2024 Land Rover Defender X-Dynamic SE: Review, Specs & Price

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2024 Land Rover Defender X-Dynamic SE: Review, Specs & PriceIts 2024 Land Rover Defender is the model of an off-roader that is luxurious and lives up to the legendary model’s brand. The Defender is as robust in its appearance as well However, the interior is not as good as its rivals. The Defender is an excellent SUV. It is able to go further away from the road as opposed to most utility vehicles and maintains a polite manner when driving in the city. Three engines are available for quick acceleration, while the Interior features and tech are simple to understand. Two-door and four-door versions are offered, with the two-door offering plenty of second-row space and a spacious cargo space as well as third-row seating.

New 2024 Land Rover Defender X-Dynamic SE
New 2024 Land Rover Defender X-Dynamic SE

The downside is that this car’s cabin doesn’t look as elegant as the ones of its competitors Its fuel efficiency isn’t something to boast about.


Its X-Dynamic SE trim adds 20-inch dark gray wheels, satin-silver outer trim, skid plates and badges, 14-way adjustable power seats, with cooling, heating, and memory positioning as well as a gauge cluster digital. The 110 model comes with the Advanced Off-Road Package but does not come with the higher-quality seats like the 90. The 130 model comes with a rearview mirror that is digital.

It’s The 2024 Land Rover Defender X-Dynamic SE is available on every body style that uses a P400 engine. P400 engine. The air suspension is not available and Terrain Response upgrades, the interior lighting, and the differential, However, you’ll get:

  • A unique black and silver exterior trim
  • Upholstery made of synthetic leather in two shades

The Defender has a feature-packed and dynamic infotainment device. It’s user-friendly and offers sharp images and quick reaction times. The redundant physical controls make quick adjustments much easier. Some knobs are multi-functional. The process can be a bit difficult to get acquainted with, but these control knobs become more intuitive as time passes.

The Defender’s capacity for cargo varies with the type of body. Two-door Defender 90 offers the lowest quantity of room in the range: 15.6 cubic feet behind the second row. It’s 58.3 cubic feet after the seats closed. This is less than the average of the class of luxury SUVs that are mid-sized.

Defender 110 Defender 110 has more space Two-row models offer 34 cubic feet of space in the row behind, and 78.8 cubic feet of space behind the row in front. Three-row 110 offers 10.7 cubic feet of space behind the third row. 34.6 cubic feet in the row behind it, and the 69 cubes when both rows are collapsed.

Its Defender 130 model has 15.3 cubic feet of space on the 3rd row. 35.8 cubic feet of space behind the first row, and 76.1 cubic feet of space behind the row in front.

Each model has a rear cargo door, which opens out at the sides, which could make it difficult to unload and load things in specific locations.

The Defender is able to seat five or eight people in two or three rows according to the design and body type. Its seating is comfortable and supportive There’s plenty of leg and headroom across all rows. Two-door Defender 90 is smaller in front passenger space than the bigger 110 and 130 versions however there’s plenty of room for the majority of adults in the rear.

Off-road capabilities are usually at the expense of road control and steering accuracy. However, that’s not the case. The Defender is driven as an SUV that is luxurious, and the transmission offers a seamless and sometimes imperceptible shifting of gears. The brakes are simple to regulate for smooth and effortless stops in the city.

In terms of acceleration, we recorded the 0-60 mph time that took 6.7 seconds with the Defender 110, and 6.2 seconds with the Defender 90, which is equipped with a six-cylinder inline engine. It’s a good speed for an SUV that is designed to be off-road friendly. With 395 horsepower one might be expecting something more. The weight could be the culprit Our test Defenders were weighed at just 5,207 and 5,571 lbs for the four-door and two-door 110 models, respectively.

The Defender drives down the highway with the style and elegance you’d expect from a high-end Land Rover. The cabin is tranquil and largely free of road noise, even with the 20-inch wheels available or all-terrain tire. For ride comfort Our test car seemed to be on the firm side on bumps or road imperfections however, this could be due to the larger and heavier wheels (18-inch wheels are the standard).

2024 Land Rover Defender X-Dynamic SE Interior
2024 Land Rover Defender X-Dynamic SE Interior

The seat of the driver offers many adjustment options. The heating and ventilation options are also available. The system can keep a temperature that is comfortable but you’ll require dialing in the temperature a bit lower and altering vents in order to achieve the level of airflow you need.

The four-door Defender offers plenty of storage area (34 cubic feet) and both with the seats in the rear raised or lower for maximum capacity. The seats in the rear are hefty and require some effort to get back the seats. It’s all different when you choose the lower 90. The capacity for cargo is reduced in half and folding the back seatbacks can be a major issue because it is required to get rid of the seat cushion at the bottom. If you have to transport items, do not buy the 90.

If the Defender has air suspension, you are able to reduce the height of your ride from the cargo space making loading large objects less difficult. Contrary to the majority of SUVs the Defender comes with a swing-out rear tailgate rather than an open liftgate. It opens towards the curb. This isn’t something all people will enjoy since it could hinder access. Additionally, it is heavy because of the extra tire mounted.

Inside the interior, the Defender includes shelves with long lengths to the seats in front and multiple levels of storage on the central console. There are plenty of places for small objects to be stored, however, none are large enough to accommodate a handbag of a moderate size. The huge dimension that the 2nd row offers makes seating easy to install with the 110. However, you’ll have a difficult time getting seated in front by using the 90. After that, it’s a bit more difficult, but access to attachment points is good.

A tow option is available that lets the Defender tow up to 8,200 pounds. However, it does not include the trailer brake controller that you’ll need to manage and adjust the weight of a trailer’s brakes.


Both Defender 110 as well as the 90 models that are equipped with a 3.0-liter turbo six-cylinder achieve the EPA’s estimate of 20 mpg in combination. It’s all about the personality of the Defender as well, and the latest model gets all the key elements of the traditional Defender’s proportions just right. The design is cool from all angles. However, we consider the front end to be soft. Moreover, those plastic pieces in the hood made to resemble diamond-plated parts are sure to bring a few laughs. We would like it to look more robust.

The Defender’s driving style is refined and class, whether in the off-road or on. Although the electronic control is impressive we’ve found it more pleasing to engage the lower range and diff locks using levers and buttons that are physically actuated. However, it’s impossible to deny the smoothness of the Defender’s method.

2024 Land Rover Defender X-Dynamic SE Design
2024 Land Rover Defender X-Dynamic SE Design


Its 2024 Land Rover Defender X-Dynamic SE is priced from $68,400 for Defender 90, $72,000 for Defender 110, and $81,300 for Defender 130. Defender 130. Each model comes with a turbocharged six-cylinder motor. This trim adds adjustment of the power for the seating area, cooled rear seats, and distinctive design elements for the exterior and interior.

Its Defender 110 SE sub-trim, exclusively available for the 110 body design is priced at $93,000. It has a supercharged 493-horsepower engine.