2024 Ford E-Transit Courier: Review, Range & Price

2024 Ford E-Transit Courier: Review, Range & PriceThe tiny van might seem to be dead or dying in America however this hasn’t stopped it from flourishing across Europe. Starting from the Mercedes-Benz T-Class to the new Fiat Doblo, the small passenger vehicle is still alive as Ford is now taking its chance to launch an exciting new product. The all-new Ford Tourneo Courier, is a truly small-sized passenger vehicle with the option of electric power. And we’d love it to arrive in America.

2024 Ford E-Transit Courier Concept
2024 Ford E-Transit Courier Concept

On first look At first glance, it appears that the Tourneo Courier looks tough but it also has a touch of familiarity. Ford says its style has been “SUV-inspired” which means it has a lot of plastic that is not painted on the arches, sills, and the bumpers. This may sound bizarre, however, I’m sure that it’s a good idea to limit damages caused by scrapes from the curb or stones kicked up from the tires, as well as loads being unloaded and loaded.


It’s clear that Ford does not seem to be too concerned over its predicted 3 billion dollar loss in the Electric Vehicle division. However, it may have to do with the massive investment that should yield dividends within the near-to-mid-term time frame, for instance, the U.S. efforts to prepare for “Project T3,’ which is the company’s new generation of EV pickup trucks. In Europe, in the meantime, it is the case that the recently announced Ford Explorer EV is now followed by another intriguing Zero-Emissions announcement.

In the footsteps of larger E-Transit as well as the E-Transit Custom panel vans Blue Oval, the Blue Oval company has just made public the first photos and info concerning their first-ever, brand new Ford E-Transit Courier. Below them is the electric compact panel van comes with an expansive and flexible load space and Ford Pro’s integrated services, and is scheduled for manufacturing start in the Ford Otosan Craiova factory in Romania (where the Puma crossover is produced as well as other items) in “later in 2024.”

This could mean that it’s unlikely to occur during the initial quarter of the next year. Meanwhile, Diesel and gasoline-powered ICE models are expected to be available in ordering banks in the coming summer, with the first deliveries set to be completed by the end of 2023. Returning to the E-Transit Courier, the little panel van is promising more sustainability than its predecessor (ICE) model. This is because it will be equipped in 2023 with “a larger, more flexible cargo area that delivers 25 percent more load volume than the outgoing model.”

Furthermore, the payload capacity is also increasing and there is enough room to accommodate 2 Euro pallets. The vehicle’s debut public display is set for April 18-20, at the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham, UK. While full performance and specifications are expected nearer to the sales day, we are aware that the EV engine is built around a 100 kW (134 horsepower) motor. It has a one-pedal drive and the ability to charge DC at speeds of speeds of up to 100 kW (10-80 percent SoC over 35 minutes) features.

In terms of specifications 2024’s E-Transit Courier has a total cargo capacity in the range of 2.9 cubic meters (102.4 cubic feet) and a maximum payload weight of 700kg (1,543 pounds. ) as well as the maximum weight for towing is 700 kg (1,653 pounds. ) as well as a “new load-through bulkhead feature, which enables customers to carry items such as planks or pipes over 2,600 mm (8.5 ft.) long.” It is equipped with a “digiboard,” featuring a 12-inch instrument cluster as well as a 12-inch touchscreen that is used for information and entertainment systems, with SYNC 4. Connected Navigation capabilities, as well as numerous other features.

2024 Ford E-Transit Courier
2024 Ford E-Transit Courier


In the case of The ICE-powered 2023 Transit Courier, it will debut to the public in late 2023. It will come with a family of models comprised of double-cab and van designs, and possibly appealing trim models such as the top-end Limited and the adventurous Active models.

The Ford Courier which is the smallest part of the Transit series, is due for replacement, and our spy cameras spotted one of the camouflaged versions featuring an actual body first time. It is likely to be the case for each of those who own the Transit Courier and the Tourneo Courier, which is the passenger model of the lighter commercial automobile.

