2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport S: Review, Interior & Specs

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2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport S: Review, Interior & Specs The Land Rover Discovery Sport has been in motion in the current version from the year it came out as a 2020 version. It might not appear like the previous model it was replacing however, beneath its slender sheet of metal was a brand-new platform shared by the similarly newly-designed Evoque. It’s been four years since the last update and the time is right for a new revision, this time specifically on the interior.

2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport S Review
2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport S Review


The third row of the Discovery Sport’s seat is what makes it stand out, even though it’s designed for kids who shouldn’t go home that long from their parents at the front. For a fresh look to the SUV, in 2024 this Discovery Sport gets a big overhaul, mostly in the interior.

An 11.4-inch screen with a curvilinear design is located on the dashboard. It combines additional functions such as controls for climate and audio systems into one location while leaving a clear space where knobs and buttons were previously scattered.

The minimalist design looks attractive. Even though we’ve found that physical controls for the most common tasks are less obtrusive, the company claims it’s 90% of the system functions can be accessed with just two tappings from the main screen. It’s not clear how other automobile manufacturers’ systems compare on this metric, however, it sounds pretty good.

The new, stubby shifter takes greater visual impact from the central console. The steering wheel also reduces its size, putting the airbag in a cleaner central section with floating cruise, audio, and infotainment controls across the three spokes. Amazon Alexa, Android Auto as well and Bluetooth wireless Apple CarPlay are standard, making it possible to talk with your vehicle could preventing users from having to wipe fingerprints from the touchscreen. The exterior of the SUV is adorned with the new black grille that features a hexagonal pattern and various wheel options.

The exterior design of the Discovery Sport hasn’t drastically changed since it was first introduced and the 2024 version is a continuation of that style. The grille is a honeycomb style and has crisp lines like the predecessor. Land Rover rolled out a number of brand-new wheel designs for the SUV in 2024. Buyers can equip the Sport with a range of cameras on the exterior for better off-roading.

The design on the exterior of this Land Rover Discovery Sport has been well-worn and has a slick, modern look but with enough ruggedness into the mix to bring back its off-road capability. Land Rover has introduced a couple of subtle changes, such as the new, contrast Gloss Black grille with a Discovery hexagon design in the front. There is also Bright Atlas Discovery script on the hood, and skid plates that are Indus Silver. The headlights with LEDs as well as the front bumpers are seamlessly built into the body. The base model is mounted on 19-inch alloy wheels. Wheels and tires that are larger than 19 inches are available on the Dynamic model, which features a distinct roofing and various exterior accessories made of Gloss Black. You can also choose wheels that measure up to 21 inches and both versions include a roof that is fixed and panoramic.

Dimensions of the Land Rover Discovery Sport are common for the segment of compact crossovers. Its height is 67.99 inches its length of 180.98 inches with a width that incorporates mirrors of 85.55 inches. The wheelbase is 107.91 inches.

A reasonably capable off-roader, customers can take advantage of 8.35 inches of ground clearance along with approach/departure/ramp angles of 24.8/30/20.3 degrees, respectively. The specs are further enhanced by a depth of 23.62 inches.

The five-seater version of Discovery Sport is a five-seater. Discovery Sport weighs 4,035 pounds which increases to 4,210 lbs when the third row is chosen.

2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport S Interior
2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport S Interior


Just in front of the driver is the fully digital gauge cluster. The most interesting feature is the touchscreen that’s curved on the dashboard, atop a stylish modern-looking console. With a size of 11.4 inches, The infotainment system is running Land Rover’s latest Pivi Pro 2 software, which we have found to be a significant upgrade over the older software. Android Auto and wireless Apple CarPlay are standard, and so does Amazon Alexa voice control. Wireless charging for devices within the console also is standard.

Interior fabrics are also upgraded. The 2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport S and Dynamic SE models have the interior covered in what Land Rover calls DuoLeather, and it comes in three different colors. The Suedecloth, which is not leather, is provided, as is an imitation Luxtec material made from recycled microfiber made of polyester. (You are able to learn more about who chooses the indoor textiles here). A third row of seating in the back of the sliding and reclined second row will add $1,720 to the final bill.

In addition to the upgrade for the interior The 2024 Discovery Sport gets very small changes to the exterior that consist of black or body-color trims, based on the specific model. The Dynamic version has more brightness than the regular Sport S. New wheel models round out the improvements.

