2024 Land Rover Defender Plug-In Hybrid: Review, Specs & Price

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2024 Land Rover Defender Plug-In Hybrid: Review, Specs & PriceFrom the moment it was made available in the year 2000, the Defender remains an iconic symbol of strength and off-road performance around the world. Completely redesigned to meet the demands of today and beyond, the Defender was designed to appeal to those seeking excitement. It is both familiar and modernized with the iconic profile, the Defender is tough and offers numerous personalization options to suit the persona you want to portray. Three powerful powertrain options and proven off-road features as well as groundbreaking technologies help usher in the next chapter in the Defender’s fascinating history. The Defender is simply Land Rover, bespoke interior design elements help blend the rugged character of the Defender and luxurious luxury for a journey that is better than ever. You can now enjoy what people all over the globe have learned to appreciate for generations thanks to the Defender.

2024 Land Rover Defender Plug-In Hybrid Changes
2024 Land Rover Defender Plug-In Hybrid Changes


The electrification process of Land Rover’s range of vehicles is well underway and includes six models powered by batteries expected to launch in the next five years, and a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle being developed. Although a zero-emission vehicle by the company is yet to be released this hybrid plug-in model of the Defender will help families and off-roaders increase their efficiency and lower their emissions overall.

Land Rover has launched plug-in hybrid models of its Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Velar, Evoque, and Discovery Sport, so the hybrid version that is electrified of the Defender was not a surprise. The Defender is powered by a 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine that is paired with an electric motor that is powered by a 19.2kWh battery. It is the exact engine in the P400e F-Pace SUV made by its sister company Jaguar.

As per Land Rover, the Defender’s hybrid configuration allows up to 27 miles of electric driving, and a maximum speed of the 87mph mark in electric mode. Its Plug-in Defender is expected to return between 72 and 85 mpg of energy efficiency based on the specification and trim levels but isn’t as great as the 130mpg obtainable by its Jaguar version.

The BMW X3 xDrive30e, Mercedes GLC 300 e, and Jaguar F-Pace also emit less carbon dioxide, due to the Plug-in Defender emitting between 74-88g/km which is based on the specification. The figures, however, aren’t enough for the electric Defender to get a 20% Benefit-inKind (BiK) corporation-car tax that starts at PS2,079.

The Defender P400e, however, will not be just for corporate car owners: Land Rover thinks it’ll become popular among private customers as well. Because of the hybrid engine that is electrified, the Defender has lower running costs as well as a high-performance, which is second to that of the highest-end Defender V8. Together with the hybrid unit, the hybrid Defender generates 398bhp as well as the mighty 640-Nm of torque. This lets the 2.6-tonne vehicle go from the 62-mph mark in 5.6 minutes.

The Defender has proven itself as a versatile vehicle that has the road-handling of an SUV with modern-day features.

The hybrid engine hasn’t impacted its ride performance as the Defender is still extremely quick to drive, and the suspension is also slightly more firm than the Discovery’s.

There’s not much to distinguish between the 2024 Land Rover Defender Plug-In Hybrid and the one powered by a combustion engine apart from the addition of the charging port on the left side of the wheel, as well as the ability to drive entirely on electric power. It still comes with the complete range of Terrain Response off-road functions, along with some electric off-road features, such as an option to lower the range of the electric motor. Inside, there’s the 12.3-inch driver’s monitor and a touchscreen with a 10-inch infotainment display equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.

But it’s worth mentioning that the Defender P400e model is only available with a five-door higher-wheelbase 110 model and X-Dynamic as well as XS Edition trim levels. This Defender P400e plug-in Defender comes with a staggering 853 liters of storage space with rear seats on the ground, but the hybrid option does take the space slightly.

At the time of start-up when it starts, at the start-up, Defender is set to Hybrid mode. This enables the vehicle to toggle between an electric and engine motor according to what it believes is the most efficient. It’s a good thing that the manner in which it shifts between them is virtually undetectable. Moreover, even when it’s running on solely electric power this Defender is incredibly smooth and silent. However, when the four-cylinder comes in, it’s far less refined than the six-cylinder petrols as well as diesels that are found within the lineup.

