2024 Land Rover Defender P400e: Review, Range & Price

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2024 Land Rover Defender P400e: Review, Range & Price2024 is the year that the Land Rover Defender four-wheel-drive has added a new engine choice in Australia thanks to the inclusion of P400e, a plug-in hybrid. Only available in the five-door 110 configuration Land Rover’s plug-in hybrid is available in Defender X-Dynamic SE trim and X-Dynamic HSE trim ranges.

2024 Land Rover Defender P400e
2024 Land Rover Defender P400e

Prices start at $127,600 and include expenses for on-road travel with the XDynamic SE P400e (which is replacing the standard SE model for 2024. It includes both the diesel and petrol models – and comes with an additional $11,950 over similar mild hybrid petrol models ($115,650).

Moving up to the X Dynamic HSE will cost you $139,300 in addition to the road cost, which is 11,000 more than the lesser standard model, and $9400 over a similar mild-hybrid gasoline model.


The Land Rover Defender plug-in hybrid has fallen behind since orders were initially set to go live between the months of July September 2022 and July.

The hybrid plug-in system lets 221kW 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine combined with an electric motor of 105kW and provides maximum power of 297kW as well as 64 Nm.

This makes the 2024 Land Rover Defender P400e, the second-highest-powered model within the lineup – as well as it is the most quiet, compared to 386kW/625Nm supercharged models.

Land Rover claims a 5.6-second sprint time from 0 to 100km/h.

The 19.2kWh prismatic-cell lithium-ion battery is able to provide up to 43 km of reported electric-only driving range as well and Land Rover claims fuel economy of 3.4 milliliters for 100km (according to the more lenient NEDC laboratory-testing cycle).

Electric drive is available in low-range modes, with the hybrid plug-in Defender retaining off-road features that are standard on vehicles.

The braked Towing power of the Defender model is less than 3000kg, which is lower than the 3500kg that is available on other models.

Now, let’s move on to the details of technology. The 2024 Land Rover Defender P400e is equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged, four-cylinder Ingenium gasoline engine, which was developed in Britain and generates 296bhp on the hood of its own power. It’s here, however, that it’s coupled with an electric motor of 105kW and, when they’re both working together the maximum output is 398bhp and 472 lb-ft torque. It’s very healthy.

The Defender’s smooth and conventional eight-speed ZF auto gearbox is on as well, and the P400e will always be at four-wheel drive, regardless of whether it’s running on electricity on its own or a little of both, or just gasoline power. It’s unique because the all-electric drive is able to be combined with low-range gear ratios, which means that off-road capabilities should not be diminished.

It’s one of the 19.2kWh lithium-ion batteries that could give as much as 27 miles of EV range (or less than 20 miles when we’re talking about the world). The battery can reach close to 85mph when you’re in EV mode however, at this point, the aero-plane – or absence of it is the main enemy of the range. Better to stay with electrical power for the town and later.

The substantial power supply means that 0-62mph takes 5.6 seconds. 50kW fast charging ensures it is possible to reach 80 percent within 30 minutes. A wall-mounted 7kW box can offer exactly the same amount of power in just two hours.

It’s a huge old bus. The 110 has the addition of batteries. It weighs in at 2,525kg however it has a staggering 3,000kg capacity for towing (that’s 500kg lighter than the other Defenders).

Land Rover quotes up to 85.3mpg with just the equivalent of 76g/km CO2. It’s clear that these figures should be considered with a pinch of plug-in salt. We managed 36.8mpg during a quick 60-mile cross-country drive – however, you’ll get better results when the majority of your trips are in the local. To give you an idea the Defender offered us only a score of 56 % and recommended we examine its green tips. It’s time to try to be more efficient.

It’s impressive. It always starts with HYBRID mode. However, an additional button located on the console’s center allows users to change to SAVE or EV. They are both fairly easy to understand. When the two sources of power are combined, it can get going, but the four-cylinder model is less efficient than its bigger-capacity counterparts when it comes to having to perform a lot of work.

The transition between the petrol and electric drives is relatively seamless the car has a nice feeling to the brake pedal despite its regenerative capabilities. The additional weight doesn’t appear to be a hindrance to the Defender’s regenerative steering or general driving manners.

2024 Land Rover Defender P400e Interior
2024 Land Rover Defender P400e Interior


Prior to recently, I’d never owned an animal or even driven a four-wheeled vehicle – or had any thought of marrying. However, here I was enjoying my honeymoon driving around Europe in the Defender my wedding ring beside me as well as our pet Tito asleep in the back of my car.

The journey started, as it is customary the way, by waiting for six hours in the Folkestone Eurotunnel terminal. After that, from Calais, we traveled across Belgium to Germany before heading down to Munich then on through Austria and Slovenia through northern Croatia then on toward northern Croatia, and finally to the Adriatic coast.

A dog and two people on the same Land Rover isn’t exactly romantic. It’s not the most romantic thing and all three of us have had occasional disagreements in the process. As regards our feelings towards the Defender the love of our lives was at its peak. As urban dwellers who were incredibly touchy, We were the sort of people who’d usually complain over Chelsea tractor when one came out of our way. But we soon found ourselves driving through autobahns and going around and twisting our way across forests and up mountains and forests, enjoying it more each day.