In the past, sightings of 2024’s Ford Transit Courier included a mule sporting the image of the mechanically connected Ford Puma, but this is the first time we’re getting an early glimpse of the next-generation van.

Strangely enough, the headlights have an identical shape to the one on the fifth-generation Explorer and the 12-gen F-150. Also, we can see the bonnet is pretty flat, and a huge grille and a slimmer lower intake. In a teaser that was released by Ford the year before, Ford revealed the lighting characteristic on its Transit Courier and Tourneo Courier equipped with slim LEDs, as well as an illuminated strip along the bottom of the bonnet. This option will come in the higher-spec versions since the concept car has halogen headlights.

The entire vehicle’s body is covered with camouflage and has an additional layer of cladding to conceal any details. However, it’s clear that the overall design and surface of the brand-new Ford Transit Courier is boxier and more sharp than the previous. This is also true for the A-pillars, as well as the form of windows. The wheelbase appears to be quite small but there are the rear doors that slide that are accessible from the driver’s perspective. In the back, there is the typical two-piece tailgate with taillights which look like the bigger Transit Custom.

Despite the design overhaul, the model is expected to ride in an updated version of the current platform which also underpins the soon-to-be-discontinued Fiesta supermini and the Puma B-SUV. Ford has announced that the next model of Transit / Tourneo Courier will launch with ICE power by 2023. EV models coming later in 2024. This will likely be able to share electric motors and the battery pack along with the Puma EV that is scheduled to debut in the near future.

We’ll keep in mind any further glimpses of the prototype from the Ford Transit Courier, hoping they’ll shed the camouflage closer to a formal debut in the coming months. For those who aren’t familiar with this Ford Transit family of LCVs, It comprises the Courier as well as the Connect Custom, Connect Custom as well as the standard Transit which is an actual big van.

2024 Ford E-Transit Courier Interior
2024 Ford E-Transit Courier Interior


The interior of the vehicle will get numerous improvements, in comparison to the present version which has a gasoline engine. To begin it is expected that the 2024 Ford E-Transit Courier is expected to feature the “digiboard” instrument panel. It features a 12-inch instrument cluster digital and an infotainment touch screen of 12 inches. The unit runs Ford’s latest SYNC4 system. Because of that, functions like Wireless Android Auto and Wireless Apple CarPlay are included in the standard version. In addition, it is possible to use Ford Pro, which is the Ford Pro ecosystem, and Ford is also offering updates via the Internet.

As we mentioned, this car is likely to benefit from the available driver assistance aids. The majority of these can be found in regular. If you want, you can add Cross Traffic Alert, Reverse Brake Assist as well as Blind Spot Monitoring, or Adaptive Cruise Control. Blue Oval offers a unique steering wheel that can enhance legroom as well as accessibility. We’ve said that the van is expected to have amazing interior space. According to Ford clients, they can anticipate an impressive capacity for load, capacity of cargo, as well as space for passengers.


In 2024, the Ford E-Transit Courier will have an electric motor of 100 kilowatts on the front. The motor draws electricity from the battery however the battery’s capacity isn’t currently available. In addition, this vehicle will come with DC rapid charging capabilities. Because of a 100kW charger which can increase the range to 55 miles within ten minutes of charging. Naturally, the standard household charger is available too.

With the 11-watt AC charging station, users are able to complete charging E-Transit Courier in less than six hours. You can also schedule charging ahead, which is helpful for those who want a way to charge the van at cheaper prices during the night. Also, we’re eager to learn more about the size of the batteries and mileage.

Release Date and Price

It is expected that the 2024 Ford E-Transit Courier will go for sale in the coming year. Prior to that, we anticipate the introduction of diesel and gasoline versions to be on the market at the end of 2023. The small commercial vehicle will be available in double-cab or van variants. The manufacturing will begin in Romania which is the same plant that manufactures this Ford Puma crossover. However, pricing remains unknown.