2024 Ford E-Transit Custom: Review, Range & Release Date

2024 Ford E-Transit Custom: Review, Range & Release DateFord is revealing the new electric E-Transit Custom, which was unveiled earlier in the year. The van’s electric motor will have a 74kWh (usable) battery with 236 miles (380 kilometers) in range when using the WLTP cycle. It can also be powered by as high as 214 horsepower (217 PS/160 horsepower) along with 415 Nm (306 lb-ft) of torque.

2024 Ford E-Transit Custom Concept
2024 Ford E-Transit Custom Concept

The E-Transit Custom is set to begin production in the fall of 2023 in Ford’s factory located in Turkey as a result of the investment of around $2 billion. This is the fourth of four fully electric vehicles currently that are in development by Ford Pro, the brand’s new commercial vehicle division.


Ford revealed its E-Transit Custom in May but did not provide any details on the specifications of the vehicle, other than noting the options. The remaining pieces of the puzzle have now fallen together as Blue Oval’s commercial department Ford Pro has released the details. With no further delay, it is known that this electric beast will be able to carry the capacity to payload up to 1,100 kg (2,425 pounds) as well as a towing capability of 2,000 kilograms (4,409 pounds).

The 2024 E-Transit Custom in its basic model will have 135 horsepower (100 Kilowatts) in comparison to the more powerful model is estimated at 217 hp (160 kW). Both configurations offer instant torque available will be 415 Newton meters (306 pounds). This is enough power to provide an equivalent payload to diesel as per Ford Pro.

The battery pack comes with the capacity to hold 774 kWh. It is made up of pouch cells that are also used within the F-150 Lightning. As compared to the batteries that are used inside the E-Transit the pouch cells have twelve percent greater energy density. They also allow to allow the E-Transit Custom to cover up to 380 kilometers (236 miles) in only one charge per WLTP. The battery is able to be recharged at speeds of the rate of 125 kW and it takes 41 minutes to charge between 15 and 80 percent. The full recharge of the battery with 11 kW will take just less than eight hours.

Similar to what’s available for similar features to the F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck it also provides bidirectional charging through Ford’s ProPower onboard system that can power electrical equipment and other equipment at speeds of up to 2.3 5 kW. Additional notable features include independent rear suspension that is lower than the flooring and a drag coefficient that has been improved by 10 percent over that of the Transit Custom.

The E-Transit Custom is available in a single and double cab or an e-Transit Custom wagon that is it is the E-Transit Custom is offered with two wheelbases as well as two different roof sizes. The panel van can accommodate a capacity of 5.8 up to 9.3 cubic meters and an overall length of 3.45 meters. It is interesting to note that Ford Pro boasts an open door that slides that has the largest opening of the segment following the rearranging of the C- and B-pillars.

2024 Ford E-Transit Custom
2024 Ford E-Transit Custom


The brand new 2024 Ford E-Transit Custom is distinguished by its unique altered front fascia that has the addition of a bigger frontal area. In contrast, it has a lot of aspects of its style with the gas-powered version. The E-Transit features unique LED headlights and a light bar running across the front of the.

The car also has a huge grille, which has a fashionable appearance and performs cooling tasks. The other changes include a brand-new rear bumper, LED taillights, and obvious bulges along the bonnet. The charging port is located on the front of the bumper, right below the headlights. As we mentioned, the new model is expected to arrive as a mid-size vehicle.

The E-Transit Custom is a follow-up to the larger E-Transit as well as being advertised as the all-electric successor to the van that is Europe’s top-selling. Ford affirms that it created the Custom entirely from scratch and has incorporated lessons from medium and small-sized businesses they hope will take advantage of the EV’s new design.

These features include the Mobile Office option pack, which includes a tilting steering wheel, which can serve as a stand to hold laptops and tablets. There are also flat tables for dining or writing. There is also dimmable LED lighting to put you ready for work.

Additionally it is the Delivery Assist feature is designed to assist drivers who make several stops throughout the day. It also streamlines the procedure of leaving the vehicle on a strict timetable. Once activated, if it is set to park, the vehicle will activate the safety lights, lock all windows that are open, and then lock the door when the driver is out of the van.

