2024 Land Rover Defender SE: Review, Specs & Price

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2024 Land Rover Defender SE: Review, Specs & Price If you’re in the market for getting off the path mean, well far from the path that’s been taken -2023’s Land Rover Defender will get the job done easily. Basing its success on its rich background as an all-weather, multi-tasking SUV long before SUV was even invented it’s clear that the Defender can be used off-road to conquer many of the toughest obstacles. Yet it’s also a contemporary Land Rover that comes with high-end features that make it easy to enjoy when in the city.

2024 Land Rover Defender SE Concept
2024 Land Rover Defender SE Concept

This 2024 Land Rover Defender definitely fits the bill. In fact, the Defender is certainly popular with people who don’t have a plan of going to those filthy places the mighty Land Rover is capable of. However, unlike other large and bulky SUVs designed for off-roading cause their owners to endure difficult rides, uncoordinated handling, loud interior sounds, and even a lack of interior space this Land Rover Defender does not. It’s sleek, functional with a comfortable interior and is spacious. It’s true that it’s not the most spacious, but the 2-door Defender 90 may not be as spacious however the three-row 8-passenger Defender 130 is certainly. The basic idea is that it’s a great SUV. Defender is an off-roader that doesn’t compromise and, for those with money not an issue, it’s one of the top SUVs that you can purchase.


Hidden in the lineup is the 110-model-only SE trim, which is notable for having a P500 V8, 20″, bright wheels, a body-color roofing panel, and four exhaust outlets.

In 2024, the 2024 Land Rover Defender SE is only accessible with the Defender 110 with the P500 V8 engine. Other attributes include:

  • 20-inch wheels
  • Electronic Active Differential (sends the appropriate power to wheels to increase the traction)
  • Air suspension that is adaptive (helps enhance ride comfort as well as the stability of handling and may reduce or raise the riding elevation of the car)
  • Cruise control for off-road vehicles
  • Modifications to Terrain Response drive modes
  • Front seats that can be adjusted 14 ways with power. memory feature.
  • Front seats that are cool
  • Ambient lighting in the interior
  • 15-speaker Meridian audio system (110 only)

The bold lines of the horizontal and metal trim, as well as the flooring, are made of rubber and have bins, grab handles, and other accessories all over the place, The Defender’s cabin offers a distinctively rugged and practical look. More so than similar Land Rover today. Although it’s rough in appearance, it’s made of high-end and worthy of its premium price. Its top trim levels may be upgraded by using open-pore wood trim or extravagant two-tone leather options however, it’s insufficient to produce an elegant appearance and feel that you’ll find in the other models exceeding $100,000.

Every Defender includes Land Rover’s Pivi Pro 10-inch wide touchscreen (above middle) interface. An additional, taller 11.4-inch touchscreen is also available. The standard 10-inch screen is elegantly tucked in between the dash’s distinctive horizontal cross-members. This makes the appearance of an interesting retroactive change. The screen that is larger extends over the cross-members to give more of a sloppy, integrated design. The user interface on the screens isn’t as organized as the ones of competing models (we’ve discovered it to be slow at times, and the radio control can be a bit stifling) however, the images and overall look are aesthetically contemporary. Wide screens don’t also make use of the super-wide layout, but it does have the option of a split screen. All-digital instruments are an option that makes an impact since they have a range of designs that can provide the same amount of details as you’d prefer. However, we’d prefer an analog gauge cluster.

2024 Land Rover Defender SE
2024 Land Rover Defender SE

If you’re fascinated by the idea of off-roading but aren’t comfortable with living in a shabby vehicle for your daytime commute, you should consider 2024’s best of both worlds Land Rover Defender. With its truck-like rivals, like those of Jeep Wrangler and the Lexus GX, It’s true that the Defender is virtually unstoppable in the ORV trails, however getting behind the wheel in order to complete an errand or embark on the road is better. Its road-friendly appearance belies its ability to go anywhere and its range of different powertrains as well as three distinct body styles let you customize the vehicle for your individual needs. Do you want to boost the excitement aspect? Go for the 2-door 90 model. Are you a parent with a bunch of kids who need to travel between the cities? The model with a longer wheelbase offers extra space as well as a third row of seating. The majority of buyers would choose the smaller 110 model as it is similar to the 90 but has a little more utility. Whichever one you select The Defender is a riot of personality, and the basic models provide greater comforts than the utilitarian predecessors that launched Land Rover. Land Rover brand.