Mechanically, the car is unchanged and the sole powertrain option is it has the P250 badge Ingenium four-cylinder which sends 245 horsepower across all four wheels via a nine-speed automated. The more powerful mild hybrid engine choice was only available in the first Disco Sport model year. The option was removed in 2021.

Engine and Specs

The Land Rover Discovery Sport is only available as a selection of two trim ranges: S and Dynamic SE. Each of the Land Rover Discovery Sport trims has the same powertrain specifications. identical; they both have a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine which has 246 horsepower and 269 pounds of torque. All-wheel drive is a standard feature along with a 9-speed auto transmission.

The base S includes all of the beneficial features you’ll see at the top of the line however, it is based on smaller alloys of 18 inches. Inside, you’ll find an 11.4-inch touchscreen with every feature you’d want in connectivity and the digital gauge cluster. It can seat five people as standard, or seven in the optional configuration it comes with power-adjustable and heated front seats as well as a heated steering wheel as well as dual-zone climate control as well as keys-free entry. Additionally, there are several driver assistance options that are standard, such as blind spot monitoring or traffic signal recognition.

Upgrading to the Dynamic SE gives you the appearance of a sports car from the inside as well as out. This model comes with 19-inch alloys, stylish metal pedals, and treadplates made of metal with distinct upholstery and inlay options. As a standalone or a part of package choices, buyers can include things like head-up displays as well as different wheels. heated seats in the rear.

There are several additional options available to Discovery Sport. There are a few extras available for Discovery Sport, and these are applicable to all versions. The $3,720 Third Row Pack adds a third row as well as two additional seats, however, they are extremely tiny. Apart from these seats, this package also includes cooling vents for those seated within the row in which it is located. Also, there’s a Technology Pack that costs $1,450 with a ClearSight mirror in the rear as well as a head-up display as well and the Click and Go integrated base device that holds a variety of things like tablets or jackets. The comfort Pack features customizable cabin lighting, second-row vents that can be controlled by temperature as well as a cabin filtering system for air. In addition, for those living in colder climates, The $990 Cold Climate Pack contains a heated windshield, heated back seats as well and washers for headlights.

Though not a sporty car, buyers can opt for the Dynamic Handling Pack for $1600 which features configurable dynamics as well as dynamically adjusting dynamics that allow to have greater control over the vehicle’s shifting and throttle mapping and more.

The engine that is the only option in this Land Rover Discovery Sport range is a little underwhelming it comes with a 2.0-liter turbo-four engine producing 246 horsepower and 269 lb-ft of torque. Its power goes to all four corners. Land Rover claims a 0-60 speed in 7.3 minutes for the 5-seater Discovery Sport or 7.5 seconds for the seven-seater version. The latter can go up to 140 mph, which is just one millisecond ahead of the more powerful seven-seat version, but these numbers aren’t quite as useful for a luxury compact crossover. It is important to note that Discovery Sport can feel a bit sluggish in getting in speed when compared with many competitors. In the case of instance, the base BMW X3 with AWD will reach 60 in only six seconds, even though it has two more horsepower.

For trailering purposes, it is said that it is able to trailer. Discovery Sport will tow a maximum weight of 4,409 pounds. When it is at lower speeds on the off road it is more impressive thanks to its nifty Terrain Response 2 system.

The basic 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder motor puts out 246 horsepower and 269 pounds of torque which isn’t too bad, but we wouldn’t have any issues when it was a base engine had there been other options that were more powerful. The fact is that there aren’t. Therefore, customers have to be prepared for the all-wheel drive Discovery Sport’s slow acceleration, as well as its sluggish reactions. It can travel at its maximum speed without much hassle However, the auto transmission’s nine speeds would benefit from more precise shifts. Also, we believe it’s the setting of the transmission that prevents this Land Rover from posting better performance figures.

There’s a tendency to find that an engine that is slightly weak is balanced by good performance however this AWD Discovery Sport’s fuel performance is not up to par with the top. It manages 19/23/20 mpg city/highway/combined, significantly down on the BMW X3 xDrive’s 24 mpg combined or the Audi Q5 Quattro’s 26 mpg combined.

With a 17.7-gallon capacity for fuel tanks with a capacity of 17.7-gallon, the Discovery Sport is restricted to a range of 354 miles.

2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport S Design
2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport S Design


Older but still stylish Its 2024 Discovery Sport wears its simplified dashboard design very perfectly. The order process is now open, with prices starting at $54,075 for the S version and $54,275 for the Dynamic SE (all price includes a one-time destination fee of $1,175).