As per the E-Transit Onboard, the ProPower Onboard is a tool for traders, providing 2.3 milliwatts through the sockets located in the load and cab area and allowing the E-Transit Custom to serve as a big battery that can power tools.

Designing the E-Transit Custom as a load-lugging hero had to be done while accommodating the not insignificantly-sized battery pack.

For this purpose, Ford engineers integrated the battery in the floor, above the sill Flange. Other underbody components are being designed for use around the battery in order to conserve weight and provide more space. The key to these measures of space saving is the inclusion of an independent semi-trailing arms rear suspension that increases comfort and ease of handling.

This is resulting in the floor of load for the E-Transit Custom having a lower floor than the prior Transit Custom however its overall height vehicle is under two meters in order to give it access to car parks that are height restricted.


Unfortunately, no pictures of the interior have been released currently. But, we do know the fact that in 2024, the Ford E-Transit Custom Electric Van will come with a big screen. The vehicle will be running Ford’s latest Sync 4 infotainment system and it’ll come in regular. It is likely to be 12 inches in size, which is a great size. Both cargo and passenger versions will be able to boast amazing safety ratings.

There should be plenty of cargo space in addition to the capacity for passengers, depending upon the version you choose. The latest model is expected to be different from the earlier Transit models, though the concept is identical. Naturally, the electric model is equipped with higher-end amenities, like more top-of-the-line components and a range of modern amenities.

2024 Ford E-Transit Custom Interior
2024 Ford E-Transit Custom Interior

Range and Performance

We said that in 2024, the Ford E-Transit Custom Electric Van can provide a distance of 236 miles with just one charge. The model will be equipped with the standard battery of 68-kWh but a larger one is possible. Two different outputs for each source. The standard version will have 181 horsepower, while the second variant will produce about 266 hp.

The DC speed-charging feature will be available this is yet another good aspect of this version. The Transit Custom will produce as much as 318 pounds of torque. However, it won’t feature the same capacity for towing as the regular Transit Custom. Ford will also offer Pro Power Onboard technology, as on the F-150 Lightning truck.

Maybe more important for those who utilize their EVs to work than those who just need to travel from A to B, the power of an electric vehicle will be vital for any prospective buyer.

Ford has accomplished the goals it set to accomplish with a WLTP estimate of a distance of 236 miles (380 kilometers). It beats the majority of competitors which include the Opel Vivaro-e’s 205 miles (320 kilometers) (and its Stellantis-like replicas) the Volkswagen ABT eTransporter’s 85 miles (131 kilometers) and the Mercedes-Benz Vito’s 162 miles (260 kilometers).

In order to achieve this, Ford engineers paid special focus on packaging, materials, and weight, while also doing everything they could to boost effectiveness. These results are apparent in a design that is 10% more slippery in the air due to a flat floor with a unique honeycomb grille and aerodynamic wheel design. The rear light cluster was chosen due to its aerodynamic characteristics as well as the fact that over 800 models are currently being designed.

Additionally, helping to save energy is the addition of a heat pump that is vapor-injected which is the first time it’s been used in electric vehicles. The similar one-pedal drive technology as on the Ford Mustang Mach E, for the purpose of optimizing energy conservation. Additionally, the owners are able to program the E-Transit Custom’s batteries and the cab to be warmed up or cooled prior to work using the Scheduled Pre-Conditioning feature to help conserve energy and ensure the best efficiency and range.

The 2024 Ford E-Transit Custom will come in two tuning states one of which is a 133 horsepower (136 PS/100 kW) motor, or a top-of-the-line 217 horsepower (217 PS/160 kW) choice. Both models have an identical number of 415 Nm (306 pounds) in torque.

The E-Transit Custom allows fast charging of up to 125kW and up to 15-80 percent of charge within 41 minutes. European purchasers will have the option of taking advantage of Blue Oval’s charging network. Blue Oval charging network, offering a 12-month free subscription available.

For the purpose of minimizing interruptions, E-Transit is available with the option of scheduling OTA updates. In addition, every vehicle will have an 8-year, 160,000 km guarantee.

Release Date and Price

Ford Pro will kick off production of its new E-Transit Custom at its Kocaeli facility located in Turkey in the fall of 2023 the pricing will be announced nearer to launch. Prices aren’t known at the moment, however, sales will start later in the year.