2024 Land Rover Defender 110 V8: Review, Specs, Price

2024 Land Rover Defender 110 V8: Review, Specs, Price – In recent times, off-road-capable cars have seen a revival. Perhaps the thought of being in a house for a couple of years made all of us crave the wonderful outdoors. If you’re planning to do some exploration in the wilderness but prefer doing it with some sort of luxurious surroundings, Land Rover has traditionally been the most popular carmaker and the most successful version is the 2024 Land Rover Defender.

2024 Land Rover Defender 110 V8
2024 Land Rover Defender 110 V8

The boxy retro-revival SUV is offered as a two-door 2-row (Defender 90) and a three-door with a two-row (Defender 110) and a long-wheelbase three-row (Defender 130). In 2024, the massive Defender 130 will be available in the new Outbound version that eliminates the third row to allow for the capacity to hold more cargo. It’s a good option for those who love the outdoors, but aren’t interested in a rough ride. In addition, there’s a mid-range V8 engine that is available for larger models. A newly developed County Exterior design package is available.

Land Rover offers two-door (Defender 90) and four-door (Defender 110) models that come with three engines as well as various trim levels to expand the Defender’s options and features. The available engines, based upon the level of trim include one of three: a 2.0-liter inline-four engine that produces 296 hp, a 395 horsepower inline six-cylinder, and a 530-horsepower supercharged V8. All models come with all-wheel drive as well as an automatic eight-speed transmission that is smooth and easy to use. Five-passenger seating is available, however, you can also choose an extra third-row seat that seats two on the Defender 110. There are a variety of options you can pick from to enhance your Defender however beware that it could cost well over six figures.


Personality can be as difficult to describe as it is to be fake. So you’ll take my word that nothing in the SUV class is as appealing as the charming Land Rover Defender. It’s possible to blame the nameplate’s long absence from North America for part of the reason, which has led to over two decades of transatlantic jealousy. However, with the Defender’s shortcomings (and the cost) now being exposed and adamant, it’s difficult not to be influenced.

I admit that I’m a fan of the new Defender’s design. The design is a mix of aggressive off-roaders such as the of Wrangler and Bronco and luxurious trucks like Range Rover. Range Rover, I think it’s just as good in the form of a two-door 90 or this four-door 110 version. Even the slender Defender 130, with its bigger three rows of seats attractive despite its bulging rear.

Each has the same mix of tough precision that performs extremely well. The headlamp clusters are large and look moody as the truncated, circular daytime running lights come on The slab-sided proportions and dual-tone finishes leave the Defender looking muscular and stacked. In the rear, sharp lines are matched by Land Rover’s fun LED lighting.

Take a trip off the beaten path — or even a few post-storm puddles, and the 3D sculpting transforms them into cute little gobblers of mud, but I’m not able to be mad since they look stunning. This is the same for 20-inch wheels that cost $800 as an option with a glossy dark gray color: They can be ruined easily however the Defender just looks good when it’s covered in dirt.

On the road, the Defender appears extremely composed. Sure, its air suspension with adaptive damping helps to keep the SUV floating over potholes and bumps and doesn’t slouch, assisted by the massive sidewall of the tire. When you hit the gas, the tail gets tucked in prior to accelerating forward. I’d be willing to accept an additional growl from the exhaust and engine but these are reserved to the P500 to ease your mind after you’ve seen the power of the V8.

It’s a smooth drive with plenty of torque at the low end and a nice weighting to the steering. While the dimensions are huge The squared-off design makes it easy to keep a close eye on where the Defender’s boundaries are. A normal 360-degree camera fills in any gaps and offers different angles for off-roading and towing.

Although it’s not the most off-roading intention, the quality in this car isn’t far off from the kind of refinement a Range Rover provides: that’s significant considering that even the most luxurious rivals like Lexus GX Lexus GX can still feel quite agro-based the driver’s seat.

An array of active safety technologies requires the least amount of money and is exactly how it should be in the premium SUV segment. The Defender includes emergency brakes and brake assist blind spot assist and lane keep assistance, driver condition monitor, and traffic sign recognition. It also comes with 360-degree parking sensors that go with the ever-popular bird’s eye camera for viewing. An adaptive cruise control option was a $1,200 option on the 2023 model year SUVs, with the regular cruise control as the default. Land Rover wisely made adaptive cruise a standard feature in models in 2024. Defender.

I’m a fan of I like the Bronco I also like the Porsche However there’s something about the dual nature of the Defender that I find hard to resist. It’s possible to go off-road for hours without worrying and then wash it down and receive nothing except admiring glances from your waiter at a posh restaurant later in the evening. The Land Rover’s history makes people want to take it seriously however, Land Rover isn’t stuck in the past.

It’s not to say that the Defender is a perfect vehicle. Even as a mild hybrid, it’s not cheap; competitors provide more cargo space however they don’t always match the off-road capabilities of the Defender. It’s also costly, especially if you’re exploring the various options and customizations offered by Land Rover.

If you’re only looking for seven seats and a badge badge, the Discovery is less expensive. It’s not as good as the Defender’s capabilities off the highway or its presence, the old-fashioned charm. It’s the same with it can compete with SUVs made by BMW and Mercedes although they’re superior in terms of technology and style. The Land Rover Defender is as emotional as it is a sensible one. Sometimes, it all depends on the way your new car affects you.