I’m not a petrolhead – or hybrid-head as it were as I don’t have any information or language to use in my review. However, I have a good idea of what I want and require, however, it is true that the Defender satisfied my fairly basic needs. It seemed equally well-suited to motorways, as it was for the more challenging country roads as well as urban streets.

I composed a sort of music and danced to park it until I realized that it was only a fraction bigger than the BMW 5 Series Touring, as well as any parking difficulties that could be attributed to my own thinking It was also ridiculously comfortable. A few hours or more of driving was easy. This adaptive cruise controller proved extremely beneficial. The sound system was fantastic as was the infotainment system regardless of the fact that I’d have to take an extended trip to Croatia and then back again in order to understand it.

The cabin is full of nooks and crannies throughout the ideal places to stash everything that touring takes along. Also, I will never want to travel that doesn’t have a fridge small enough to fit within the armrests between the two front seats. Additionally, for security on an adventure like this, I felt secure in having the protection of a seemingly indestructible car.

In the end, this strength was something I tried on the test. As I drove back through Italy I was thinking about my own business at approximately 75mph on the Autostrada. I noticed something in my lane about 100 meters or so to the right. In the brief time that I was pondering whether it was markings on the road or an actual object, It proved to be an actual object.

A little further down the road must be a rusty Fiat without its rear bumper which, it transpires was able to tear up a Defender’s tire. I’m sure a less powerful vehicle might have sustained less damage, but the Defender was able to stand its ground. I pulled back into the concrete shoulder and all was good.

In the garage, they shook their heads with a sigh and admitted they couldn’t find the right tire. I pointed at the bolt that was attached to the spare wheel on the rear door, and took the exclamations with a smile to be something similar to, God yes, a genuine spare wheel. You do not see many nowadays.

Then we headed towards the Dolomites which I thoroughly enjoyed the roads up in the Dolomites slowed more due to the electric charge produced by the brakes. In terms of charging properly was concerned, there were extremely limited. Of the eight hotels we stayed at, just two of them had charging stations. If they had more than that, the overall efficiency could be better. However, we got around 400 miles from every tank.

The most wonderful things in life happen to people who are patient like so many others who wait for new vehicles, My Defender requires a bit of time to show up. The delivery times have improved according to reports, however I’m sure it was a good thing that my excitement to develop my new Land Rover Defender is one of those cars that are so great that I remember the time I first drove it and the place where I was the first to drive one.

There were many others thrilled by my new car. A neighbour, friend, and even the local dealer in cars Jason Holt was keen to examine my new Defender as well. Jason Holt is the owner of CSG Motor Company in Chalfont St. Giles, Bucks, and his true love and pride is the original Defender 130. The Defender 130, both new and old, is unique, not just the way. Although Jason’s car is full of charm and has been loved for a long time, it’s not without its tensions as well – it’s an old model that was left to rust for a while.

The car that is new is an impressive work of engineering and design and is highly sought-after according to the waiting lists. The car’s design is not only stunning, but the new model is also a product of innovative design that made the previous model unique. So far, the construction quality – which is a classic JLR Achilles’s heel is proving to be right. This new model, if you can believe it’s actually not made in the UK and comes out from a new plant located in Slovakia. I chose to make my own path with the Defender and bought the latest hybrid plug-in version that comes with Eiger Grey. Most Defenders can be seen in Santorini Black however I think my vehicle, featuring its black X-Dynamic trim has a stunning appearance.

The 2024 Land Rover Defender P400e is a combination of the power of a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with a 19.2kWh battery. It promises an electric run-time that extends to 27 miles. This is an accurate figure, but like all PHEVs, they require you to recharge as frequently as possible to get satisfactory fuel consumption figures. As of now, our 32.2mpg average isn’t as bad as what you’d get from a diesel engine – however, it’s expected to increase with an increase in the quantity of shorter trips using the electricity source by itself.

The comfort and peace of the Defender compensated for the shortcomings It’s a remarkably well-built cruiser that is smooth for long distances. It’s hard to determine if it’s running on gasoline or electric power and the result is performance. However, when you press the accelerator to the accelerator, you can hear the four-cylinder engine sound somewhat fruity, it’s more like five engines working. In my experience, I’ve never felt a lack of power despite its size and weight.

The view is spectacular out the windows – just like on the original Defender and plenty of room to accommodate five people and an animal on board. I like the level of planning that’s been put into arranging various odds and ends in the cabin, which is something Land Rover has always been proficient in. The car I drive has an inside fridge – useful during hot summer days.

I am also awestruck by the large rectangular 11.4-inch touchscreen. It’s fast and simple to operate, but after having enabled Amazon Alexa on the infotainment system, I’m starting to regret doing it. If you say anything that is a little bit like the A-word, it pauses in anticipation of the next command. One other issue is the fact that the charging cable, as well as the jack, are in bags inside the boot. They are somewhat elevated due to the battery of the hybrid system. It would be great if they were hidden in a place.

2024 Land Rover Defender P400e Design
2024 Land Rover Defender P400e Design


Prices start at $127,600 and include road costs for the X-Dynamic SE P400e which will replace the regular SE model for 2024 as well as the regular diesel and petrol models – with a price increase of $11,950 on a similar mild-hybrid petrol version ($115,650).