone temperature control, an adjustable panoramic roof, a keyless entry system, a heated steering wheel as well as an auto-dimming interior rearview mirror, as well as the ability to open and close a tailgate with a motorized mechanism.

Equipment for driver assistance has been selected carefully and includes the standard features of the 3D surround camera system, lane-keep aid, and front and rear parking sensors. the recognition of traffic signs, as well as blind-spot assistance. Dynamic SE Dynamic SE is primarily a more sporty-looking option with more attractive wheels and trims, however, it lacks significant features that are standard on the basic model. The head-up display as well as heated seats in the rear are just a couple of the options for extras.

Its Pivi Pro infotainment interface has been upgraded for the year 2024 model and Discovery Sport Discovery Sport now enjoying a more spacious 11.4-inch touchscreen display as the standard. The curved glass screen seems to hover on top of the new center console as well as having sidebars that are always accessible to perform frequently-used tasks including climate control and other settings. In addition, the unit includes SiriusXM satellite radio HD Radio, Android Auto as well as Bluetooth, wireless Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, two front USB ports, as well as additional USB ports on the 2nd row (and on the third row, should they be fitted). Wireless mobile phone charging is located within the console’s center, and drivers have access to a gauge cluster. The Meridian audio system is included in the common.

2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport Interior
2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport Interior


The 2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport is on sale now. The vehicle is equipped with its Ingenium turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 246 horsepower as well as 269 pounds of torque. It is coupled with a 9-speed auto transmission which feeds energy to the four-wheel-drive system. Seven-seat versions take 7.5 minutes to achieve sixty miles an hour. It’s 0.2 seconds less than the five-seat model.

The sole engine option for this Land Rover Discovery Sport range is not the best and the 2.0-liter turbo-four engine produces 246 hp and 269 pounds of torque. The power is distributed to the four corners. Land Rover claims a 0-60 speed that is 7.3 seconds on the 5-seater Discovery Sport or 7.5 seconds on the 7-seater variant. The latter can go up to 140 mph, which is just one millisecond ahead of the more powerful seven-seater variant, though these numbers aren’t quite as useful for a luxury compact crossover. It is important to note that Discovery Sport can feel a bit sluggish in getting in speed when compared with many competitors. In the case of instance, the base BMW X3 with AWD will reach 60 in just 6 seconds, despite having only 2 horsepower higher.

When it comes to trailering in terms of trailering, this Discovery Sport will tow a maximum weight of 4,409 pounds. When it is at lower speeds on the off road it is more impressive thanks to its reliable Terrain Response 2 system.

The base 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder motor is capable of producing 246 horsepower and 269 pounds of torque which isn’t too bad, but we would have no issues using it as a basic engine had there been other options that were more powerful. The fact is that there aren’t. Therefore, customers should be ready to deal with the all-wheel drive Discovery Sport’s moderate acceleration as well as its slow response. It can travel at its maximum speed without much hassle However, the automatic nine-speed transmission would benefit from more precise shifts. Also, we believe it’s the tuning of transmission that stops this Land Rover from posting better performance figures. 2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport Price


The starting price for 2024’s Land Rover Discovery Sport is $48,900 MSRP for the S without the cost of destination, which is $1175 for the USA. The price is more than $4000 more expensive than the starting price which is a substantial rise. There is only one other trim available in the 2024 Discovery Sport range is the Dynamic SE which begins at the price of $53,100.