Save mode makes sure that the battery of your car is able to hold some power, which will make your vehicle rely on a gasoline engine. Naturally, when you are in the EV mode, you will experience zero-emission driving in traffic, but because of the curvaceous appearance of the latest Defender wind noise as you travel at greater speeds can be noticeable.

For running costs we tried the Plug-in Defender on a variety of road conditions, we could see as high as 40mpg on the dashboard – which is less than one-third of the figure. Even the lower amount we measured is far cheaper than the majority of the Defender lineup, and in the event that you can keep its battery charged, it could prove to provide a more affordable alternative to its petrol or diesel-powered counterparts.

Charging the Defender P400e battery is easy, as well. In order to charge the battery up to 80percent takes about two hours using the 7kW wall box in your home and the vehicle’s rapid charging capability of 50kW (unusual for a hybrid plug-in) is that, if you discover a reliably accessible charging station that you are able to recharge the battery up the battery to 80% within 30 minutes.

2024 Land Rover Defender Plug-In Hybrid Release Date
2024 Land Rover Defender Plug-In Hybrid Release Date


The Defender comes with an array of tough exterior design elements to show the personality of the personality. The color choices for the body include three brand new metallic colors that are exclusive to the Defender featuring Tasman Blue, Pangea Green, and Gondwana Stone joining Fuji White, Eiger Grey, Santorini Black as well as Indus Silver in the exterior range of colors. Twelve wheel styles are available that range from 18-inch white-painted press steel wheels up to the bold 22-inch Luna alloy wheels. It’s also the very first Land Rover vehicle available with an option to install factory-fitted Satin Protective Film that offers improved design and toughness. For Defender X models, a high gloss black hood comes standard, as are Gloss Black claddings for an appearance that is more rugged in and out of the trail. Pick among four Accessory Packs to get a look personalized to your own desires.

The versatility of the layout as well as the efficient design result in an interior that makes even the roughest terrains feel more comfortable. The 2024 Defender 110 can be optioned with six, five, or five seats. The options include three different upholstery choices, which include Resolve fabric Grained Leather, Resolve textile, and a sturdy Robust Woven Textile featuring higher Decitex fibers. The rugged, constructivist design remains consistent across the interior, with noticeable options that keep the door’s structural casings and partially expose the painted doors. This pays tribute to Defender versions that were popular earlier. The standard Pivi Pro infotainment system featuring an intuitive interface with Software-Over-The-Air updates lets you experience your favorite multimedia via a standard 11.4-inch touchscreen with standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility.


Drivers can choose a turbocharged engine that is branded P300 or an engine with six cylinders. Mild-Hybrid Electric Vehicle (MHEV) engine, identified as P400. The P300 versions feature a dynamic twin-scroll turbocharged to ensure well-balanced power delivery, and a 0-60 acceleration time in 7.7 seconds. The MHEV P400 powertrain reclaims energy normally lost in deceleration and helps redistribute it for optimal efficiency. They are both paired with an extremely smooth and responsive eight-speed ZF(r) automated transmission, and twin-speed transfer cases. To get the most capacity and performance, go into the 5.0-liter supercharged V8 and experience a powerful 518 horsepower. With a maximum capacity for towing of 8,201 lbs Advanced Tow Assist helps showcase how powerful the Defender is. The ability to configure the Terrain Response(r) is available on the Defender (standard on derivatives of X and an optional feature on all other variants) which gives drivers the option of customizing the configuration of their vehicle in order to meet the specific conditions. Fully independent suspension, twin-speed transfer cases, and permanent four-wheel drive aid in helping the Defender over any obstacle that can stand in the way.


In the end, the hybrid plug-in variant of the Defender is an excellent and more efficient variant of the adored off-roader. But, it is important to be on top of your costs if you’re trying at a price that is comparable to the official economy rating and then you’ll need to shell out a substantial amount at the beginning as well, with costs that range from more than P65,000 to PS15,000 more than versions that plugin The BMW X3, Audi Q5, Volvo XC60 and Mercedes GLC