2024 Honda Odyssey Caught Heavily Camouflaged Doing Road Testing

From the leaked photos circulating, the 2024 Honda Odyssey looks bigger. This minivan is prepared by Honda to accommodate family needs.

The redesigned 2024 Honda Odyssey is expected to come out to the public next year with some major upgrades and changes. The previous generation Odyssey gets two thumbs up because this car is an ideal partner for traveling or just shopping at the supermarket. The flexibility doesn’t need to be questioned anymore because the cabin design is so loose for transporting goods. In addition, advanced technological features are expected to assist in driving. The 2024 Odyssey is projected to be able to compete with the Sienna Toyota, Pacifica Chrysler, and other similar minivans.

New 2024 Honda Odyssey

2024 Odyssey Overview

This latest generation of Odyssey may be powered by a more powerful engine than the previous generation, which still uses a V6 engine. the V6 engine is quite capable and smooth, but it is time for Honda to take the risk to switch to a new engine. Perhaps a more efficient engine, such as a plug-in or hybrid could be introduced to Odyssey 2024 because this is the right time to make a change.

From the spy photos that have been obtained, the 2024 Honda Odyssey will likely be completely redesigned. Unfortunately, the prototype model caught on camera is heavily camouflaged that we cannot predict with certainty which parts will receive an upgrade or change. What is clear, is Odyssey 2024 looks a little bigger in dimensions and may get a new platform.

We can also see the front end of this minivan appears with a more attractive style, a fresh grille, and smaller headlamps. Some enthusiasts believe the next-gen Odyssey will get tweaks similar to the Honda Ridgeline which was recently released to the market. The new Ridgeline gets a new grille, wider body, and all-terrain tires.

More Modern Cabin Appearance

A completely new interior design will be applied to the 2024 Honda Odyssey. As in the previous generation, the seats for this new minivan still have the same position and capacity for the number of passengers, namely seven or eight passengers. In the trim level of its predecessor, seven passengers can fill the LX trim, while the other trim can be filled with eight passengers.

Due to its larger dimensions, there will be plenty of legroom and headroom available from the front to the back. The size of cargo space belonging to the new Odyssey when measured can reach 32.8 to 158 cubic-ft. depending on settings. To support the elegance of the interior, a new infotainment system will be installed and decorated with several gadgets and knick-knacks. We can anticipate the presence of a monitored entertainment system in the back seat, ventilated or heated front seats, leather-wrapped seats, wireless charging, Wi-Fi, and others.

New 2024 Honda Odyssey

2024 Odyssey Engine

Until now, we may not be able to confirm what engine the 2024 Honda Odyssey will use because there is no official information or rumors yet. Many believe this new minivan will surprise its fans a little by presenting something fresh or new. Perhaps, the introduction of a hybrid system or PHEV could happen. The most realistic estimation is the use of a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine with full support from 2 electric motors. The combination of the two can produce up to 212 HP. The power is not big, but quite capable because Odyssey is a family minivan.

This engine is expected to adopt both AWD and a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT). However, if Honda is prepared to let the fans down a bit with the old V6 engine, there’s nothing wrong with improving the performance of this engine a bit. As we know, the current model Odyssey uses a 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces 280 HP and 262 lb-ft. of torque. Odyssey’s towing capacity when using this engine reaches 3,500 pounds.

Price and Release Date 2024 Odyssey

Anyone will not hesitate to say the price of the new Odyssey minivan will be more expensive than the previous generation, considering many changes from spy photos. The basic trim level of the current model is priced at $33,000. Let’s assume the new Odyssey’s increase in the base trim level is $5,000. For other trim levels, the prices can follow this prediction.

Since the 2024 Honda Odyssey is still in the development stage, its release schedule is most likely next year. That’s when we will witness the Odyssey’s competition as 2024YM with its closest rivals, namely Pacifica Chrysler and Sienna Toyota.