2024 Honda Prologue SUV Prediction, What Honda Will Offer for Its First Full-EV SUV?

The 2024 Honda Prologue SUV is said to be the first full-EV SUV from Honda. How will the specification be?

Have you heard that the biggest carmaker from Japan, Honda, is expected to launch its first-ever electric vehicle (EV) in 2024? One of the vehicles offered is the mid-size SUV namely the 2024 Honda PrologueSUV. There is no information still about this car, yet, except the price estimation. However, that’d be fun if we just guess about the car’s specs. Find out below for more details.

New 2024 Honda Prologue

What You Can Get from a Honda Prologue

Just like its name, the ‘prologue’ word expresses the entrance of electric vehicles as one of Honda’s EV lineup. This is new for Honda since the carmaker has never introduced a full EV, at least until now. When the competitors have already started making their battery-powered powertrain, Honda has just begun its electric powertrain.

Although it is quite late for the carmaker to start its way to electrifying its vehicles, this carmaker is optimistic to be able to promote Prologue as one of its pioneers in Honda EVs. This car is announced to be publicly introduced around early 2024, which is still a long time to wait. However, other sources say that Honda will release this lineup in late 2023.

For the time being, it is great for us to play guess what could exist on this first lineup of Honda EVs. According to sources, it is predicted that the price of the Honda Prologue will start from $45,000 for its SUV. The car is predicted to be a compact or a mid-size SUV, with four trims available (no valid information still).

The trims expected to be there will include the LX, EX, EX-L, and the typical Touring trim. With its starting price at $45,000 for the LX trim, the rest of the mentioned trims will offer a higher price to follow. To begin with, you can get the EX at $48,000, the EX-L at $51,000, and the Touring is estimated to be around $54,000 in price.

The Exterior and Interior Look of Honda Prologue

The carmaker has not disclosed what the 2024 Honda Prologue SUV will look like. The news mentioned that the pioneer of Honda EV is relying on its own for the body design plus its interior. Another detail mentioned that this car will have the Acura luxury brand as one of its contributors in terms of the car’s design.

Unfortunately, the car has no further information offered for giving us some insights into the car’s design. No information about what each trim has to offer for its design. However, since it is a big name, many people believe that Honda will bring the best out of its hood.

Some sources also mentioned that the design of the 2024 Honda Prologue SUV may adapt the SUV design from its previous releases. Therefore, the exterior look (and probably the interior look as well) will have some similarities here and there with the famous HRV, CRV, or even the Honda Passport. If the car is planned out to be a full-size SUV, then what you can see in a Honda Prologue will resemble what you see in a Honda Pilot. We cannot point out what could be inside the car since there are no details still explaining the car’s interior.

New 2024 Honda Prologue

The Prologue Engine Details

There is no abundant information explaining the 2024 Honda Prologue SUV engine. However, according to several sources, this car will be expected to use the Ultium platform produced by General Motors. Given the same platform used, the car is expected to share the same weight and size as the Lyriq from Cadillac.

Cadillac Lyric is planned to arrive in mid-2022. This car is expected to have a 100-kWh battery which is paired up with a single permanent magnet electric motor which is mounted in the rear. This powertrain is said to be able to produce around 340 HP with an amazing torque to follow, which is 325 lb.-ft.

Following this detail, the Lyriq is said to be able to have its DC fast charger ready to give a boost of 190 kW in half an hour. Interestingly, this power alone will be able to cover 200 miles of distance.

With these details in the terms of its battery, it is safe to say that we can expect the big H carmaker is also making the 2024 Honda Prologue SUV be like such. Will there be any difference with what Cadillac has to offer? We’ll never know until the carmaker shares the details.