2024 Land Rover Defender PHEV: Review, Range & Price

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2024 Land Rover Defender PHEV: Review, Range & Price In the event that Land Rover announced that it would be putting an end to the production of its Defender – effectively marking the end of Land Rover as we knew it there was no shortage of trepidation over what might follow.

2024 Land Rover Defender PHEV
2024 Land Rover Defender PHEV

The brand new Defender has caught the eye of its customers is an understatement. Many have been drawn to the brand’s innovative style. According to reports, it’s as if people have jumped between Discovery to Defender and are embracing the large, toy-like appearance as well as the adventurous style it portrays. 2024 Land Rover Defender PHEV


It’s not that the Discovery isn’t a good thing It’s not at all however, the Defender has the spirit of exploration. It’s a reflection of one’s personal image, the perfect accessory to say “I’m pretty hardcore actually”. Are these offroaders incredibly powerful? can be actually used offroad? It’s unlikely. Many times it is possible that the closest it can be far from the Tarmac is a National Trust car park.

The boxy style of the original Defender has been retained, but it’s closer to a remake of the original Discovery (before that the Discovery was redesigned to look more similar to its cousin the Range Rover). This is a step-and-a-repeat design that sees Land Rover moving everything up the ladder, every model becoming better and more comfortable in comparison to the preceding.

Contrary to what was previously seen Defender, which was just a thin body of metal connected to a ladder-style chassis It’s now completely contemporary, though some may be surprised to discover some plastic parts that sound hollow to the feel. The model we tested that we tested, called it’s the Defender X-Dynamic S, The tough-looking checker plate looks like an ornament made of plastic, and not the steel slabs were riveted onto this Defender of the past.

Whatever doubts one may be having about the materials used The looks will just continue to increase in appeal. This isn’t the same Land Rover or old Defender It’s a different vehicle, which for many cannot replace the affection the body’s shape brought – however, we all can admit that the current Defender is a bit of an obnoxious hunk.

A fascinating aspect is the panel that’s set in the back quarter. It’s an iconic piece of design however it’s not required to be removed to give a more sleek appearance.

We are awestruck by the design of the rear, which is virtually flat, and that massive wheel that hangs on the back (and worthy of covering since this wheel can be dirty and covered with grime) along with an opening door to allow for easy accessibility. The door is heavy, however, despite the fact that we like its design, when you’re in a gradient, it’s definitely an issue to open. The door is also a bit less useful for things like loading your groceries into the car park that is tight. it’s much simpler with a hatch rear door. However, what’s the point of this?

The Defender offers three sizes: 90 130, 110, and 90 but the 110 is most suitable for families purchasers, as well as being reviewed on this page. There are also a lot of choices to customize the Defender one of your own with various trim levels and accessories which can alter the look a little, but not to any significant extent.

2024 Land Rover Defender PHEV Interior
2024 Land Rover Defender PHEV Interior


If you’re after something that’s rugged, and looking for, the interior is sure to deliver. Bolt heads that are exposed are quite uncommon in contemporary cars However, the Defender isn’t shy about them. The dashboard is equipped with a tray that basically covers across the entire width of the vehicle perfect for throwing any kind of rubbish into. Land Rover probably thought that it’s a great spot to store your phone or gloves before hopping back into the vehicle However, we think that it’s primarily used for tissues and other travel-related sweets.

The thing that the Defender isn’t doing but trying to rival the luxurious offered by it’s able to match with the luxury that Discovery or Range Rover offer. The use of more plastics makes it easier to clean and reflect a vehicle made for a more practical lifestyle. This is logical, however, there’ll always be people who will look at the cost and the interior layout, and opt for the Audi Q8 instead. The footwells with rubber-lined feet rather than the plush carpets make it appear like an automobile that was that is designed for a hose down although that may not match with a consumer’s vision of urban living It’s definitely practical for families with children who aren’t afraid to create a mess.

There’s no need to say that the latest Defender is more comfortable than the model it replaces. It’s a new level of comfort as the previous model had a limited range of features. The new Defender is a contemporary car that has an incredibly rugged and playful interior. It also has plenty of comfort as well as connectivity.

It’s also roomy, particularly for people on the first row. The second space isn’t a lack of space for people in it, however, the rear may not be quite as big as you initially think. If you’re familiar with a station wagon or an estate car it’s possible that there’s not enough space to load the Defender may not be as functional. For the PHEV variant, the battery rests within the bottom of the rear loading space and is raised to a certain degree, resulting in some slight sloping in the floor as well.

