2024 Land Rover Defender X: Review, Specs & Release Date

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2024 Land Rover Defender X: Review, Specs & Release DateThe latest Defender was almost as tense a beginning as the first. Just a few days after journalists around the world received the key to one of the biggest modern vehicles all the world were put on lockdown. The resentment at the company’s headquarters located in Coventry is evident after going to this extent to create one of the most vital products but for the threat of a pandemic to thwart its release.

2024 Land Rover Defender X
2024 Land Rover Defender X

The latest Land Rover Defender blends modern design with the capability embodied by the renowned brand name.

This contemporary version of the iconic brand is still awe-inspiring, particularly when viewed from an off-road angle of point of. The modern aluminum platform that has independent suspension as well as air suspension that can be adjusted, it provides plenty of clearance, which allows the Defender to conquer obstacles that other vehicles are unable to overcome.


Re-inventing an iconic vehicle isn’t straightforward, however, Land Rover pulled it off with its latest Defender. With its present form, this Defender is just as good an off-roader as it has ever been, but becoming a tad better stylish, and well-equipped everyday SUV.

The combination of a variety of tuned hardware and software allows the Defender to go beyond the usual routes. Air suspension that can be adjusted to height with locking differentials as well as drives that can be programmed to suit various surfaces are only a few of its features–to add to its advantageous angles as well as the standard four-wheel drive system.

However, on the streets it’s Defender is a stylish crossover. Available in a variety of body styles as well as with numerous customization options, it’s capable of satisfying a variety of preferences such as an elegant image, families in the real world, or an unhinged performance. The Defender is elegant and comfortable however, the cost is likely to increase fast based on the configuration. In addition, while the Defender was mechanically sound throughout its time during our lengthy review fleet there were some glitches in the software that occurred.

Few cars have the breadth of performance such as the Defender. Certain models are more athletic, bigger and more off-road capable, or even more lavish, however, very few have all these attributes as well as this iconic Land Rover. The Defender is a great successor to the first and is a lot better than the SUV it was.

Its 2024 Land Rover Defender X is placed above the X-Dynamic SE model. It features distinctive exterior styling that has gloss black painted areas, including the roof, the hood, lower door cladding as well as lower trim for the bumper darker-colored tail lights, exclusive 20-inch alloy wheels that are machined, as well as orange brake calipers, as well as tow hooks. The 130 also comes with a body-color extra tire cover. Inside, the leather interior features rough-cut walnut trim.

Its X trim is available with the Defender 110 and 130 with the P400 engine. The X trim brings back off-road options that were gone when the X-Dynamic SE trim and adds:

  • Orange brake calipers for the brake
  • Head-up display (displays vital information right in your line of sight across the windshield)
  • Upholstered in fabric and leather
  • Power adjustments are also available for front seats
  • Second- and third-row heated seats
  • New lighting in the cabin
  • Rearview mirror with digital technology (allows the driver to view through the back, even with full cargo space)

Off-road enthusiasts were in a frenzy when the brand-new Defender was launched. It lacked solid axles and was loaded with luxury and tech options, it was far away from the rough and basic original. It wasn’t the “real” Defender, they said. What a mistake they made. What we discovered when driving 500 miles across an undiscovered region in Africa as well as sand dunes of Southern California, and unpaved trails during our review of the year of the latest Defender is a beast of the road definitely one of the most durable factory-built trail vehicles that are available. For those who are looking for a model that is more similar to the Defender that was the norm, The Ineos Grenadier might be an appealing alternative.

Each 2024 Defender includes driver assistance and safety-related features that are active, such as the adaptive cruise control system, lane-keeping aid, blind-spot monitor rear cross-traffic alert as well as automatic emergency braking. In addition, parking sensors throughout the vehicle as well as a 360-degree camera make maneuvering in restricted spaces a breeze.

2024 Land Rover Defender X Interior
2024 Land Rover Defender X Interior


The 2024 Defender includes four engines, each one is amazing in its own way. The basic motor is a turbocharged four-cylinder with 296 horsepower with enough capacity for regular driving as well as long highway trips. Next up is a 395-horsepower turbocharged six-cylinder. High in the line are two supercharged V8s with 493 horsepower and 518 horsepower.

The six and eight-cylinder engine choices offer noticeably faster acceleration as well as passing power. A few V8 models are capable of speeds from 0 to 60 mph in the range of 5 seconds or less, that’s impressive for this category. Additionally, the V8 engines provide an amazing exhaust note. Every model is equipped with a smooth and quick 8-speed auto transmission.

The EPA isn’t yet providing estimates for fuel economy for the 2024 Defender as at the time of writing. Similar to the 2023 model, the mechanically comparable Defender has poor fuel efficiency estimates for the mid-priced luxury SUV segment, which range from an average of 18/23 miles per gallon (city/highway) and a lowest of 14/19 miles per gallon.

The Defender performs well on the pavement It has a well-weighted steering system as well as a great road feel. Its ride is equally remarkable, with the only bigger bumps feeling like an interior. The Defender is among the very few vehicles that be off-road vehicle that is hard-core and also comfortable suburban road-tripper.

Land Rover is world-renowned for its off-roaders that are hardcore and the Defender could be their most powerful vehicle. Every model comes with four-wheel drive, a 2-speed transfer case, and hill descent control. It also comes with wade sensing as well as the Terrain Response System. This lets you select between a number of drive settings that maximize the Defender’s traction controls for the traverse of snow, sand rocks, dirt, and so on. The optional Terrain Response 2 system automatically recognizes the type of surface you’re traveling over and adjusts the suspension and drivetrain to suit the.

The air suspension gives you a maximum height of 11.5 inches, allowing the Defender to swim through almost three inches of water. Other performance options off-road include a locking electronic differential as well as off-road tires, and the low-speed off-road cruise control.

2024 Land Rover Defender X Release Date
2024 Land Rover Defender X Release Date

Release Date and Price

Jaguar Land Rover has already revealed pricing and specs for the 2024 Defender collection – in advance of delivery beginning in the month of November 2023.

Defender X Defender X has a base MSRP of $90,800 with the body type 110 and $99,000 on the 130. Both models are powered by a six-cylinder turbocharged engine.

This model is gaining a couple of important performance enhancements. They include adaptive air suspension, Terrain Response 2, and All-Terrain Progress Control systems as well as an electronically controlled differential. Other standard features include Windsor leather seating and a mirror with a digital view.