2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport Release Date

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2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport Release Date People who don’t have a particular personal connection to one brand have wide choices in the small luxury crossover market as well and those who are looking to add some off-road capabilities in the Land Rover Discovery Sport set their own apart by its impressive skills. All-wheel drive is standard, and its Terrain Response 2 system, will let the Discovery Sport confidently tackle terrain that would be more prone to causing problems for its rivals, the BMW X3 and Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class. The difference is that these German competitors have better on-road behavior and specifications for performance because the Disco only has a turbocharged engine of 246 horsepower. It’s not that it’s not a good choice. Land Rover isn’t a comfortable elegant vehicle, but it’s also a striking part of a fashionable crossover. In the new year, an updated infotainment system has increased the appeal of the Disco, however, an incredibly high price isn’t doing the Brit the best of luck in this highly competitive category.

2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport
2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport


There are a lot of changes to this year’s Discovery Sport this year. The classy SUV is equipped with brand the latest wheel designs, the brand new Gloss Black detailing, and the latest Gloss Black grille. Varesine Blue is a new variation to the color palette for this year. The most striking change that can be seen inside the cabin, is that the new 11.4-inch curving glass display is replacing the 10-inch model that was previously in use. The new gear shifter, an ordinary digital instrument cluster as well and a more compact central console that offers additional storage are a few additional features. Land Rover has also chosen to reduce its number of trimmings to just two. The disadvantage is the price that’s more expensive than of some German counterparts.

don’t let the “Sport” in the title fool you into thinking that the Discovery Sport isn’t the most exhilarating car to enjoy driving. It’s not one to enjoy being driven over rough roads and has visible body roll, but no resemblance to the dynamism of the BMW X3. Maybe it’s just that the engine’s 246 horsepower isn’t as powerful as the chassis will likely be stressed by a stronger mill.

The good news isn’t all bad, however. The brand new Land Rover Discovery Sport SUV offers a quiet and comfortable drive, which is more important to a lot of customers who are in this market, at least. This makes it an excellent option for long trips outside of cities with the whole family. If the pavement transforms into dirt then this Discovery Sport elevates itself above other vehicles. When it comes to slippery surfaces, such as snow and sand, its Land Rover grips well, and its Terrain Response system is able to rapidly adjust to different situations. The system has modes for sandy and gravel, and its Discovery Sport also comes with smart features, like the off-road low-speed cruise control system.

So long as you don’t anticipate a lot of excitement when you drive on regular roads in the Land Rover Discovery test drive review, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the ease of this automobile to manage.

Although it has an elegant appearance both outside and inside although it is still stylish inside and out, it is evident that the Land Rover Discovery Sport has been showing signs of age. It’s mostly due to the performance it offers on roads and its engine is not as robust or effective as the ones found in other competitors. However, it is among the most efficient off-road vehicles available within its class, however, it’s as comfortable off the road as you are likely to get without having Defender capabilities. The two trims have a good specification and are well-equipped, but they have to be so, given they’re both well-specified, and the Discovery Sport isn’t exactly cheap. Larger models from Land Rover seem to be a step above that of the Discovery Sport, but if you’re in the market for a smaller premium SUV with the ability to go off-roading, this model is worthy of a glance.

2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport Interior
2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport Interior


The 2024 Discovery Sport gets interior updates that include more storage space and seats that can seat up to seven. Land Rover borrowed elements from the pricey Range Rover line, giving the Sport the appearance of a luxurious and technologically advanced cabin that has a new dashboard appearance. Although it is one of the company’s most affordable vehicles The Discovery Sport comes standard with heated front seats as well as a steering wheel. An expansive sunroof as well synthetic leather seats are also available.

The latest infotainment display runs with the latest version of the firm’s Pivi Pro software. For those not yet comfortable with the configuration There are bars that remain static and are located on the opposite sides of the screen which lets users instantly use certain functions and menus. The huge floating glass screen comes with the standard Amazon Alexa voice compatibility along with wireless Apple CarPlay; Android Auto is also included in the package.

In 2024, the Land Rover Discovery Sport will receive the updated center console, and the center stack also. A new stubby shifter replaces a long, narrow lever which is surrounded by a more smooth and appealing surface. Under it, the Pivi Pro screen is extra storage space, instead of the HVAC control panel that has actual knobs. The new standard includes a wireless charging pad as well as 2 USB-C port. The vehicle comes with a brand new three-spoke steering wheel, with new control paddles and shifters as well. Every “24” Discovery Sport comes standard with digital gauge clusters.


Land Rover offers just one engine for its Disco Sport, and AWD is available as a standard. There is only one option, the mild hybrid 2.0-liter turbocharged I-4 that produces 246 hp and 269 lb-ft torque. it is estimated that five-seat models are able to reach 60mph within 7.3 minutes, and the three-row models are expected to take 7.5 minutes. It’s not a great time however it’s not nearly much worse than the energy efficiency.

With the light hybrid technology that was introduced in 2020, the Discovery Sport only achieves 19/23 highway/city mpg. In case you need to know it is the much faster and more powerful 4-cylinder BMW X3 xDrive30i that returns 21/28 mpg. The inline-six X3 M40i has a rating of 21/26 mpg. In fact, the larger Discovery equipped with the same engine can achieve 19/25 mpg. The low efficiency of the Discovery Sport is among its most serious weaknesses. 2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport Release Date

2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport Release Date
2024 Land Rover Discovery Sport Release Date


Its 2024 version of the Land Rover Discovery Sport is available in America and the 2024 Discovery Sport S starts at $50,075 (all costs include a $1,175 delivery charge). The lowest three-row option is $51,795, while the option of seven seats costs just $1,720. It’s available with no other upgrade options as per the configurator, which is available today.

The Sport Dynamic SE will start at $54,275 by 2024. It can be as high as $68,435 depending on the choice selected. The upgrades include the large spare ($400) and the red brake calipers ($425) 21-inch glossy wheel in black ($1,650) as well as various packages like those that include the Dynamic Handling Pack ($1,600) The Tech Pack ($1,450), the Comfort Pack ($580), the Towing Pack 2 ($1,050) and the Cold Climate Pack ($890). The Meridian Surround sound system and titanium mesh trim finishes are added to the $450 and $400 price of the cost, respectively.