Let’s not beat about the bush. The car is deeper than the majority of SUVs. Its flat roofline lets you carry it to the ceiling. This is why the front door that opens to the side is an advantage since it allows you to pack all your belongings without having to worry about an inclining rear window that may break if you smash it into something sturdy.

The option is an extra seat at the front of the vehicle, meaning that all controls reside located on the dash with nothing in the center console that could hinder. The display is centrally located and it comes in a 10-inch size as standard. It can expand to 11.4 inches through an upgrade option that has the main control buttons stowed beneath the dash. It’s simple to use and clearly laid out.

When you consider where Defender was in relation to technological advancements and how the current Defender stands the difference is vast. In essence, the Defender is the latest model. The Defender has the same operating system as the ones you’ll find on different Land Rover and Jaguar models and it’s Pivi Pro. The system is based on touchscreen controls, which default to splitting the screen into three parts: navigation, phone, and media. It’s it also supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

It is possible that haptics make you feel uncomfortable, and require just a bit more pressing to choose things however, we believe that a majority of them will use their mobile phones, and will not utilize the systems that are provided by their car, that is typically the situation. The system does allow access to control buttons that can be used offroad and is an excellent display whenever the cameras are used, whether on or off.

The 360 camera Land Rover offers is great although you might believe that it’s essential in green laning we’ve found it to be excellent to ensure you’re at the center of parking spots and that’s why most people make use of it.

The display on the driver’s dashboard offers personalization and allows you to change the display’s settings depending on your preference, however, it can be accessed easily about, and is supported by control buttons located on the big steering wheel. For those who want to charge their devices, the USB-C port is available on both sides which allows you to easily connect to the internet.

2024 Land Rover Defender PHEV Release Date
2024 Land Rover Defender PHEV Release Date

Range and Performance

The Land Rover Defender offers a variety of powertrain options however it’s the plug-in hybrids we’re the most curious in. This system isn’t completely novel since we’ve already had the designation P400e in other vehicles, including the latest generation Range Rover Sport. The new system pairs a 105kW motor and the 2-liter gasoline engine which produces a total of the equivalent of 404PS.

It also has plugs in the backquarters, and it’s possible to get around 30 miles of range with this 19.2kWh battery. This may not sound like much however if you’re rushing for the grocery store or making a commute or commuting, it may suffice. The battery also comes with the advantage of regenerating when you brake and putting some energy into the battery and there’s the feeling of losing less.

This improves efficiency when stopping-starting your vehicle (compared to driving a standard combustion vehicle) This means that it can alter the emission to your advantage – so it is charging your battery and operating the car in hybrid mode obviously. If you’re in urban zones and not near an outlet for charging and a charging socket, your battery is drained quickly and becomes an unusable weight. This is life using a plug-in hybrid.

However, there is still a sense of excitement when driving by in electric mode. This is a large car and one that is more likely to connect with a loud diesel engine. So the slow speed of a car using electric motors is quite enjoyable. When you put your foot down nevertheless, it will come to life, it will accelerate from 0-60 mph in 5.4 seconds. The Defender is a beast of a motor and this is when the Defender is driven like no other Defender has ever before.

When you’re in the open The Land Rover Defender is perfectly refined and even with the offroad tires we put in, very quietly. You can tell that it’s part of the latest Land Rover family that’s more attracted to luxury, and not a remnant of the Land Rover of old, which, let’s admit it, was loud and wasn’t always cozy.

However, it’s still an enormous offroader. It’s massive and weighty and when you have a hybrid engine, our long-term average of 26mpg serves as an eloquent reminder of the only so far this Land Rover Defender can go to boast about its efficiency.

The car is an amazing car to drive. The view is fantastic and it has a posture on the road that only a handful of vehicles can match. It also has an aggressive style that shouts “I’m solid”. You can put your foot down, and it’s still a lot of fun to drive. It remains afloat with all the ability to offroad you need. Setting the vehicle’s height and Terrain mode can be done with a pressing of a couple of buttons, and you’re off out into the open. One of the main drawbacks is that it does not have the rear wheel steering features that can be found on the Range Rover and the turn circle won’t be as precise.