The longer-wheelbase Defender 130 model is available in a fresh Outbound trim level in 2024. The SUV will be stripped of its third row of seating and the windows at the rear to create more space for cargo within and to allow more outside customization with a variety of accessories available. The 130 model is currently available with the 518 horsepower supercharged V-8, which is available for both models. In the case of the 110 model models, an updated County Exterior package is available on this body type that comes with a two-tone paint design, an exclusive 20-inch wheel, illuminating doorsill protectors, and interior decorations that complement the exterior.

While we love the design of the two-door 90 model the four-door 110 and 130 versions are better for most consumers. It is recommended to go with that you go with the 110 SE trim, which offers a variety of features that are desirable in the Defender’s specification document, which include 19-inch aluminum alloy wheels, automated high-beam headlamps with 12 ways of adjustment, front seats, as well as the digital gauge display. Land Rover offers several accessory packages that provide the Defender with specific features. You can also choose from a variety of options for personalizing the vehicle and we’ll leave the choice of customization up choice to you.

The interior of the Defender’s cabin is a border between functional and luxurious and has just enough styling cues from other models in Land Rover’s Land Rover lineup to make anyone who is comfortable with the brand feel right. The exposed rivets on the door panels provide a more rugged look as does the magnesium beam which runs across the entire span of the dashboard’s width does more than just look good, it’s structural. Below the infotainment screen, an extension in the shape of a trapezoid on the dashboard is used to provide a space for switches and buttons for the climate control system as well as the driving mode. The shift lever as well as the ignition switch also reside in this central stack, instead of the central console. Some models’ center console is able to be turned forward to make one-way seating between the passenger and driver which is similar to the 3-across bench on some large-sized pickups. There isn’t much storage room behind the rear seats in the 90 and 110 models limited but at the same level as other off-roaders, like the Wrangler as the seats in the rear are able to fold down for a bigger cargo area, but people who want to carry people and equipment may wish to check out the bigger Land Rover Discovery or invest into a top-mounted cargo vehicle. The 130 model is longer and offers more cargo space, with the third row being stowed when it’s utilized, there’s enough space for equipment.

2024 Land Rover Defender SE Interior
2024 Land Rover Defender SE Interior


The 2024 Defender includes four engines, each one is impressive on its own. The base engine is a 4-cylinder turbocharged with 296 horses with enough capacity for regular driving as well as long highway trips. The next model is a 395-horsepower turbocharged six-cylinder. High in the line is a pair of supercharged V8s that have 518 and 493 horsepower.

The six and eight-cylinder engines offer noticeably faster acceleration as well as passing power. A few V8 models are capable of speeds from 0 to 60 mph that are less than 5 seconds that’s impressive for this market. These engines can also produce an excellent-sounding exhaust. Every model is equipped with a smooth and quick 8-speed auto transmission.

The EPA does not have estimates of fuel efficiency for 2024 Defender as when this article was written. Similar to the 2023 model, the mechanically comparable Defender is rated with poor fuel-efficiency estimations for the premium midsize SUV segment, which range between a maximum of 18/23 miles per gallon (city/highway) and a lowest of 14/19 MPg.

The Defender performs well on the pavement It has a well-balanced steering system as well as a great road feel. The ride quality is also amazing, with just the heaviest bumps feeling like an interior. The Defender is among the few SUVs to serve as both a tough off-road vehicle and as an enjoyable suburban runabout.

Land Rover is world-renowned for the off-roaders that it makes and the Defender could be their most powerful vehicle. Every model comes with a four-wheel drive as well as a two-speed transfer system as well as hill descent controls, Wade sensing, and the Terrain Response System. This lets you select among a range of drive settings that maximize the Defender’s traction control when driving over snow, sand rocks, dirt, and much more. The Terrain Response 2 system automatically detects the terrain you’re driving over and adjusts the suspension and drivetrain accordingly.

The air suspension will give you a maximum height of 11.5 inches, allowing the Defender to float through more than three inches of water. Other options for off-road performance include the electronic locking differential, off-road tires, and low-speed off-road cruise control.


  • 2024 Land Rover Defender SE – MSRP From $94,475