2024 Land Rover Defender 130 Outbound: Review, Interior & Price

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2024 Land Rover Defender 130 Outbound: Review, Interior & Price – Land Rover, or perhaps JLR has been busy making the Defender SUV appealing to the widest range of people possible. In addition to having six, foureight- and eight-cylinder engines The off-roader with a fancy design is also available in two and four-door body styles, which include the long (110) and wider (130) wheels. In 2024, the Land Rover Defender family gets more expansive with the introduction of 130 Outbound trim levels, in addition to the increased selection of V-8 engines.

2024 Land Rover Defender 130 Outbound
2024 Land Rover Defender 130 Outbound


The unique thing concerning Defender 130 Defender 130 is that it’s that long–roughly 16.5 feet overall–to allow for three rows of seats, and a corresponding capacity for cargo. It’s true that the new 2024 Land Rover Defender 130 Outbound variant has only two rows of seating with seating for five rather than the typical three for eight. The lack of a third row has almost 50 inches of free room behind that second row.

This open space equals 47 cubic feet. It can expand to 89 cubes if you have the rear seats being stowed. A floor mat made of rubber which can be folded across the back bumper to provide additional scratch protection, more cubbies, latch points, and even a tinier ring as well as (wait for it) an updated cargo net are just a few of the features Of the experience of Outbound.

This 2024 Land Rover Defender 130 Outbound in these photographs looks like something like something a Bond villain might encounter while landing. But, beneath the rear-mounted side-mounted accessories, there is a panel with a matching color that is a replacement for the windows. It’s an exclusive feature that sets the Outbound from the other 130 models. Paint colors are restricted only to Carpathian Grey, Fuji White, Eiger Gray, and Santorini Black. Land Rover also offers the latter two paint colors with a satin film at a price of just $5500.

A set of 20-inch black wheels that are mounted on Goodyear Duratrac All-Terrain tires from Wrangler are included for Defender 130 Outbound. Defender 130 Outbound. All-season rubber is offered at the cost of nothing, and larger 22-inch rollers are available as well, however, they cost $2400 and are only available with all-season tires. Each Outbound is powered by Land Rover’s 395 horsepower 3.0-liter straight-six motor, which is equipped with an electric supercharger as well as an electric hybrid system that runs at 48 volts. The price starting point for the brand-new Outbound trim is $85,975.

2024 Land Rover Defender 130 Outbound Interior
2024 Land Rover Defender 130 Outbound Interior


The Defender’s enormous second row and high roof give the cabin an extremely spacious feeling. It’s important to note that the passengers will have the same space whether you go for the 110 or 90. The legroom, headroom, and shoulder room are all there and the steering column may hinder certain drivers’ knees as they enter. We’d suggest not using the center-front jump seats because its utility is negligible and also it take away a significant quantity of storage that would otherwise be useful.

The height-adjustable air suspension along with numerous grab handles and big doors allow easy access for the 110. However, getting into the rear of 90 with two doors will be a hassle for many.

Certain interior controls come with high learning curves. The dials for climate control, for instance, serve as drive mode selectors, and heat/ventilation adjustments for the seats. If they were controls on a touchscreen it would be simpler and easier to understand. The large windows and the appropriately-sized mirrors make visibility outward an issue and the cabin is quieter than what we’d expect from all off-road cars.

The huge entertainment touchscreen and digital gauge clusters are appealing and usually respond quickly to inputs. The voice command feature native to the phone is a little hit and the other way in our testing. It was not difficult to change stereo stations with natural language, however, it wasn’t able to comprehend simple navigation commands. You can, however, use your phone’s voice controls for Android Auto or Apple CarPlay which are both typical. Many connectivity options are available, including wireless charging as well as numerous USB ports.

For driving aids the surround-view camera system aids in parking areas and when driving off-road. it offers a wide view of any obstacles you’re trying to avoid. Adaptive cruise control is a pleasant experience as well and can make the necessary speed adjustments smoothly.

2024 Land Rover Defender 130 Outbound Price
2024 Land Rover Defender 130 Outbound Price


In 2024 the Land Rover Defenders will be fitted with an engine that’s a V-8. This is because 130 Defenders are now offered that come with a supercharged 5.0-liter engine that produces the power of 493 horses and delivers 450 pounds-feet of torque. The upgrade to the engine requires buyers to select between black and grey paint colors, however, it comes with unique quad exhaust tips, too. However, this has a significant cost increase, since it is the version with a V-8 engine that is priced at $118,075.

For Defender customers who prefer the more compact 110 version, the model includes the brand new 493-hp V-8 model that joins the earlier 518-hp V-8 option. We’re more excited about the brand-new County appearance pack that is available to be purchased on the 2024 Defender 110s. For just $600, owners can get retro-inspired images as well as striking colors on the tailgate and roof that were inspired by the first Defender County designs. We’re particularly enthralled with it comes the County pack is coupled with the steel wheels that are gloss white.


In 2024, the Defender 130 Outbound starts at $85,975 in the US The V8 version starts at $116,000. In Canada, its 3.0L Outbound starts at $99,400 while the V8 version is priced at $141,550.