The Defender 130 comes with an even more potent P525 eight-cylinder engine that is available with two models: the Defender 90, and the 110 and the Defender 130 gets the 493 horsepower P500 engine. It also comes with high-end features and towing options. This trim is The Carpathian Edition which comes with distinct exterior styling accents. Additional features of the V8 include:

  • 22-inch wheels
  • Dark exterior accents
  • Tow hitch receiver
  • Automated steering system when reversed using the trailer
  • Automatic climate control tri-zone (four-zone at 130)
  • Key to waterproofing your activity bracelet
  • A faux suede-wrapped steering wheels and upholstery inserts
  • Heated windshield
  • Jets of heated washers
  • Washers for headlights
  • Front console bin with refrigeration
  • 110-volt AC outlet
  • 15-speaker Meridian audio system

A variety of features (including all-terrain wheels, mud flaps Scuff plates, and a side-mounted gear carrier as well as an integrated air compressor) are offered on the supporting trims that are part of larger options packages.

2024 Land Rover Defender 110 V8 Interior
2024 Land Rover Defender 110 V8 Interior


The 2024 Defender has a solidly constructed and elegant interior that has aesthetic elements that draw inspiration from Land Rover’s past of rough and tumble-off-roaders. Sadly, a lot of interior materials are uncomfortably cheap for an SUV that is priced at the top with obvious hard plastics. The cabin of the Defender isn’t terrible in any way, but it’s a bit drab given the cost.

The Defender has an impressive and dynamic information system. It’s user-friendly offers sharp graphics and offers quick response time. Multiple physical controls make quick adjustments much easier, and a few knobs are multi-functional. It may take a bit of time to get acquainted, but the controls will become more intuitive as time passes.

The Defender’s cargo capacity is different according to the body type. Two-door Defender 90 offers the smallest amount of space: 15.6 cubic feet behind the second row, and 58.3 cubic feet when the chairs are folded. This is less than the average of an SUV that’s a high-end midsize model.

Defender 110 Defender 110 has more space and two-row versions offer 34 cubic feet of space in the row behind, and 78.8 cubic feet of space behind the row in front. The three-row 110 comes with 10.7 cubic feet of space behind the 3rd row. 34.6 cubic feet of space behind the first row, and 69 cubes when both rows are folded down.

Defender 130 The Defender 130 model has 15.3 cubic feet of space in the middle row. 35.8 cubic feet in the row behind it,, and 76.1 cubic feet behind the row in front.

All models feature the rear cargo door, which to on the sides, and could make it more difficult to load and unload things in specific locations.

The Defender is able to seat between five to eight people in three or two rows according to the layout and body shape. Its seating is comfortable and cosy and there’s plenty of legroom and headroom throughout the rows. The 2-door Defender 90 is smaller in back passenger space than the bigger 130 and 110 variants However, there’s enough room for adults to sit in the rear.

The large entertainment touchscreen and digital gauge cluster are both attractive and generally respond quickly to inputs. The voice command feature native to the phone is a little hit and the other way in our testing. We were able to change stereo stations by using natural language, however, it was unable to understand simple navigation commands. It is a good thing you can utilize your smartphone’s voice controls for Android Auto or Apple CarPlay which are both typical. There are a variety of connectivity options, including wireless charging as well as multiple USB ports.

For driving aids, the surround-view camera aids in parking areas as well as when you’re off-roading, and it gives a complete perspective of the obstruction you’re facing. The adaptive cruise control is a pleasant experience as well and can make the necessary speed adjustments smoothly.

Specs and Performance

The 2024 Defender has four different engines and each is remarkable in their own ways. The base engine is a turbocharged four-cylinder that produces 296 horsepower that has enough power for every day road trips and driving. The next model is a 395-horsepower turbocharged six-cylinder. High in the line are two supercharged V8s that have 518 and 493 horsepower.

These eight and six-cylinder engines offer noticeably faster acceleration and more power for passing. Certain V8 engines are capable of achieving 0-60 mph speeds of about 5 minutes, which is a remarkable figure for this segment. The V8 engines also produce an amazing exhaust note. Each model comes with a smooth and quick eight-speed auto transmission.

The EPA hasn’t released estimates of the fuel economy of 2020’s Defender at the date of this writing. The 2023 model is mechanically similar to the Defender and has poor fuel efficiency estimates for the mid-priced luxury SUV class, with estimates ranging from an average performance of 18/23 (city/highway) to a lowest that of just 14/19mpg.

The Defender performs well on the pavement It has a well-weighted steering system and a good road feel. The ride is equally amazing, with only the largest bumps feeling like a cabin. The Defender is among the few SUVs to serve as both a serious off-roader as well as an easy suburban road-tripper.

Land Rover is world-renowned for its off-roaders that are hardcore and the Defender could be the brand’s most efficient vehicle. All models come featuring four-wheel drive as well as a 2-speed transfer case hill descent control wade sensing, and the Terrain Response System. This lets you select among a range of drive settings that maximize the Defender’s traction control when driving over snow, sand dirt, rocks, and much more. Its Terrain Response 2 system automatically detects the terrain you’re driving on and adjusts the suspension and drivetrain in accordance with the terrain.

Choosing the air suspension will give you a maximum ground clearance of 11.5 inches, allowing the Defender to swim through almost three inches of water. Other options for off-road performance are an electronically locked differential, off-road tires, and low-speed off-road cruise control.

2024 Land Rover Defender 110 V8 Design
2024 Land Rover Defender 110 V8 Design


The 2024 Land Rover Defender 110 V8 is priced at just $108,200 for the 2-door Defender 90 body type and $111,500 for the four-door 110 and $116.600 to get the 130. Alongside being equipped with the Defender X model’s standard amenities the model comes with the supercharged V8 engine of 518 horsepower as well as microsuede and leather upholstery and a central refrigerator on the console.